Social Media + Banks = Amazing Combination

Banking!!! There was a time when people used to visit banks (We still do) But the frequency has reduced drastically. Thanks to Technology. We are all digitally connected with our Banks. To make things even more interesting, there have been some amazing Social Media Campaigns via Banks and have got us engaged. Example : Hashtag Banking, Transfer your funds via Twitter and so on.

The following blog is a small effort to showcase the Social Channels that these banks are leveraging to help us get the best customer experience and also to tap the talent for their hiring needs. Based on the previous post “Big Big Opportunity for Pharma Companies!!! Social Media Presence!!! ” it was a similar amazing learning experience and gained insights while conducting research of these Banks Social Media Presence. Example : Some banks have a Pinterest and Instagram Account. Isn’t that interesting!!! 

So enough of Talking, let’s look at the DATA!!!! (We are all so obsessed with Data)



So, hope via this Data you might have been able to get amazing insights around leveraging Social Media. It’s not a rocket Science, all we need to understand our Target Audience / Customers / Candidates and then work on a Social Media Strategy.  

Looking forward to your views, inputs and suggestions on this data.


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Big Big Opportunity for Pharma Companies!!! Social Media Presence!!!

Data!! Well, that’s want everyone wants before you even speak :)

So here we go. This is a small exercise to showcase “Social Media” presence of Pharma Companies.



PS: Before you jump to any conclusion, let’s take a pause and understand that the Objective is to showcase the HUGE OPPORTUNITY that Pharma companies have in the space of “Social Media”

One thing is clear that they do have good presence on various social channels, and have Likes and Followers. But still something is missing. There is a lot of talk of millennials joining the workforce, their expectations, their aspirations etc. They are even more social (Online) that the management, the leaders and managers. Hence it’s a big opportunity for Pharma companies to have a Social Strategy which is focused on engaging, connecting and tapping the future talent.

Companies must ideally have a dedicate team which only focuses on these Corporate Social Channels. Some do outsource such activities, which is still fine. As long as it does help companies remain active on Social Channels and remain connected with their followers. Here is one small example of where to get it started

So, hope this data did help :) (We are so so obsessed with data, that nothing moves without it, not even basic things)

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it going. Social Media is an amazing place to leverage your Social Strategies. Go ahead, create some amazing content and campaigns to attract your potential talent.


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Employee Branding AND NOT Employer Branding!!!!

What is the difference? Does it mean anything!! How will it impact the organisation and employees? How can HR drive this? For those looking for technical definition or Harvard Articles are more than welcome to visit those sites. And for those who want to keep it simple and to the point can continue reading this ;)

I am sure just by reading the title, you might have had these questions running at the back of your mind. Let’s make it simple. Imagine a Brand talking about itself… blowing its own trumpet. And now imagine an employee sharing about her / his experience with the external audience. Which one would you believe? Which one looks more real?

ERWell, that’s the basic difference between Employee Branding and Employer Branding. This does not mean that Companies will completely move away from Employer Branding. But their main focus would and should now be Employee Branding activities. Always think from the candidates perspective, get into their shoes and think what would you like the organisation do to attract you or get your attention.

Companies which celebrate their real assets ie Employees, will succeed in the so called race of hiring the Right Talent. I am sure you would have heard a lot of buzz around “War for Talent”. Talent is how you define it, Talent is how you nurture it, Talent is how you develop it. 

By this time I am sure that HR folks reading this might say, how can we contribute towards Employee Branding? Right? It’s not a rocket science, NO Jargons, no super duper expensive survey is required for this. All you need to do is focus on your employees. Celebrate their Success Stories. Since childhood, we all do relate to Stories and love to live them too. So just go ahead, look for amazing stories within your company, assign a dedicated SPOC in each Function / Department / Business Unit to collect such stories and then all you need to do is prepare an interesting post / blog around it and celebrate it on your Corporate Social Channels.

Simple right? Well, it’s actually simple. This also has a positive effect on your brand. It helps your own employees to become Social Media Brand Ambassadors too. They will promote and talk about your brand with pride. It’s surely more authentic and real too.


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Velocity in 140 Characters!!!!

In 140 characters? You must be kidding. Well, this is the reality. It’s time for HR to embrace Velocity – the speed and focus that will take HR to the future of business. #SHRMI15 was the hashtag that created this “Velocity”. To add to this, 700+ HR folks under one roof, made it even more special. 

Was fortunate to attend this Grand Event aka India’s Premiere HR Conference. Wanted to take this opportunity to share some interesting insights that came out of this Conference. It ranges from John Mattone who coached Steve Jobs, to Laxmi N Tripathi , Founder Trustee & Chairperson – Astitva to TV Rao “The Father of Indian HRD” to CAPT. RAGHU RAMAN who zapped us all out of our seats, to Abhijit Bhaduri, the best story teller that I have ever heard.

So let the journey begin. These are some of the most interesting tweets that I came across during the event made in 140 characters. You read it right. One can learn loads via 140 Characters. 



I am sure you would have loads to talk about these interesting insights. So what are you waiting for. Continue this conversation using #SHRMI15 and keep it going. We as HR folks need to have lot many conversations that will help us all take HR to the TOP of the table, where it really belongs.


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Sourcing + Passion = SourceCon!!!!

It was time for yet another action packed SourceCon event. For those who might be new to this event, let me make it easy for you :) SourceCon is the SourcingAdda of US. I still remember my first post for SourceCon way back in 2011 “Sourcer OR Recruiter: A Classic Title Dilemma In India” For those who started Sourcing way back, might relate to the post. But Sourcing as function has got lot of respect in the recent years in India. Companies are finally realizing the power of setting up Sourcing Teams. They are zapped by the cost that can be saved by investing in a Sourcing Function.

Recently there was an All India Sourcing Contest organised by SourcingAdda know as “SPL“. There were over 160 + Passionate Sourcing Champs participating in a month long contest. Here is the final outcome of the event : “Final Leader Board“. Its an amazing feeling to see Sourcers getting their right place in the hiring industry. It did come a bit late, but was worth the wait :)

So let’s come back to SourceCon. They had their premier event in Dallas, TX from Sep 17-18, 2015. No doubt it had Who’s Who from the World of “Sourcing”. You won’t believe, but folks in India do stay awake till the wee hours, just to follow SourceCon and the amazing insights that come out of the event. This year too was special. Let’s take a look at collection of some amazing tweets that can help us all in the Sourcing Community.



Source2Source4They were amazing right!!!! Do share your key takeaways at SourceCon. It will surely help us all who are passionate about Sourcing.

Happy Sourcing



Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!! Part 3

It’s time to explore the 3rd WhatsApp Learning Group. In case you missed the Previous 2 Groups, you can read it right here : MTHR and SourcingAdda . So this 3rd Group too is popular and is always buzzing with loads of discussions. It’s time to take a look at what this group is all about and how they manage to engage with the WhatsApp Community.

HR Shapers WhatsApp Community was started way back in Feb 2014. They do have 2-3 admins per groups, which is a great way to manage WhatsApp Groups. They also do meet offline once in a while. This helps them to engage and learn from the group members too. They do have daily topic discussions on the group and also allow professionals to join as an guest on the day of Whatsappinar to learn and interact from SME guest speakers. In case you wondering what a ” Whatsappinar” is all about, you can read this interesting blog by Dr Nitin Paranjape

HR Shapers

So let’s look at the list of all the HR Shapers WhatsApp Groups.

1. HR Shapers G1 – 80 Members
2. HR Shapers G2 – 80 Members
3. HR Shapers G3 – 80 Member
4. HR Shapers G4 – 80 Member
5. HR Shapers G5 – 50 Member
6. Pune G1 HR Shapers – 100
7. Pune G2 HR Shapers – 90
8. Fun G1 HR Shapers – 95
9. Bangalore HR Shapers – 65
10. Delhi HR Shapers – 50
11. Survey HR Shapers – 50
12. Hyderabad HR Shapers – 20
13. Chennai HR Shapers – 10
14. Ahmedabad HR Shapers – 10
15. Kolkata HR Shapers – 10
16. Fun G2 HR Shapers – 5
17. Advisory Board HR Shapers
18. Middle East Asia (MEA) HR Shapers – 50
19. USA Canada Europe (UCE) HR Shapers – 20
20. South East Asia (SEA) HR Shapers – 10

Total = Around 600+ Members

They also have conducted the following 14 Whatsappinar via these groups.

  1. HR Compliance (Part I ) by Pratik Vaidya​, MD – Karma Management Consultants (Full Day – Sept 2014)
  2. HR Compliance (Part II) by Pratik Vaidya, ‎MD – Karma Management Consultants (Full Day – Dec 2014)
  3. Diversity and Inclusion by Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President of AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India ​ (Full Day – Jan 2015)
  4. HR Assessment Tools & Techniques by Sundara Rajan, ‎Director – Market Search India and Thomas Assessments India​ (Half Day – Jan 2015)
  5. Immigration by Poorvi Chothani​, Managing Partner – LawQuest (Full Day – Jan 2015)
  6. NLP by Bipin Mayekar, ‎Corporate Trainer & NLP GOLD Master Trainer ​ (Full Day – Feb 2015)
  7. Mind Map – Invisible Selling by Dharmendra Rai​, Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer (Half Day – Feb 2015)
  8. Office Efficiency Dr Nitin Paranjape, Founder and CEO –  Maxoffice Services Pvt Ltd & one of MVP – ​(Full Day – Feb 2015)
  9. POSH and Sexual Harassment at Workplace by Basil Almeida​, Consultant – McKinsey & Company (Full Day – March 2015)
  10. IWD (In’tl Women Day) 9 Women HR Leader – (Full Day – March 2015)
  11. Lesson from 2 World Youngest CEOs by Sanjay Kumaran and Sharavan Kumaran / Kumaran Surendran​ (Full Day – April 2015)
  12. D&I initiative for corporate on LGBT by Pallav Patankar, Director HIV Programs – The Humsafar Trust ​ (Half Day – April 2015)
  13. Chanakya Philosophy and its relevance in today’s corporate world by Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, Corporate Chanakya and Founder Director – Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (Full Day – April 2015)
  14. Success Mantra – Personal branding, image Enhancement and impressive executive presence by Greeshma Thampi, Chief Image Consultant and Director at Avancé Image Management ​ (Full Day – May2015)
  15. Innovation & Creativity by Dr Sunil Gupta, Chief Innovation Instigator – Ideas Management Consultants (Half Day – June 2015)
  16. Engaging employee through Gamification by Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO – eMee &  Business Head – Persistent (Full Day – June 2015)

HR Shapers Pioneer in Crash Course Whatsappinar on Corporate Readiness for Students and Professors

 1st Batch of Students – NL Dalmia and ifeel Institute – Overall 7 Students (June 2015)

1st Batch of Professor – Launching soon (June 2015)

In case you want to join this vibrant learning community, you can get in touch with Ashish Gakery

Do let us know if you are part of such interesting WhatsApp Learning Communities. This will help us to include them in our next blog post.


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Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!! Part 2

It’s time for the second series of HR WhatsApp Learning Groups. In case you missed the 1st part, do check it right here – Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!!

The next HR WhatsApp Learning  Group is also an amazing place where HR Professionals connect, share and learn from each other. This Group has an interesting Name too. So enough of suspense, let’s take a look at what this group is all about and how do they engage with the HR Community on WhatsApp.



As mentioned earlier, they do have a very unique name – MTHR aka More than HR.

Their key beliefs are:

  • “Knowledge is for Sharing
  • “There is a need to know more about everything”
  • Learning through Fun
  • “Network to grow”
  • ” Progress happens through learning beyond our Boundaries”

They have 5 WhatsApp Learning Groups with over 300 folks all set to learn and share. Meet the founders Rajesh Kamath, Ashish Gakrey, Vipul Agarwal, Rajesh Gupta and Keyur Jani of this Popular WhatsApp HR Community. Following are the details about their Learning Groups:

A) FOMTHR has whatsapp chats every month and random discussions every week. Currently 3 Admins and 75 members

B) MTHR Blore Friends: Consists of 100 HR professionals. It had 3 Admins who ensure there are daily discussions on HR/ Workplace themes.

C) MTHR Middle East Africa: This is specific to these geographies, new group with about 25 members and growing. Currently 2 Admins and they have Random discussions

D) Puneri MTHR : This is the newest with about 20 members and growing, just with professionals only from Pune.

E) MTHR CXO Forum: This group has 80 Leaders from HR and Business. They have Dialy discussions on Strategic And Global Workplace issues. Currently they have 3 Admins

Apart from this they also have Chats on all groups once a month with Experts on Themes of Mindpower, Leadership,  Diversity etc . They also run a popular Tweet Chat #MTHRLeadX 

So what are you waiting for!!! You can always get in touch with Rajesh Kamath in case you want to be part of this interesting WhatsApp Learning Community.

Do let us know if you part of any WhatsApp Learning Groups. We will cover them via this series of Posts.

Happy Learning and Sharing.

Rambling Recruiter

Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!!

Oh No!!! WhatsApp Groups!!! This is a typical reaction that all of us have been through. But it’s not the reaction that is important, but the WHY factor that one needs to take into consideration. There are loads of WhatsApp groups that me sure you all are part of. Some are related to your School / college friends, Family, Relatives, Cousins, Fun Group, Jokes Group, Secret Groups etc

So when one asks you to join a learning group, you would say WHAT!!!! Is Learning (Focused) possible via WhatsApp Groups!!! Before we explore some amazing learning groups, let’s look at some DATA that might help you understand the context of this blog.


Enough Said!!! This data might help you to understand the WHY factor J Let’s move on :) Time to focus on some interesting Learning WhatsApp groups. We will have a series of Blogs related to this topic which will cover various Learning Communities on WhatsApp.  It will focus on how they engage and keep the community active and alive.

Soucing Adda:

They are passionately crazy about Sourcing. Yes, you read it right. One could easily say that they are the pioneers in India to Promote, Live and Breath Sourcing. They have multiple WhatsApp groups that engage with Sourcers across India.

Following are the details of their WhatsApp Groups with the number of members that are part of their learning community.

Name of the Group Members
Sourcing Adda – Pune 1 99
Sourcing Adda – Pune 2 51
Sourcing Adda – Mumbai 50
Sourcing Adda – Bangalore 51
Sourcing Adda – Hyderabad 25
Sourcing Adda – Delhi 39
Sourcing Adda – Gujarat 18
Sourcing Adda – Chennai 32
Sourcing Adda – Kolkatta 48

They have an interesting concept of Good Morning Messages on WhatsApp. I know you thinking, Morning Quotes, Flowers, Beautiful Landscapes and all. But this is not the case with Sourcing Adda. They share Sourcing Tips every morning.  It could range from using TweetDeck or Instagram or Boolean Search etc.  So, one thing is clear, they are very much focused about the learning factor and keeping the discussions relevant.  Apart from this they have weekly chats on Whatsapp  on Wednesday. Followed by Twitter Chat – Once a month, First Wednesday 7pm to 8pm, followed by Hangout – Once a month 3rd Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm and Webinars – Once a month 2nd Friday 7pm to 8pm

So what are you waiting for. Do explore more about this amazing learning community. You can follow Sourcing Adda on Twitter and their Passionate Founder Yusuf Pathan if you want to be part of it.

PS: This is one WhatsApp Group that you will not keep on mute :) 

Hope you did enjoy the first series of this blog. We will be back with some more interesting WhatsApp Learning communities. If you are aware of any groups, do send across the details. We will cover them in our next blog post.

Happy Learning and Sharing.

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Are you ignoring your LinkedIn Summary Section!!!

89% Recruiters have not shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary section!!! 

This is what came out of a study done on 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile. Read more about the study right here:

So enough of promoting my previous Blog :) Let’s talk about this new blog. You might ask why is it important to have jobs being shared on Summary Section!! Right? So here are some of the points that might help you and also encourage you to work on your LinkedIn Summary Section:

– Well, we as recruiters are always on the hunt to tap talent.

– We should not forget that candidates do visit our LinkedIn Profile post your call.

– Your LinkedIn Summary is as good as your bio. With the limited attention span that we have, Summary works well to know all about you.

These points are the exact same reason why you should start working on your profile. Summary is an amazing place where you can showcase your personality. It’s a great place to highlight your work, achievements and experience. In short, it is Your Unique Selling Proposition”


So are recruiters you have this opportunity to showcase all of the above points mentioned. But also one thing that we normally end up missing – Jobs, Openings, Requirements!!! Well, I know some of them do make use of LinkedIn Publishing Platform to post jobs. (LinkedIn Publishing Platform is not for Posting Jobs? Is it?) So let’s move on again and come back to the topic :)

How can you use your summary section to promote relevant jobs!!!

– Summary section is a great place to highlight the open positions that you are working on.

– Its helps candidates to right away know which positions are open.

–  If they are interested, they can directly send across the resume. (Mention your mail ID)

– Showcase what skills you are hiring, so that it can also help candidates to share it with their friends who are working on similar skills.

Make use of 2000 characters limit. Don’t just copy paste jobs, make it interesting, creative and attractive.

– You can’t use Ctrl-B nor can you use colors on the Summary section, but you can make the most by adding images, video, document, presentations

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and work on your summary section. For those who are not comfortable sharing open positions / jobs in the summary section can surely use it to share their overall experience, achievements etc.  Looking forward to your views on this topic.


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India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference – #Tascon15

Sourcing Conference!!! You read it right. I started as a sourcer way back in 2005. Today if you ask me what’s my passion, I would still say “Sourcing” Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer” | Are you!!!! I still recollect when I was Interviewed from my 2nd Job, the role was of an End to End Recruiter. I had been sourcing for 5 years, as it was tough for me to give an interview for a position of a Recruiter. But I did proudly say that I’m a Sourcer, I can source quality resumes and will pick up recruitment. Have seen many say during interviews that they are recruiters, even tough they are working as a Sourcer.

I still remember those days when we as sourcers used to be awake almost all night and attend SourceCon. It was our learning ground, it was a platform for all passionate sourcers who wanted to learn more about Sourcing. Since then, we all wanted to attend and be part of sourcing conference in India. And on 15th April, 2015, Sourcing Adda did make this dream come true. India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference”

TASCON15 had some amazing speakers, speakers who I have learnt a lot and admire their passion for Sourcing. The event also had Sourcing Labs that gave the audience much more than gyan and live examples of how to make the most of sourcing tools. Such Sourcing Events are a must for this industry and it brings out the best practices and helps us learn and be updated.

I would personally like to thank Sourcing Adda and their entire team who came up with this amazing platform.

For those who were not able to attend India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference, following is the storify that would surely help you to know more about this conference. This collection of Tweets would give you loads of insights into the amazing world of Sourcing.  :

Also following is my deck aka PPT (A new jargon that I learnt recently) related to my favorite topic ” Magic of 140 Characters”. Looking forward to your views on this topic.


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