#Tascon18 : India’s biggest TA and Sourcing Conclave

For starters, #tascon18 was trending on Twitter ūüôā #DidYouKnow : #TASCON18, Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Conclave is an event conducted by Sourcing ADDA, a community for Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Professionals. Aimed at highlighting the latest trends, best practices and strategies in Talent Sourcing & Recruitment, it is also the perfect platform for industry professionals... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Hiring!! Not a Myth anymore!!

It's been almost 3 years since I wrote this post "WhatsApp as Social Recruiting Tool!! You must be kidding!!!" Since there has been lot of insights, discussions, agreements, not so good agreements around how WhatsApp can help in Hiring. But as time went by, we did learn new ways to leverage it for social hiring.... Continue Reading →

Wokay…7 years of Blogging : Rambling Reflections

It ‚Äčall started on 23rd Dec 2009. You might ask "Why did you start Blogging" Well, I have a simple answer for it - I am normal person who likes to read simple blogs (without HR Jargons) hence I started writing blogs, so that I could understand it while reading it. Period ūüôā Things that I learnt while blogging (Here we... Continue Reading →

Dare : A Bold New HR aka #SHRMI16 in 140 Characters

Just 140 characters!!It was time for 1000+ HR folks to gather at the biggest HR event aka SHRM Annual Conference. 2 days of non-stop learning, sharing and connecting with passionate and inspiring HR folks. The¬†discussions were not just restricted within the 4 walls of the conference room. They went viral all over Social Media Platforms.¬†Twitter... Continue Reading →

Google Allo : HR’s New Best Friend!!!

"Send a reminder mail to Mr. Jayant, Miss Naina and Mr. Kunjal for sending across their Education and Work Experience Certificates""Share the list of last weekend drives final Dot Net and Java Selects. Also attach their Interview Assessment Sheets""Do Schedule a meeting with Mr. Kamdar on 5th Oct at 4pm IST for discussion around celebrating... Continue Reading →

#TASCON16 in 140 characters!!!!

It's tough to express all about #TASCON16 in words. You got to attend it¬†for sure ūüôā¬†Sourcing Adda and team have yet again proved that they are India's Premier Conference that is dedicated¬†for TA and Sourcing folks. It's an amazing community¬†of like minded and passionate¬†Hiring folks¬†that are¬†making a difference and creating the next set of TA... Continue Reading →

Are we (HR) ready for this Digital Change!!!!

2015 : WhatsApp was the most active social platform in India!!!2016? Any Guesses!!¬†¬†Does this¬†mean anything for us as HR folks!!! Let's look at some interesting insights related to India from the latest Digital Report¬†via¬†We Are Social.a) Facebook is the top¬†most active social platform in India:Good news for Companies and Recruiters !! There is no doubt... Continue Reading →

Big Big Opportunity for Pharma Companies!!! Social Media Presence!!!

Data!! Well, that's want everyone wants before you even speak ūüôā So here we go. This is a small exercise to showcase "Social Media" presence¬†of Pharma Companies.   PS: Before you jump to any conclusion, let's take a pause and understand that the Objective is to showcase the HUGE OPPORTUNITY that Pharma companies have in... Continue Reading →

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