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Dare : A Bold New HR aka #SHRMI16 in 140 Characters

Just 140 characters!!

It was time for 1000+ HR folks to gather at the biggest HR event aka SHRM Annual Conference. 2 days of non-stop learning, sharing and connecting with passionate and inspiring HR folks. The discussions were not just restricted within the 4 walls of the conference room. They went viral all over Social Media Platforms. Twitter being the most happening place of all and guess what #SHRMI16 was trending on Twitter within 60 mins of the event being opened.

So let’s take a look at some of the interesting discussions that happened at the event in just 140 characters :

Learning never stops. So why stop exploring more tweets 🙂 Go on and share your feedback, insights, views and inputs around this interesting theme : Dare a Bold New HR 🙂 

So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead, explore these and many more of such BOLD tweets on #SHRMI16.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!!

Oh No!!! WhatsApp Groups!!! This is a typical reaction that all of us have been through. But it’s not the reaction that is important, but the WHY factor that one needs to take into consideration. There are loads of WhatsApp groups that me sure you all are part of. Some are related to your School / college friends, Family, Relatives, Cousins, Fun Group, Jokes Group, Secret Groups etc

So when one asks you to join a learning group, you would say WHAT!!!! Is Learning (Focused) possible via WhatsApp Groups!!! Before we explore some amazing learning groups, let’s look at some DATA that might help you understand the context of this blog.


Enough Said!!! This data might help you to understand the WHY factor J Let’s move on 🙂 Time to focus on some interesting Learning WhatsApp groups. We will have a series of Blogs related to this topic which will cover various Learning Communities on WhatsApp.  It will focus on how they engage and keep the community active and alive.

Soucing Adda:

They are passionately crazy about Sourcing. Yes, you read it right. One could easily say that they are the pioneers in India to Promote, Live and Breath Sourcing. They have multiple WhatsApp groups that engage with Sourcers across India.

Following are the details of their WhatsApp Groups with the number of members that are part of their learning community.

Name of the Group Members
Sourcing Adda – Pune 1 99
Sourcing Adda – Pune 2 51
Sourcing Adda – Mumbai 50
Sourcing Adda – Bangalore 51
Sourcing Adda – Hyderabad 25
Sourcing Adda – Delhi 39
Sourcing Adda – Gujarat 18
Sourcing Adda – Chennai 32
Sourcing Adda – Kolkatta 48

They have an interesting concept of Good Morning Messages on WhatsApp. I know you thinking, Morning Quotes, Flowers, Beautiful Landscapes and all. But this is not the case with Sourcing Adda. They share Sourcing Tips every morning.  It could range from using TweetDeck or Instagram or Boolean Search etc.  So, one thing is clear, they are very much focused about the learning factor and keeping the discussions relevant.  Apart from this they have weekly chats on Whatsapp  on Wednesday. Followed by Twitter Chat – Once a month, First Wednesday 7pm to 8pm, followed by Hangout – Once a month 3rd Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm and Webinars – Once a month 2nd Friday 7pm to 8pm

So what are you waiting for. Do explore more about this amazing learning community. You can follow Sourcing Adda on Twitter and their Passionate Founder Yusuf Pathan if you want to be part of it.

PS: This is one WhatsApp Group that you will not keep on mute 🙂 

Hope you did enjoy the first series of this blog. We will be back with some more interesting WhatsApp Learning communities. If you are aware of any groups, do send across the details. We will cover them in our next blog post.

Happy Learning and Sharing.

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Best of HR TweetChats 2014 – Part 2: #ihrchat

Twitter is my personal Learning management system“. This is a small attempt to share some of the best HR TweetChats of 2014. Twitter has been an amazing learning tool. Was fortunate to connect and learn from some amazing HR influencers via Twitter.  There have been some amazing Tweetchats that did make 2014 an amazing learning year for me.

For those who missed the 1st part of this series, they can go through it right here. Part 1 : #hrtrends

It’s time to focus on yet another interesting HR TweetChat that made a lot of buzz in 2104. #ihrchat – (Earlier know as #IndiaHRChat) is a monthly twitter chat aimed at creating conversation with/for the Indian HR community and those interested in the region. It occurs at 7 PM IST, 8.30 AM EST, and 1.30 PM GMT on the last Wednesday of every month. Hosted by @tanvi_gautam

TweetChatLet’s look at some interesting topics that were covered via this amazing platform (These include Storify and News Articles)

Social learning communities: What does it take ?

Creating emotionally intelligent organizations

Emergent leadership

Leading in a VUCA world – July #indiahrchat

Co-creating meaningful careers

Toxic workplaces with Kate Nasser #ihrchat

Digital employer brand with the HCL team #Ihrchat

Cracking the collaboration code

Looking forward to your views on these interesting topics related to HR. You can also follow Dr. Tanvi Gautam on Twitter LinkedIn and her Website too .


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