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Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

Naukri vs LinkedIn!!! Come on, you must be kidding. Naukri has 35 million + users and LinkedIn India has close to 20+ million users. So how can you think of even comparing it? Hang on. Hold on to your thoughts. Naukri is a well know Job Portal and LinkedIn is….not a Job Portal as many would claim. Okay, it’s known as a Professional Networking Site. So, let’s get back to the topic – Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!

You might have seen LinkedIn Company Pages, and might have also explored it. Right!! It does contain HOME > CAREERS > PRODUCTS & SERVICES sections.  Let’s take a look at what Naukri Company Pages have to offer. Naukri likes to call it as ” Naukri Corporate Micro-Site” It does include :

– Home > About Us > Jobs > People > Events & News > Fresher Hiring > Visit Us > Facebook & Twitter Real Time updates > Corporate Videos Section.

Hang on, do they actually have all this on Company Page!!! Wait there is more. They also have 5 running banners on the home screen. So how many of these sections does LinkedIn Company Page have!!! Again, many would still say that LinkedIn is different, the purpose is different and so on. Right!! We are simply comparing the Company Page Sections.

I think LinkedIn must ideally provide Running Banners and  Twitter & Facebook Real Time updates. Well, I understand that if they do, it will come with cost. Nothing comes free. Did you know that Naukri provides this Corporate Micro Site Free of Cost!!! You must be kidding!! They do give this service with the current package that you have.

Enough of talking, lets look at some examples of what we are talking about here :

1) LinkedIn Comnpany Page Example –


2) Naukri Company Page  Example –



So which Page would you like to visit!! Which Company Page would you like the Candidates to visit!! You are free to pick any one of it. The whole idea was not to force you to choose a Company Page, but to show which are things that one can have in a Company Page. PS: LinkedIn, are you listening!!! 

Looking forward to your views and feedback about this interesting topic. Naukri vs LinkedIn Company Pages!!!


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Have you seen any Job posting on any of the Social Networking Sites?

Job Posting on Twitter !!!!! Jobs on Facebook !!!!!

Well, it might not be a surprise for you to see jobs posted on LinkedIn. How about Jobs being posted on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

Its no more a surprise, Social Networking sites are being used not only for promoting company pages or brands, it’s also being used for Posting Jobs.

Oh yes, the best example of the same, atleast in India is that (India’s no 1 Job Portal) has given an option to post jobs on the various Social Networking sites. More info about this in my previous post –

Following question was also asked to a group of 90 recruiters , and the following data does show that Jobs posting’s on Social Networking sites are a common thing (Good)









95% have said Yes….. HMMMM

Well you might think that we have a clear winner. Yes we do have.

But it will be an interesting thing to see as to how are these channles  being used in terms of generating quality resumes, and tageting the right audience.

You can check out the 10 questions that were asked to them at

Respondents Details:

All the 90 respondents are recruiters, who are responsible for Hiring in their respective organizations.

Looking forward to your views on this data. You can agree or disagree :)


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Job Portals going social!!

What is social about a job portal? Hmmm Tuff one to answer.

The reason for writing this post was, the other day I was on (India’s No 1 Job Portal, stats say it). It was a routine task of Job Posting, and I was almost done by submitting it on the site. But then there was a new window – Guess what, I had an option to publish my job posting on my social / professional networking sites.

Interesting.. Right?  Wonder what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal.

It will surely give the recruiters a wider audience, and the job openings will reach those who might not even have their resumes on the job portal.

It’s a win win situation for both the parties. As a recruiter one can publish the job postings on LinkedIn, Gmail (Status Bar), Twitter, Facebook, Brijj accounts.


Hope that this will provide more relevant profiles from this new feature.

I am still wondering – what made them to introduce this feature on a Job Portal 😉

Job Portals going social!!