Sourcing + Passion = SourceCon!!!!

It was time for yet another action packed SourceCon event. For those who might be new to this event, let me make it easy for you ūüôā SourceCon is the SourcingAdda of US. I still remember my first post for SourceCon way back in 2011 “Sourcer OR Recruiter: A Classic Title Dilemma In India” For those who started Sourcing way back, might relate to the post. But Sourcing as function has got lot of respect in the recent years in India. Companies are finally realizing the power of setting up Sourcing Teams. They are zapped by the cost that can be saved by investing in a Sourcing Function.

Recently there was an All India Sourcing Contest organised by SourcingAdda know as “SPL“. There were over 160¬†+ Passionate Sourcing Champs participating in a month long contest. Here is the final outcome of the event : “Final Leader Board“. Its an amazing feeling to see Sourcers getting their right place in the hiring industry. It did come a bit late, but was worth the wait ūüôā

So let’s come back to SourceCon. They had their premier event in Dallas, TX from Sep 17-18, 2015. No doubt it had¬†Who’s Who from the World of “Sourcing”. You won’t believe, but folks in India do stay awake till the wee hours, just to follow SourceCon and the amazing insights that come out of the event. This year too was special. Let’s take a look at collection of some amazing tweets that can help us all in the Sourcing Community.



Source2Source4They were amazing right!!!! Do share your key takeaways at SourceCon. It will surely help us all who are passionate about Sourcing.

Happy Sourcing



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Dear HR, Recruiters, Sourcers are you missing this action on Twitter!!!

140 Characters of magical world. Twitter has surely given HR Professionals a great place to connect, engage, learn and share with fellow Professionals. As a HR professional, one can gain immense knowledge by just joining various TweetChats, Webinars, Twangout etc. All one needs to have is a Twitter Account.

So Dear HR, Recruiters, Sourcers, do you have a Twitter Account!! If yes, lets take a look at some of the most amazing TweetChats that take place on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter Account, you are surely missing on a lot of action that is taking place on Twitter. So what are you waiting for, Open your Twitter Account Right now and follow these Hashtags.


1) #SourcingChat : This is the latest entrant in the world of TweetChats. Its also know as India’s first TweetChat for Sourcing Professionals. Its a great platform for all Talent Acquisition Professionals (Recruiters and Sourcers) to collaborate and share insights on Twitter. It happens on 1st Wed of every month.

2) #hrtrends: PlugHR sets up & runs HR department for companies for a fixed subscription bringing in the best HR practices,across sectors in 7 Indian Cities. They have Twitter Chats which Occurs every Thursday at 4:00pm IST

3) #indiahrchat : #IndiaHRchat is a monthly twitter chat aimed at creating conversation with/for the Indian HR community and those interested in the region. It occurs at 7 PM IST, 8.30 AM EST, 1.30 PM GMT on the last Wednesday of every month.

4) #dthr : @drivethruhr is a Daily 30 minute radio program hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy. You can tune in for great HR conversations.

5) #IndiaHRLIVE ‚Äď Is there a LIVE TV Channel for #HR Professionals!!! The answers is YES ūüôā @IndiaHRLive Broadcasts LIVE video interviews & Panel discussions twice a month on Tuesday’s 8 pm IST.

6) #Chrdx – This is also yet another TweetChat that involves chats on various HR related topics. It occurs last week of every month.

7) #TalkingMatters РThis is People Matters Radio Show Talking Matters. You can join in First Friday of every month!

You can also check the power of some of these Tweetchats right here –

So what are you waiting for X-MAS ūüėČ Go on, explore the amazing world of Twitter.

Happy Tweeting


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Ways to bring down cost per hire!!!

Million Dollar Question!! Right!! Well, companies are trying their best to find the right answer to this question. To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. It normally depends on how companies approach this question. The reason why I was tempted to write a blog on this particular topic was – People Matters & CareerBuilder Blog Competition ” So Rambling Recruiter is all set to put-forth some points that might help companies to bring down the cost.

Job Description: Normally this is the one aspect that most of us take for granted. We often don’t give it the right weight-age that it deserves. This is where things can go wrong and you end up hiring the wrong candidate and then you need to put in extra time, efforts and money to hire the right person. This is the first step of recruitment, no matter which company you work for. Right, Complete and Detailed JD will give the hiring managers, sourcers and recruiters the confidence to hire the right fit. There has been lot of talk about Cost of Bad Hire. Well, you can read more about Bad Hires in my previous post.

Cost Per Hire

Right Channel: Job Portal, Vendors, Employee Referrals, Social Media. These are some of the major channels that are being used to hire resources. Most of the companies try to reduce the dependency on external agencies ie Vendors. Job Portals are still the best and ideal way to hire in Indian context. For example, on an average companies pay close to 10lac per year to a job portal to access its database and for job postings. So now you can reverse calculate money saved in a year. Some companies pay 20-40 lac to LinkedIn to do the same. But the target audience is different. (Leadership Roles). Still companies can breakeven. Interesting right!!! For those companies who do not want to pay huge sums, normally go for channels such as Employee Referrals and to some extent Social Media. Some might say that Employee Referral does involve cost, well, it does. But you are motivating your own employee to refer their friends. So they are your brand ambassadors.

Employer Branding: I believe every employee is a Brand Ambassador of your company. Imagine each one of them posts current job opening on their LinkedIn Status, Facebook Page, Twitter etc!!! If an organization has 500 or 5000 employees, imagine the reach that it will have!!! Does it involve cost!!!! NO. All you need to do is encourage your employee and make them feel special. Employees must also feel that it is their own company and must be proud of sharing news, information and spread a word in the online and offline world “They are proud to work here” or “They enjoy working here” The day this happens, well, the results will be just amazing.

Well, just had these 3 things in mind. Did not want to include big jargon’s and sound impractical. These are things that can be followed no matter if you have 100 employees or 10000. The biggest assets for any company are its employees. So they need to find a way to make them feel special. This is not just the job of an HR, but of every employee working in the organization.

Rambling Recruiter is looking forward to your views, reviews, feedback on this particular topic.


Rambling Recruiter


Rambling Recruiter

Reasons Recruiters shy away from using Social Media !!

Social Media often called new age search tool has proven over a period of time how innovative can sourcing get. A topic like ‚ÄúWhy a recruiter would shy away from¬†finding new ways to search a candidate!‚Ä̬†might sound weird, most of us feel that Recruiters must ideally make the most of these new channels of sourcing¬†isn’t¬†it?¬†Let‚Äôs first get back to¬†basics. We were taught in management schools,¬†‚ÄúRecruitment means, Hire the Right Candidate, at the Right time, at the Right Cost and from the Right Source‚ÄĚ. So now when we talk about the Right Source, what do we exactly mean!!

Internal Sources and External Sources. Internal Sources is nothing but recruitment from within the organization (Promotions, Transfers, Re-employment of ex-employees). And external is recruitment are from outside the organization (Job Portals, Vendors, Campus Recruitment, Employment Exchanges etc.).¬†On one hand where we can say that this is very basic gyan but we need to understand a strong base holds pillar. Social Media comes under the Category of External source, a very powerful tool indeed. We can go on and on about the power of Social Media and how it has benefited companies and some recruiters.¬†Yes I said¬†‚Äúsome recruiters‚ÄĚ.¬†So what is the reason for this small count of recruiters using it!! Isn‚Äôt company pushing their Strategic team enough to start using innovative ways of hiring!!¬†Let‚Äôs find out the top 3 reasons recruiters run away from using Social Media:

Reason 1:

Quick turnaround time / SLA:¬†Well we as recruiters are familiar with the term SLA. We have a standard SLA to fulfill a particular requirement. So if I need to hire people, I¬†will look out for a sourcing channel where my SLA is shortest, what would be better than a Job portal which is filled with resumes? For example: Today if I have a¬†Java Requirement,¬†I would normally source from Job Portals. 10-15 mins of time invested can in turn fetch me 10 good resumes.¬†Why would I want to turn to Social Networking sites where I will have to invest this same 15 min just to identify the Professionals and not even contact them?¬†As there might be times when you have to wait for day‚Äôs to get connected with professionals present on Social Networking Sites¬†(LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Plaxo / Xing, etc.).¬†SLA takes a hit hence one reason why recruiters shy away from going social. ¬†But give it a thought ‚Äď a passive job seeker (from these social sites) is 100 times surer of joining your company than active job seekers (from job boards). So¬†‚Äútime invested in Social Media sourcing is Wise investment from joining perspective‚ÄĚ

Reason 2:

Networking skills: Hunting/ sourcing through these Social sites is not a piece of cake. What would you do the first thing if you are given a position and asked to close it only through the Social Media channels? Probably as a newbie you would just be lost in the ocean of networking sites. Sourcing Through these sites needs good Networking skills, this is not overnight job! Rather it develops over a period of time where you connect with people, keep yourself updated with tools and technologies and be pro-active to get references and network. There is a small section of recruiter who shy away from Networking! Running from networking you might never be able to make utmost use of this sourcing tool!

Reason 3:

Learning and Development Vis-à-vis KRA: As mentioned above working on these social sites is not an easy job. On practical front these skills stands Vis-à-vis our KRA. Well, let’s take this scenario, if I am given easier IT skills like Java or Mainframe to be worked upon and as a recruiter its mentioned in my KRA that I need to hire 70% through Direct sources (like job boards, walk-ins or social media) certainly I would focus on walk-in or Job board so as to meet my KRA. Also since most of skills assigned to me to be worked upon are generic and I don’t get the opportunity to explore this medium. As of result I would not allot any time for personal learning and development. Number, time constraints, business pressures make it all most difficult to concentrate on exploring various means.

So now that we know some of the problems what is the solution!! I had read it once that ‚ÄúA manager does not like to hear problems; he is more interested in knowing the solutions that you bring in‚ÄĚ

Well personally speaking I can see the following solutions that can be implemented to encourage recruiters to use Social Networking Sites:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Recruitment Manager / TL can give¬†mixed basket of requirements to every recruiter like few vanilla and few niche requirements, this will give an opportunity to the recruiters to explore and use Social Networking sites.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Managers can tweak the KRA‚Äôs and give 5-10% weightage to requirements closed via resumes from Social Networking sites.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Recruiters must also ensure that they practice searching resumes on LinkedIn and other networking sites.¬†At least half an hour to one hour to be given dedicated to Exploring new means.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†The Training team must also make sure that the recruiters are educated about these new networking sites and a details training program is arranged.¬†Post that a feedback can be taken on how it has helped enhance their productivity.

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Recruitment Mangers must give some time to the recruiters to cope up with this new introduction of social recruitment. Meanwhile Recruiters must use all possible ways to self-initiate and learn about this tool.

– Any new methodology mastered by anyone in team must be circulated to entire team and efforts put in for SM hiring should be recognized so that others feel motivated to take it up as well.

All said and done, as a recruiter one must be open to new challenges and new sources available in the market. Recruiters who don’t get a chance to use such sites should also not shy away from exploring it as you never know in your next assignment you might have to use Social Networking sites. Also Management should agree to the fact that Social Networking Sites is no more a FAD, it’s a reality and candidates are very much active on these sites. Do let me know if you have any additional points and questions regarding this topic. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Sourcing Mindset – Has it changed enough !!

Sourcing is a unique function within recruitment’s. Some companies have their separate sourcing team who support their recruiters and some prefer to do end-to-end recruitments. Well today we are talking about a very important topic “Sourcing Mindset – Has it changed enough !!” The reason for coming up with this topic was that I just happened to go through this discussion on LinkedIn. And the person who has raised this is none other than Mr Sarang Brahme. He is a well-known name in the Sourcing fraternity, not only in India but also on an international level. Well I was fortunate enough to have closely worked with him and also have attended numerous training sessions conducted by him in the area of Sourcing. So the moment I came across his discussion on LinkedIn, thought to share my views on the same.¬†Although I have been working as a Recruiter in my current organization, I believe that I am a sourcer first and then a recruiter. The reason for this is that I had started my career as a sourcer and had been part of the sourcing team for almost 5 yrs. Times have changed, roles have changed, but has the mindset changed!! Let’s take a closer look as what this unique function is all about.


 As mentioned earlier, some companies have a dedicated sourcing team which supports the recruitment team. In this particular case, it is the prime responsibility of the sourcer to ensure that they provide the right candidate, from the right source and at the right cost. Well this is not an easy job. It takes a lot of efforts to search candidates from the external market. This is a true test of a sourcer of how he manages to source the right resumes, what sourcing channels does the sourcer use, how soon can the sourcers deliver and submit quality resumes to the recruiter. Interesting right!! Now let’s look at the second style of working, where the recruiter has to perform end-to-end recruitment. In this case the recruiter is involved in the entire life-cycle, right from sourcing till the moment the candidate joins the organization. The reason for sharing this piece of information was not to compare which method is better but to just give you a brief background about the sourcing and recruitment functions.   

So let’s now go back to the discussion about the Sourcing Mindset.¬†Sarang has raised a very valid point when he mentioned that currently their sourcing habits, requirements, KPIs and processes are so much job portal centric that it is difficult to persuade¬†the sourcers¬†to try passive searching. It’s only when they don’t find candidate on job portal, they turn to other resources and fail miserably due to lack of practice. Well there is no doubt that sourcing mindset needs to be changed,¬†but is it that easy!! Well, let‚Äôs find it out. It is first important to understand that sourcing is a specialist job and requires real passion and commitment. Some people use this as a stepping stone to move on to recruitment’s and some take up sourcing as a career. Both are correct in their own ways, but the issue is about the sourcing mindset. I guess the problem and the solution of the same starts from the top. When I say from the top, it refers to the manager of a particular sourcing team. Time to elaborate on it.¬†

As mentioned Sourcing is a Specialized Job and it needs real passion to work as a sourcer. Typically most of the sourcing experts work on bulk requirements; it is also known as mass hiring. When it comes to this kind of hiring, there is a lot of dependency on Job Portals. And the sourcer is just restricted towards Job Portals. As per the discussion on LinkedIn, there are times when there are some requirements where¬†sourcers need to do passive sourcing¬†and explore new sourcing channels other that traditions channels (Job Portals). This is the time when some of them find it difficult to generate resumes. You might say that the sourcers don’t practice enough and hence hence they fail. Well the real problem is that they have not been given niche requirements and hence there is a lack of practice. You cannot tell a sourcer to use LinkedIn for conducting a Java or Mainframe Drives. Also you can’t expect the sourcer to line up 100’s of candidates using the passive sourcing channels. Hence¬†one needs to ensure that the other sourcing channels are being used in a way that it justifies the niche requirements. Managers too¬†can give some weightage to the passive sourcing in the KRA’s of the sourcing team.¬† It is also important to ensure that the managements buy in the real value of sourcing and the use of new social media platforms for hiring. It is then that the right message will flow down the ladder.¬†

But all said and done, it is the sourcer who needs to have the passion to learn new things, explore new sourcing channels. One needs to move on with the times and try new methods of sourcing. So, do you think that the sourcing mindset has changed enough or there is a long way to go !! Looking forward to your valuable views and comments on this interesting topic.