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The Results are OUT!!! Biggest Study : 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile

It’s time to announce the results.

For those who missed the previous post, here is the link :

This includes the reason for this study of 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile. It also includes the methodology that was considered for this study.

So are you ready???


So now that you are aware of the results, lets break the questions and understand the importance of it.

A) Out of 200 Recruiters, 27% have a LinkedIn Premium Profile. So how does it matter!!!

PS: It’s not mandatory to have a Premium Account. Its optional.

– Premium Profile gives you 10 InMail credits per month to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn , even if you are not connected

– Premium Profile Discovers who’s interested in you Access the full list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, so you can reach out or follow up.

PS: Companies can pick up their Social Brand Ambassadors and subscribe for a LinkedIn Premium Account for selected Recruiters 

B) Out of 200 Recruiters, 65% have not mentioned their Company / Careers Website on their LinkedIn Profile!!!

– This is super basic stuff. Helps candidates to go and apply for openings. PS: Please go ahead and add it on your Profile

– Helps in creating traffic on your companies Careers Page and helps candidates to visit your company website and know more about your company.

C) Only 20% Recruiters have shared their Twitter Handle on their LinkedIn Profile!!

– This means that 80% are not on Twitter.

– This blog might be useful for recruiters to try exploring Twitter at least once. Rest is up to their personal choice 🙂

D) 86% of Recruiters have not included companies PDF / Videos on their Profile.

Nowadays almost all companies are Digital Savvy and have some interesting Company Videos to showcase cos culture, fun, activities, leaders speech, awards, rewards etc.

– With the help of your recruiters you can showcase all these to the prospective candidates

E) 89% Recruiters have not shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary / Profile section

– This is surprising. Well, we as recruiters are always on the hunt to tap talent. We should not forget that candidates do visit our LinkedIn Profile.

– Ensure that you list the current job openings on your Summary / Profile Section. This will help prospective candidates to know what skills you are hiring.

F) 95% Recruiters don’t Blog

– I am not surprised by this result.

– But with LinkedIn coming up with Publishing Platform, it’s easy for Recruiters to start Blogging. Start Expressing, Start Sharing with your community. The more your share, the more you end up learning.

 So do you think that Recruiters are ignoring Social Branding!!! 

PS: It does take only few mins to include all of this on your LinkedIn Profile. And also requires some passion towards the company that you are working aka representing.

Would be keen to know your take on the study and the results. You can also share your views with me on @kunjal23 


Rambling Recruiter

Basics of Blogging!!!!

What is a Blog!!! There are various definitions around, but the one which caught my atention was ” Its a platform / Medium that give you an opportunity to share your thoughts / views and reach hundreds or even thousands of people” Blogging is what you do, what you do not do, and what you wish you had done when you did it. And this is what HR is all about. We are in an profession that does require us to interact on daily basis with employees, candidates stakeholders, leaders etc.

Blogging helps you to pen down these amazing experiences you have; its a way you can share and let out your emotions, thoughts, views and suggestions too. Blogging is a Platform that helps you share your experiences with your audience. Reasons for blogging are normally personal 🙂 Some want to vent our their thoughts, some want to share their knowledge, some want to build their own brand, some might also want to earn money.

Most important part of Blogging is “PASSION to share and learn” You don’t need to be a great writer. You need to be just yourself when blogging. LinkedIn Publishing Platform is also a great place to start Blogging. The advantage is that for new bloggers, its a easy platform where you already have the audience in terms of your followers. Hence this can help you to start blogging. Blogging by nature is all about sharing your thoughts with the relevant audience. It does help in networking and learning new trends from the fellow bloggers.

Most important thing is start writing for yourself first. Pick topics you like to talk about. Once you gain confidence, do study what are the latest trends and then share your views on those topics. Start reading blogs and start with sharing your views via comments on those blogs and topics you like. This will help you to also connect and follow those influencers and will give you confidence to start with your blog.

Following is a video that talks about Basics of Blogging!! This show is done by Rakshita Dwivedi. Looking forward to your views on Blogging. Also do share your Blog if you already have a Blog.


Rambling Recruiter

Microblogging… What’s that?

Well, you might be familiar with Blogs, and, well you might have also made one yourself. Just to add to your vast pool of jargons, we have…..Microblogging

Well, its not that new, just 2 yrs ago this Micro (Blog) has arrived.

Microblogging is a form of multimedia blogging that allows users to send brief text updates or micromedia such as photos or audio clips and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user.

Its the shorter version of Blogs. I guess it’s for those who have limited time, or might not prefer to write pages n pages. They prefer it short n sweet. ( Not always sweet )

Just to give you some examples of Microblogging sites, we have Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk,, Squeelr, Beeing, Jaiku and Well to be honest,i  just managed to use two of these sites ( Twitter and Tumblr )

My efforts are on to explore the rest of these sites :). The purpose of Microblogging is to say (Write) as must as possible in a crunched space.

The easier way to do it is add a link. Generally people use or to shorten the links, this saves the characters and the message is conveyed easily. For example, this link – will look like this or like this

Does that mean that LinkedIn and Facebook also are in this Business?

The answer is yes, they are part of this. You might have noticed that these sties have this space (Status Updates) this is also a kind of microblogging, to enter your status in a limited space. Interesting… Isn’t it…..

I forgot to mention once more site – Yammer. This is also a Microblogging site. But the only difference is that its not that open (as in, you need to log in with your official id) Only employees of a particular organization can view its activities. It’s also used as a communication tool in some organizations.

Am I missing out on something…. well… The main issues with micro blogging are privacy, security, and integration. But as always, Professionals are working hard to find a way out of it.

As of now, I am waiting to get my hands on the rest of the sites ( Microblogging ) and will surely add on to this piece of information. I will be more than willing to share and learn from you out there during this journey.

I am Lucky to have found this ample space to write this piece of information, or else in the true sprite of Microblogging i would have to present it in this manner – ( Microblogging.. What’s that?  More info at )

Happy Recruiting

Rambling Recruiter

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