Asia’s biggest HR Tech Conference is back aka #SHRMTech18

This is the 4th year of Asia's biggest HR Tech Conference is back aka #SHRMTech18. Was fortunate to attend #SHRMTECH16 and #SHRMTECH17. Just like both the years, this year too it will be an amazing event filled with passionate HR folks. Here are a few highlights of what to expect at #SHRMTech18 Interact with 1100+... Continue Reading →

#SHRMTECH16 in just 140 Characters!!!

Just 140 characters!! You must be wondering that how on earth is it possible to know all about the biggest confluence of people, business, and technology like no other in Asia. Well, its not that difficult to do that, thanks to the Twitter. The best part of #SHRMTECH16 hashtag was that it was the best place... Continue Reading →

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