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Sorry, It’s a BAD HIRE!!

Dear Recruiter’s, how many times have you heard this famous line!!! Well, most of the recruiters might have heard it at least a few times, if not more. So what does this mean!! Who is responsible!! What are the impacts!! Loads of questions right!!! Well, through this post just thought to highlight this statement and the hidden meaning behind it. PS: Not here to point fingers, but just to understand the real reason behind this famous statement. You are at your work station, and suddenly a Delivery Manager comes and shouts “Who hired XYX, he is a bad hire”. So what will be your reaction!! Well, it depends on how you manage it. At times you can just say with a smile, we both have hired him. Jokes apart, we need to find out the real reason behind this statement.

So what do you think can be the reasons!! Let’s take a look at it.

– Employee joins your organization, and the very next day he is working on a project / client place. So in such cases employee is not briefed, no formal detailed induction, no breathing space etc. Hence it is bound to happen that they will have a tough time to adjust to a new environment. Will you term this employee as Bad Hire!!!

– Many a times it is noticed that once the employee joins, the manager hardly meet them. We understand that everyone is busy and working under tight deadlines, but this very person or employees is the reason that the project will run. The organization will earn revenue (Dollars). Is it not worth spending some quality time with them!!! Food for thought.

– Employees who are placed at client location often face some challenges, hence one needs to ensure that you hear to their issues. Again not all issues can be solved, but you can at least hear them out.

– Often have heard and seen clashes between Line Managers and HR teams. In case of Bad Hire the blame game starts. If you agree that it takes a team effort to make any company successful, then you need to also agree that the onus of a so called bad hire lies with both the parties.


Somehow I feel it’s a Fashion statement to use the term “Bad Hire”. Don’t forget that the person who you have hired, was working in some organization, and was being paid for it. He might find it tough to adjust or work as per your style or needs. But this does not mean that employee is a Bad Hire.

– Top Management will surely argue the cost of a Bad Hire. Well, I completely agree, but in that case also many stake holders are involved to take a hiring decision. Right from Delivery Managers, VP’s, Head of Functions etc. So who is responsible!!

– Some of you might say that let’s change the word from Bad Hire to Wrong Hire, well, that will not help. We need to change the way we look and treat such resources.

Often it is said that an HR needs to wear a Business Hat!! How about a Line Manager / Delivery Manager wearing a hat of an HR!!! What say!!!

So have you come across this situation!! How did you tackle it!! Do you agree with the term Bad Hire!!! Looking forward to your views, suggestions and feedback regarding this post.


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Appraisal Season is ON!! Are you ready!!

“Appraisals” – The most favorite word of all salaried professionals in this entire universe. Well, once it’s done, most of them end up disliking that word. Why!! Well, it is obvious, once they hear the following statements – “You were good, but you could have done better”, “There is still some scope for improvement”, “We wanted to promote you, but the bell curve is the issue”, “Next year we will surely promote you”. Right!!! Me sure most of them might have heard all these things, or at least some of these in the past. And for those who did not hear any of these, are the few lucky ones 🙂

For a Recruiter, Appraisal Season is where they have to get ready for hiring. Why hiring!! Well, based on the hikes announced by the company, people will decided to stay or quit. If they quit, Delivery managers will raise new requisitions, and the hiring season will be on for recruiters. For HR Professionals, well, it might turn out to be a nightmare, based on the hike declared. And for an employee, well, for some it’s shopping season and for some it’s time to reflect on their own performance. In case you might have missed out previous post about Appraisals, you can view it here – Life of an Employee, HR and Recruiter during Appraisals




The other day I was just going through this article in HBR – How to Write the Dreaded Self-Appraisal . There are some useful tips given in the post about how to manage your appraisals. But there is also a group of people who are not that impressed by the funda of Appraisals. People often end up saying that there is no use of this. Do you also feel the same!!! OK, let’s get back to some good news to all salaried people out there.

Last year, thanks to Infosys, the Appraisal season was not that great. Now you might ask how Infosys can make an impact on our Appraisals!!  Well, Infosys did end up announcing that it will not give any hike for its 149000 employees for 2012. That was a major hint to the other IT companies, as this was a massive step by one of the Industry leaders. Soon, there were a series of other companies who too kept the wait and watch strategy on. But other companies ended up giving 8-12% hike, matching the industry average. So will there be a similar hike this time around!!! Based on the following reports, it can be seen that there will be a double digit hike this year.

– India Inc to give 11% salary hike in FY13

– 2013 likely to see 11.2% pay hike: Report

– Indian employees to see 10% salary hike in 2013: Aon Hewitt

So is this good news!! Well, for some of them, they would be happy to know that the hike this year will be in double digit. But for some it might not be enough. Well, at the end of the day, nothing seems to be enough, considering the inflation and price rise around us. So what do you think about this Hunting season!! OOPS, Appraisal Season!! How are you preparing to present yourself this season!! Looking forward to your views on the same.


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Reasons Recruiters shy away from using Social Media !!

Social Media often called new age search tool has proven over a period of time how innovative can sourcing get. A topic like “Why a recruiter would shy away from finding new ways to search a candidate!” might sound weird, most of us feel that Recruiters must ideally make the most of these new channels of sourcing isn’t it? Let’s first get back to basics. We were taught in management schools, “Recruitment means, Hire the Right Candidate, at the Right time, at the Right Cost and from the Right Source”. So now when we talk about the Right Source, what do we exactly mean!!

Internal Sources and External Sources. Internal Sources is nothing but recruitment from within the organization (Promotions, Transfers, Re-employment of ex-employees). And external is recruitment are from outside the organization (Job Portals, Vendors, Campus Recruitment, Employment Exchanges etc.). On one hand where we can say that this is very basic gyan but we need to understand a strong base holds pillar. Social Media comes under the Category of External source, a very powerful tool indeed. We can go on and on about the power of Social Media and how it has benefited companies and some recruiters. Yes I said “some recruiters”. So what is the reason for this small count of recruiters using it!! Isn’t company pushing their Strategic team enough to start using innovative ways of hiring!! Let’s find out the top 3 reasons recruiters run away from using Social Media:

Reason 1:

Quick turnaround time / SLA: Well we as recruiters are familiar with the term SLA. We have a standard SLA to fulfill a particular requirement. So if I need to hire people, I will look out for a sourcing channel where my SLA is shortest, what would be better than a Job portal which is filled with resumes? For example: Today if I have a Java Requirement, I would normally source from Job Portals. 10-15 mins of time invested can in turn fetch me 10 good resumes. Why would I want to turn to Social Networking sites where I will have to invest this same 15 min just to identify the Professionals and not even contact them? As there might be times when you have to wait for day’s to get connected with professionals present on Social Networking Sites (LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Plaxo / Xing, etc.). SLA takes a hit hence one reason why recruiters shy away from going social.  But give it a thought – a passive job seeker (from these social sites) is 100 times surer of joining your company than active job seekers (from job boards). So “time invested in Social Media sourcing is Wise investment from joining perspective

Reason 2:

Networking skills: Hunting/ sourcing through these Social sites is not a piece of cake. What would you do the first thing if you are given a position and asked to close it only through the Social Media channels? Probably as a newbie you would just be lost in the ocean of networking sites. Sourcing Through these sites needs good Networking skills, this is not overnight job! Rather it develops over a period of time where you connect with people, keep yourself updated with tools and technologies and be pro-active to get references and network. There is a small section of recruiter who shy away from Networking! Running from networking you might never be able to make utmost use of this sourcing tool!

Reason 3:

Learning and Development Vis-à-vis KRA: As mentioned above working on these social sites is not an easy job. On practical front these skills stands Vis-à-vis our KRA. Well, let’s take this scenario, if I am given easier IT skills like Java or Mainframe to be worked upon and as a recruiter its mentioned in my KRA that I need to hire 70% through Direct sources (like job boards, walk-ins or social media) certainly I would focus on walk-in or Job board so as to meet my KRA. Also since most of skills assigned to me to be worked upon are generic and I don’t get the opportunity to explore this medium. As of result I would not allot any time for personal learning and development. Number, time constraints, business pressures make it all most difficult to concentrate on exploring various means.

So now that we know some of the problems what is the solution!! I had read it once that “A manager does not like to hear problems; he is more interested in knowing the solutions that you bring in

Well personally speaking I can see the following solutions that can be implemented to encourage recruiters to use Social Networking Sites:

–          Recruitment Manager / TL can give mixed basket of requirements to every recruiter like few vanilla and few niche requirements, this will give an opportunity to the recruiters to explore and use Social Networking sites.

–          Managers can tweak the KRA’s and give 5-10% weightage to requirements closed via resumes from Social Networking sites.

–          Recruiters must also ensure that they practice searching resumes on LinkedIn and other networking sites. At least half an hour to one hour to be given dedicated to Exploring new means.

–          The Training team must also make sure that the recruiters are educated about these new networking sites and a details training program is arranged. Post that a feedback can be taken on how it has helped enhance their productivity.

–          Recruitment Mangers must give some time to the recruiters to cope up with this new introduction of social recruitment. Meanwhile Recruiters must use all possible ways to self-initiate and learn about this tool.

– Any new methodology mastered by anyone in team must be circulated to entire team and efforts put in for SM hiring should be recognized so that others feel motivated to take it up as well.

All said and done, as a recruiter one must be open to new challenges and new sources available in the market. Recruiters who don’t get a chance to use such sites should also not shy away from exploring it as you never know in your next assignment you might have to use Social Networking sites. Also Management should agree to the fact that Social Networking Sites is no more a FAD, it’s a reality and candidates are very much active on these sites. Do let me know if you have any additional points and questions regarding this topic. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Should I add my Boss on Facebook !!!!

What do you do when someone asks you that one special question “Do you have your Boss added on Facebook? I have come across many of my friends asking me this question – “Should I add my Boss on Facebook? …”Oh My God, my boss has sent a request on Facebook” I am sure you too might have come across such situations..What do you do when the ‘One new friend request’ on Facebook is from a work colleague/Boss? Subject of debate isn’t it? Some find it ok to add his/her boss on Facebook while most of them are reluctant.”. Facebook has over 150 million users and somehow you might end up saying that almost everyone you know is on Facebook. You Family members, cousins, School and college friends and not to forget your co-workers and your BOSS.  Don’t forget that your online presence can be a very valuable tool for your career. One wrong word or one bad picture can ruin your online presence and even your career. 

I have come across many Facebook Status saying “What a boring day at office” ,”I wish my job was more Challenging”,”Just out of a meeting, it was waste of time” . For some colleagues every waking moment has to be posted on Facebook. I hope they don’t have their Boss in their friend’s list 😉 Although it’s not a crime to post your thoughts on a public forum, but at the end of the day it’s a Public Forum. So be Careful as it’s a small world and hence it’s always advisable to look around and speak (In this case – Post) 

Following are some of the tips that will help you decide if you want to add your boss on Facebook and if not, then how to ignore the request. 

A) You can Ignore the Friend Request from your boss but you’ll have to figure out a way to ignore the request without offending him or her. (You can also use this for your co-workers)

B) One of the way is to politely explain that you use Facebook only for your immediate family and friends and hence you did not accept the friends request.

C ) Get rid of those party pictures. (Some of you might not agree with this point and might end up saying that it’s my personal account and I can post anything and everything I want. Well, you always have an option to ignore the friend requests from co-workers) 😉

D) You can also create a Facebook account strictly for work. This might be a bit of challenge to manage two accounts, but worth a try for those who do not want to invite your boss to your personal world. 

E)  Not to mention if other Facebook friends put up questionable photos of you or make unprofessional comments your boss will be able to see them as well.  “There’s nothing to stop your friends from tagging you or putting out information,”

F)  Think about your status updates before you submit them so that you don’t have to be worried if your boss ends up going through your wall. 

At the end of the day it also boils down to the kind of healthy relation that you have with your boss after all your Boss is “YOUR BOSS”. Hence don’t end up taking undue advantage of the trust that your Boss might have on you. Do let us know your views on this interesting topic. Even if you have different view on this topic, I am more than willing to hear you and understand your views.


Rambling Recruiter