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Are you ready for “Gamified Peer Learning”?

What happens when a programmer, an MBA and an organisational psychologist came together? Well, they devise a platform that transforms the way learning is approached in an organisation.

Recently came across an interesting platform about Gamified Peer Learning for
Employee Engagement – BHyve. I happened to also go through a demo of their product; and one thing that impressed me was they are not here to just build a valuable company; they are here to be partners to ensure that your employees are happy, skilled and engaged. How cool is that?


Taking this opportunity to share my experience and also some of the key insights about BHyve:

Employee SkillCards:

Yes, you read it right. How often have we as HR professionals struggled to collect, capture and analyze the skills of employees. BHyve has this unique feature that helps you create personalised skill cards of all employees, that can be mapped against their interests and career aspirations. Impressed? Not yet? Some more insights – All employees, managers and HR have 100% access to dynamic Employee Skill Inventory at all times – a single snapshot of the entire company’s skills set. (See it to believe it)


Confused / Stuck at a problem @ Work? Post the question with # on the shoutout board Get responses from peers for your problem. As easy as that. The best part it that you save on vital business time while building superior employee relations within the organisation!

Learning Exchange Zone:

How cool would it be to transform your workplace into a learning exchange zone where your employees are actively learning from each other.

There are few other interesting tools, but the one that you are waiting for is…HR Dashboard. It covers:

  • Skill Inventory of Employees
  • Employee Engagement Index
  • Employee learning Insights & Patterns
  • Knowledge Sociogram
  • Trending Skills
  • Skill Gap Analysis

Note: Again see it to believe it 🙂

So now that you have got good enough insights about this interesting product. Do go ahead and have a demo. Looking forward to your feedback. As this helps us all learn and grow in the HR Community.

You can connect with these passionate folks for more information:

Omkar Pandharkame–
Ketaki Ogale –
Vihang Mirkhelkar –


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Magic of QR Codes!!

Scan to discover!

Thanks to digital payments we are now used to scan and make necessary payments. Now that it’s an habit, how about leveraging the “Magic of QR Codes” in Human Resources! The used cases are unlimited and the cost is ZERO. You read it right! ZERO. All you need is a URL and guide your audience towards the desired landing page.  Following are just some of the few examples for your reference:

a) Recruitment : Promoting jobs.

b) HR Policies : Creating awareness.

c) Company Page, About Us, Careers Page : Leading the audience towards important sections.

d) Blogs / Events : Showcasing your top blogs / events

e) Surveys : Encouraging employees to participate

Now enough of reading. Go ahead and see the magic yourself.



So are you now all set to explore the magic of QR Codes? Would love to hear your views around this interesting topic. Also would be great to know how you are planning to use this at your workplace or business.


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Note: Have used for creating these amazing QR Codes.

Earth’s Biggest List of Empowered and Inspiring Women : Made In India

This is not just a list, this is a list of amazing, passionate and empowered women. They have guided, mentored and encouraged more women at work. Following is just a small thank you note to all the Women out there who have inspired more and more women to make an impact on the industry they belong to. I have been fortunate to have met many of these Inspiring Women Leaders. The intent was not to rank or compare these amazing women leaders, but to share a list of these amazing women who are a true inspiration to many out there.

So, let’s get to the list. PS: I am taking this liberty to start with 2 amazing and beautiful women in my life. Neena Kamdar aka Mom & Urvi Barbhaya aka Wife. They are truly the most inspiring and amazing women that I have ever met. I am fortunate to have been learning each day from them.

This below list has CEO’s, Doctors, Singers, HR Influencers, Dentist, Food Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Founders, Musicians, Teachers, Vlogger, Youtuber, Zumba Expert, Filmmaker, Banker, Baker, Chef, RJ Psychologist, Coach, CMO, Comedian, Journalist, Editors, Venture Capitalist, Marine Biologist, Microbiologist …….. and many more champs in their respective fields.


Here we go! The most powerful list of  inspiring and empowered women on earth:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A big thank you to all these empowered women. Keep it going and keep inspiring.

Would be great if you can share this list in your network. This will surely help many aspiring women out there, as they could be their mentor, guide and inspiration too.


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World’s biggest Social Media Statistics of Banks 2015 – 2019

Confession time!!! Had to wait for exactly 365 days to come up with this blog. Had made a small attempt to capture the social media statistics of banks in 2015 , 2016. 2017 and 2018 and here we are exactly a year later to explore the progress of social numbers.

Being a student of social media, I do understand that it’s not an easy task to manage, create, implement, and track social media numbers along with its impact. So before you get into the data part, would like to thank the Digital Marketing, HR, Talent Acquisition, Corporate Marketing teams of all these banks who have surely created an impact on their customers, clients and candidates via their social sites. So keep it going and keep inspiring.

So enough of Talking, let’s look at the DATA!!!! (We are all so obsessed with Data)

Bank Final

Few Key takeaways:

  • All of these banks have a dedicated YouTube Channel (Visual Content rocks)
  • SBI is the top bank with maximum followers on Twitter (Currently at 3.9 M )
  • 56% of these banks have a dedicate careers tab on their LinkedIn Company Page
  • IDFC First Bank has seen an amazing growth in all of its Social Channels (266% increase on YouTube and 186% on Instagram)
  • HDFC has seen 135% increase on YouTube Subscribers , as compared to 2018
  • RBL Bank and Bandhan Bank has see maximum increase of followers on their LinkedIn Page – 264% and 280% increase since 2018
  • And one more, SBI again leads in the space of Instagram too with 1.4 million followers

Looking forward to your views and comments on this blog post.


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Glassdoor “Best Places to Work in India”​ 2020 list is out!

Have you explored the top 100 list of best places to work in India? You are just one click away from uncovering the amazing list. For those who have clicked on click, might be a bit disappointed to not find India in the list of countries. It’s surprising right? Well, I was shocked to be honest.

After the shock I was now curious to see the list of countries that feature in the best places to work by Glassdoor. India seems to be the 2nd largest in terms of number of companies on Glassdoor. Rest of the countries are way behind in terms of numbers. Would be great to know your views on the possible reasons to not include India in this list.

List of countries and the companies on Glassdoor

So, what could be the possible explanation for this? I wanted to dig down deep into this and thought to also check with the Glassdoor team if they have some explanation. So here we have the tweet from the Glassdoor Team.

No alt text provided for this image

Now the million dollar question is that when can we see a dedicated list of best places to work in India via Glassdoor. Would be great to know your views on if you would be excited to see the list? Would it help your company to be part of this list? How can it help your company for Employer Branding? Does Glassdoor Ratings have an impact on hiring or attracting talent?

Feel free to connect and discuss on this interesting topic. As I would love to know your views and work towards encouraging Glassdoor team to soon consider India as part of their awards program and launch a list of best places to work in India 2020


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Are you celebrating your employees?

If not you, then your competition will do the needful. When was the last time you got a congratulations mail on your work anniversary or birthday or marriage anniversary? Does your company know you have won a marathon or a medal in sports or won a singing competition?  If they know it, then your company is really thinking about you. If not, then you have the answers.

There will be a set of folks who would say, why we need this. Does it really matter how you make your employees feel? Do they even value it? To get these answers, you don’t have to go far away. Your internal engagement surveys will surely throw some light on these important factors. We as human beings are programmed to avoid recognizing others and that is why they say that negative news spreads faster than a positive one.

imageNow that you are a bit convinced about the importance of celebrating employees, here are some tips on how you can achieve this. It’s no rocket science, genuine intent and willingness is all you need.

a) Create a platform to share stories: Information is everything. It will be impossible for you to gather inspiring stories from across the company. So all you need to do is create a platform for employees to share their or others inspiring stories within the company.

b) Celebrate stories internally and externally: In this day and age of social platforms, do leverage it and encourage such stories to be published internally and externally. It could be on your intranet, yammer, corporate social media channels etc.

c) Leverage Automation: In case your company is huge and it’s tough to manage the content, do leverage automation while communicating. Personalization can’t be ignored, but automation will help you reach the employees at scale across locations.

d) Create Social Ambassadors: Great opportunity for companies to create and empower Social Ambassadors who can stay connected with employees and encourage them to share inspiring stories.

Last but not the least, show genuine intent to celebrate your own employees. Appreciation goes a long way and helps employees to think that their own company cares for them. Their success is your success. Their happiness is your happiness. On this positive note, would be great to know your thoughts and views on this interesting topic.

How do you celebrate your employees?


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All about #SHRMIAC19 in 280 characters!

For starters, #SHRMIAC19 was trending on Twitter 🙂

Was fortunate to be part of the Blog Squad for the 5th consecutive year. It has always been a great learning experience meeting the inspiring and passionate blog squad. This year’s theme was all about “ELEVATE” and the event had attracted over 1800+ HR professionals and about 150 speakers across the globe.

Now that the context is set, time to explore about the action that took place at #SHRMIAC19 via Tweets. Yes, you read it right. Twitter is an amazing place where we can all learn, network and gain insights. So here are some of the golden nuggets from #SHRMIAC19 in 280 characters.


It was indeed 2 days of non-stop learning and meeting the HR community at the event. As HR folks, we must make it a point to invest in our own learning and such conferences does provide us an opportunity to just do that. Would be great to know your views around these or any other insights that you gained via #SHRMIAC19.

Let’s continue this conversation on Twitter and let’s help each other to learn and grown.


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3 things HR is doing right to Elevate themselves!

It’s time to Elevate. The theme at this year’s SHRMIAC19 is “ELEVATE“. The literal meaning of Elevate is “raise to a more important or impressive level“. Now the obvious question you might have is “Are we as HR professionals ready to elevate our function?”. You might already have an answer. But still taking this opportunity to share 3 things that HR is doing right to elevate themselves. Do feel free to agree or disagree. As such healthy conversations do help us all learn and grow.

Elevate 1: Employee Experience

#DidYouKnow: There are around 50K profiles on LinkedIn that have “Employee Experience” mentioned on their profiles. Not just that, there are about 27,90,000 results on Google for this term. So what is this all about? Is this important? Do we really need this? The right question would be – Do employees need this? I am sure that most of the employees would agree to this. Let’s not get into making this complicated, Employee Experience is a journey and not a sprint race.

Employee Experience is no longer just a word or a role that had been assigned to HRBP. It is now a dedicated role in most of the companies. It’s great to see HR Leaders investing in this important role and the HR organization is getting involved to leverage Employee Experience.


Elevate 2 : Employee Advocacy

#DidYouKnow: “An average employee advocate is 2 x more trusted than a company CEO” – Edelman Trust BarometerIn.  Employee Advocacy is now gaining more importance than ever before as there have been amazing tools that are helping companies and employees to promote and share with just one click. Good to see HR leaders investing in tools and empowering employees to brand their company. You can read more about this interesting topic right here: Why employee advocacy is important for organizations 


Elevate 3 : Alumni Experience

This is a true gold mine for companies and they have started to realize it. Investing in a robust Alumni network is the need of the hour. There have been startups who have developed tools that can help you manage your alumni. Please Note: Alumni is not past and should not be mistaken as an end of regular interaction. Your Alumni are the best brand ambassador of your institution around the globe. It’s a matter of great honor and pride to celebrate their success and achievements. Read more about this interesting topic right here: Does Alumni Experience matter?

Looking forward to hear your views, comments, suggestions on these or any other topics that you think HR is elevating. Also looking forward to follow these and many other key topics at this year’s #SHRMAIC19. You can explore more about the agenda and the amazing list of speakers right here:



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Are you game for “Asia’s Largest HR and Work Tech Conference”

Yet another year where PeopleMatter brings in “Asia’s Largest HR and Work Tech Conference”. Yes, you read it right. I am sure you would have heard loads of conversations around HR and Business. This year PeopleMatters has come up with an interesting theme which states “TechHR  – Where Business Happens”  TechHR is providing this opportunity and platform where meaningful conversations take place among professionals and business leaders.


Here are top 3 reasons why you must be part of TechHR 2019:

  • 70 + Thought Leaders, HR Practitioners, HR Technology Product Leaders from across the globe will be sharing their experience and insights. Eagerly looking forward to hear Anil Kumble, Josh Bersin, Leena Nair, Piyush Pandey, Ashish Vidyarthi and Devdutt Pattanaik at the conference. Not to forget Anirban Dasgupta – Stand-up Comedian & Writer
  • People Matters TechHR Start-up Program invites early-stage start-ups in the HR & Work Tech space, to take the full opportunity and interact with investors, buyers and their peers during People Matters TechHR Conference and exhibit to the decision makers in the space of HR.
  •  Stand a chance to learn from People Matters TechHR Startup Program mentors 2019

The next question you might have in your mind would be what all topics that will be covered at this years TechHR, right? So here you go:

  • Leading in the Digital Age
  • Imagining the workplace of 2025
  • The 5 Biggest Opportunities for CHROs for 2025
  • Actualizing Inclusion at Workplace Through Tech
  • Business Productivity and Employee Experience with People Analytics
  • Managing Work in a Gig Economy
  • Transformation against Crisis
  • Using AI to increase employee engagement
  • Emotional intelligence in the age of tech
  • Humanizing talent technology

So what is your favorite HR topic? If you ask my favorites once, I am looking forward to sessions around Employee Experience, Using AI to increase employee engagement and The 5 Biggest Opportunities for CHROs for 2025.

Would be great to know your views around these interesting TechHR. Don’t forget to follow PeopleMatters on Twitter for interesting conversations, Tweetchats and event details.


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Does Alumni Experience matter?

You must be wondering what AE is all about aka Alumni Experience. Before we try to understand if AE matters or not, let’s first explore what AE is all about. How would you feel if you get a Mail / Message / Whatsapp etc wishing you on your birthday? (Ways of communication list is long these days, so feel free to imagine your preferred communication mode) You would like it? Right! But imagine if that message comes from your previous employer or college! Now, how would you feel about it?

Now that you have thought about how you would feel, are you still thinking about the million dollar question – “Does Alumni Experience matter? There has been lot of talk about “Experience” be it Customer or Employee Experience. Both matter and both have a direct relation. EX + CX = Happy Employees and Customers. So the next logical question would be where does AE fit in? Both set of stakeholders do have a strong Alumni group. In short it’s nothing less than a gold mine.

Note: Alumni is not past and should not be mistaken as an end of regular interaction. Your Alumni are the best brand ambassador of your institution around the globe. It’s a matter of great honor and pride to celebrate their success and achievements.

Group of casually dressed business people discussing ideas in th

So how do we leverage this gold mine?

a) Apart from the regular updates and information on various social media channels that you have, there is a need to have a structured approach to leverage the Alumni Network.

b) Creating or acquiring a dedicated Alumni platform that can help connect and engage is the need of the hour. (Example : )

c) Consistent and relevant content must be ensured for the success of this alumni network.

d) Dedicated campaign around showcasing success stories of alumni across the globe.

There is no shortage of data. All you need to do is tap into it and leverage the powerful network of your alumni. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of the amazing alumni network that you have. Would be great to know your views around how you are using your alumni network.