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The Results are OUT!!! Biggest Study : 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile

It’s time to announce the results.

For those who missed the previous post, here is the link :

This includes the reason for this study of 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile. It also includes the methodology that was considered for this study.

So are you ready???


So now that you are aware of the results, lets break the questions and understand the importance of it.

A) Out of 200 Recruiters, 27% have a LinkedIn Premium Profile. So how does it matter!!!

PS: It’s not mandatory to have a Premium Account. Its optional.

– Premium Profile gives you 10 InMail credits per month to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn , even if you are not connected

– Premium Profile Discovers who’s interested in you Access the full list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, so you can reach out or follow up.

PS: Companies can pick up their Social Brand Ambassadors and subscribe for a LinkedIn Premium Account for selected Recruiters 

B) Out of 200 Recruiters, 65% have not mentioned their Company / Careers Website on their LinkedIn Profile!!!

– This is super basic stuff. Helps candidates to go and apply for openings. PS: Please go ahead and add it on your Profile

– Helps in creating traffic on your companies Careers Page and helps candidates to visit your company website and know more about your company.

C) Only 20% Recruiters have shared their Twitter Handle on their LinkedIn Profile!!

– This means that 80% are not on Twitter.

– This blog might be useful for recruiters to try exploring Twitter at least once. Rest is up to their personal choice 🙂

D) 86% of Recruiters have not included companies PDF / Videos on their Profile.

Nowadays almost all companies are Digital Savvy and have some interesting Company Videos to showcase cos culture, fun, activities, leaders speech, awards, rewards etc.

– With the help of your recruiters you can showcase all these to the prospective candidates

E) 89% Recruiters have not shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary / Profile section

– This is surprising. Well, we as recruiters are always on the hunt to tap talent. We should not forget that candidates do visit our LinkedIn Profile.

– Ensure that you list the current job openings on your Summary / Profile Section. This will help prospective candidates to know what skills you are hiring.

F) 95% Recruiters don’t Blog

– I am not surprised by this result.

– But with LinkedIn coming up with Publishing Platform, it’s easy for Recruiters to start Blogging. Start Expressing, Start Sharing with your community. The more your share, the more you end up learning.

 So do you think that Recruiters are ignoring Social Branding!!! 

PS: It does take only few mins to include all of this on your LinkedIn Profile. And also requires some passion towards the company that you are working aka representing.

Would be keen to know your take on the study and the results. You can also share your views with me on @kunjal23 


Rambling Recruiter


Biggest Study – 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile

It’s time to test the Recruiters as the previous Blog was a test for 200 CXO’s. I did get some interesting comments on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn after the Blog was published. Some were of the opinion that CXO’s are not expected to have a complete LinkedIn Profile. Why do they need to even put their companies Website on their Profile. Why share companies PDF / Videos etc on their own Profile. And on and on and on. Well, they have a right to share their views and I welcome those. In fact such comments help me to work even harder to showcase the reasons why all this is important. 

To take this study one step ahead, I wanted to look at Recruiters LinkedIn Profiles. We all consider them as Gate Keepers that help to tap and find talent. Recruiters are the first set of people with whom candidates interact. It’s like a make or break point for candidates. Companies can’t grow without Business and to ensure that business runs, they need talent. And this is where recruiters come in to provide the talent.

Okay, enough of praising the recruiters 🙂 But this was needed. As companies have realized (Not all, but some) that recruitment can is not longer a Support function, it’s a strategic function. So moving on with the study of 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile, I did wanted to evaluate them on certain parameters such as:Hiring


No Jargon, No Gyan. Just wanted to find out if Recruiters are Managing or Ignoring Social Branding!!

Study Methodology:

200 Recruiters from diverse companies, spanning in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies were the base for this study. LinkedIn was the preferred channel for this study.

Questions that were studied:

– Do Recruiters have a LinkedIn Premium Profile!!

– Have Recruiters included their companies Website / Careers Website!!

– Have Recruiters synced / shared their Twitter Handle!!!

– Do these Recruiters include their companies Video / PDF on their Profile!!

– Have they shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary / Profile Section on LinkedIn!!

– Do Recruiters Blog!! Have they mentioned their Blog on their LinkedIn Profile!!

Looking for results!!! Well, before that, would like to know your views on the set of questions that were set for this study. Are your Recruiters Ignoring Social Branding!!! Have you covered the following key points that represent your company’s brand on LinkedIn? Is it important for Recruiters to include these points on their LinkedIn Profile!!!

Share your views by using #RecruitersBranding on Twitter. The study results of 200 Recruiters will be soon shared here. So keep watching this space.


Rambling Recruiter

The Results are OUT!!! Are CXO’s Ignoring Social Branding!!!

It’s time to announce the results. For those who missed the previous post, here is the link :

This includes the reason for this study of 200 CXO’s LinkedIn Profile. It also includes the methodology that was considered for this study.

So are you ready???

CXO_InfographicSo are you surprised? Well some of you may be surprised with the results of this question – Have they included their companies Website / Careers Website!! 82% did not. You might wonder what’s a big deal, right? Well they are considered as Leaders and set examples. So ideally they should lead by examples.

Same is the case with including Company PDF / Videos on their Profile. They represent the company on-line, and  I guess most of the companies do have a YouTube Channel. So it makes more sense to also include those on their LinkedIn Profile.

Was also surprised with the % of CXO’s not having Twitter or Blogs on their LinkedIn Profile.These 2 are very powerful platform for them to engage with their followers, potential Stakeholders, Clients and Candidates too.

So do you think that CXO’s are ignoring Social Branding!!!

PS: It does take only few mins to include all of this on your LinkedIn Profile. And also requires some passion towards the company that you are working aka representing.

Would be keen to know your take on the study and the results. Share your views by using #CXOsBranding on Twitter.


Rambling Recruiter

Basics of Blogging!!!!

What is a Blog!!! There are various definitions around, but the one which caught my atention was ” Its a platform / Medium that give you an opportunity to share your thoughts / views and reach hundreds or even thousands of people” Blogging is what you do, what you do not do, and what you wish you had done when you did it. And this is what HR is all about. We are in an profession that does require us to interact on daily basis with employees, candidates stakeholders, leaders etc.

Blogging helps you to pen down these amazing experiences you have; its a way you can share and let out your emotions, thoughts, views and suggestions too. Blogging is a Platform that helps you share your experiences with your audience. Reasons for blogging are normally personal 🙂 Some want to vent our their thoughts, some want to share their knowledge, some want to build their own brand, some might also want to earn money.

Most important part of Blogging is “PASSION to share and learn” You don’t need to be a great writer. You need to be just yourself when blogging. LinkedIn Publishing Platform is also a great place to start Blogging. The advantage is that for new bloggers, its a easy platform where you already have the audience in terms of your followers. Hence this can help you to start blogging. Blogging by nature is all about sharing your thoughts with the relevant audience. It does help in networking and learning new trends from the fellow bloggers.

Most important thing is start writing for yourself first. Pick topics you like to talk about. Once you gain confidence, do study what are the latest trends and then share your views on those topics. Start reading blogs and start with sharing your views via comments on those blogs and topics you like. This will help you to also connect and follow those influencers and will give you confidence to start with your blog.

Following is a video that talks about Basics of Blogging!! This show is done by Rakshita Dwivedi. Looking forward to your views on Blogging. Also do share your Blog if you already have a Blog.


Rambling Recruiter

How to make LinkedIn work for you!!

332 Millions Users across 200+ countries.

Every 2 seconds a new user joins LinkedIn.

Linkedin is your new professional identity.

Following is an attempt to showcase how to make LinkedIn work for you. Yes, you read it right. There are loads of features on LinkedIn that can help you. Rakshita Dwivedi came up with this amazing idea to have a hangout and interact with the audience on various topics related to Social Media. You can also read her amazing Blogs right here –

This is a series of  videos that will be shared and you all are welcome to share your views and thoughts related to it.

So here’s the video – How to make LinkedIn work for you!!


Rambling Recruiter

5 years of Blogging – Rambling Reflections :)

23rd Dec 2009, was all set to have my own blog. Had been reading loads of blogs, commented and shared my views on them. But wanted to setup my own blog where I could share my thoughts, experience and what I learnt . Wanted to write as a layman for the audience; with no place for HR Jargon 🙂  Did struggle on what should be the name of the blog, so did some research. But after a point of time thought that the idea of starting a blog was a random thought, as I was just wandering; so came up with the name ” Rambling Recruiter “.  aka wandering recruiter 🙂 This is how the amazing learning journey began.

BloggingOne thing that I have learnt from Blogging is that “The more I share, the more I end up learning”. Blogging is all about sharing your passion with the audience. You don’t have to be a writer to start blogging. Just go ahead and pen down your thoughts about the subject you like.

I started my journey as a Sourcer and did enjoy every bit of it for 5 year. So my blogs did range from “Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer” | Are you!!!! to Are you up for a Weekend Drive!! Then moved on to so called End to End Recruitment 😉 So the focus of my blogs got shifted towards Recruitment. Those Include – Sorry, It’s a BAD HIRE!!” to “Ways to bring down cost per hire!!!” During these 8 yrs in my career was always keen to learn new methods and techniques to search talent. This is where I developed my passion towards Social Media.  Following are some of the blogs related to the amazing world of Social Media –  “Have you identified your Social Media Ambassadors!!” Global List of HR TweetChats right here!!! & Dear HR, Recruiters, Sourcers are you missing this action on Twitter!!!

There were some blogs which were tough to write and more importantly tough to post too. The following blog did give me some sleepless nights. Was not sure if it can be posted and shared online. But then did go all out and shared it. Here is that Blog : India’s largest database of employees!​!! Free!! Possible!!

So far it’s been a wonderful learning experience.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for the constant support and encouragement. Looking forward to the next 5 years and also towards contributing to some more interesting topics.

Happy Blogging.


Rambling Recruiter

Why do we comment on Blogs!!!

This morning I was going through this post, an Amazing post by Robert Bravery –

Robert had asked a question, why we comment on Blogs!! It seems an easy question, with may be simple, yet complex answers. But it’s a very important question.


Comment on Blogs

Well, this is my version of the answer.

As far as I am concerned, I comment on blogs on topics of my interest. That includes anything written about Twitter, Facebook and majorly about Social Networking sites. ( Social Media is my Favorite ) There is a list of Bloggers (Amazing Bloggers) that I follow.

They have some amazing piece of art on their Blogs. The reason I mentioned art is, because its really amazing to go through their content and their views on various topics about Social Media, Blogging World and Social Networking.

Following is the list that I follow :

–  Author: Robert Bravery  –

–  Author : Amybeth –

Author: Rick Mans –

–  Author: Darren Rowse –

Author : Naomi Dunford –

Author : Ileane Smith –

Author: Daniel Scocco –

–  Author: Hesham Zebida –

The list goes on and on…. But it’s just an amazing experience to follow them, and read their posts.

Your list could be different, and you might also have different reason to comment on Blogs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing Views, comments, knowledge to the Blogging world out there.

Looking forward to know your views on the same and also to know why you comment or don’t comment to Blogs.


Rambling Recruiter

Looking for someone? Start your search here

To my surprise I was able to find people on this site, with foot prints on various Social networking sites, blogs, their images, mail ids etc. all bundled in one page. Amazing isn’t it. It’s Possible at

If you are looking for professionals, and wondering if he / she has a presence on the net (Online Footprints), then this site will surely help you achieve your goal.

All you need to do is enter the first name and last name, and search. It will have various tabs such as:

–          Social Networks

–          Search Engines

–          Photo/Video/Audio

–          Personal

–          Profiles

It covers most of the Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Zoominfo, My Space and Windows live. If you want to add some more into it, you can go to the settings page and do the same.

With reference to the Search engines, it includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Blogs

It also searches photos, or videos with the help of You Tube, Flickr and images on various search Engines

Just to add to it, it also provides Tags related to the search, and the mail id’s of that individual.

Once you Login, the best part is that you can view Statistics related to your profile. That includes recent profile visits, recent searches on Whoozy on your name, recent came from (external sites) and Search engine traffic too

If you are looking for someone but can’t find him/her? In that case Whoozy can help, just leave a message so they can get back in touch with you. 🙂 It works

PS: you can also search company details via the same methods.

So, what are you waiting for, go on, try it out at

Looking forward for your inputs and suggestions on the same, also if you have come across such similar sites, I would also like to know about those with your help.

Happy Recruiting

What is this Blog about? And why would you read it?

There are millions of blogs ( hmm well, not sure exactly how many, but many out there )

Many of you must be wondering, whats in for me in this blog? Why will i spend my precious time reading through this pile of words.

Well…. good question guys…

Well its simple ( in fact very complicated ), I am in the recruitment business ( hmm world), hence generally come across various sites or networks that are useful to attract candidates ( resources , associates, pool, tech guys, well every company have various names attached to them ). Also to understand your views about this huge World. Well, enough of this selling. Lets talk business.

This is just a small start to share and learn from you awesome, great, amazing professionals out there. Hoping ( me sure ) that this Rambling recruiter during this entire journey will gain immense knowledge and will reach some place ( Nice place )

Happy recruiting ………..

Recession is over guys… keep up the good work

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