Sourcing + Passion = SourceCon!!!!

It was time for yet another action packed SourceCon event. For those who might be new to this event, let me make it easy for you 🙂 SourceCon is the SourcingAdda of US. I still remember my first post for SourceCon way back in 2011 "Sourcer OR Recruiter: A Classic Title Dilemma In India" For... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the amazing world of Hashtags!!!

#Hashtags!! What are Hashtags!! How can it be used!! Will it help me!! Well, these might be some of the questions that may be running in your head. For those using Twitter, might surely have a fair idea and might be also using Hashtags regularly. The following post will answers these questions and will also... Continue Reading →

Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest

What’s this buzz about Pinterest?? I've been hearing and am sure even you too have been hearing a lot of news throughout the industry on this new social sharing site. All of our reaction to this news is – Oh No!! Another Social Networking Tool!!! Well, you are absolutely right in saying that it's another... Continue Reading →

Check-in and Find a Job !!! Is this Possible? (foursquare)

Did you Check-in today !!!! Well, Check-in via foursquare has really picked up, and creating a decent space in the Social Networking World. foursquare is a location-based social networking website based on software for mobile devices. This service is available to users with GPS-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones. Users "check-in" at venues using a mobile website,... Continue Reading →

My take on the “Social Networking Impact into Recruitments”

 Based on the Questionnaire that was filled by the 90 recruiters (Check out the 10 questions at , it can be safely said that Social Networking sites have a impact on the Recruitment Process. There is also a section of professionals who do not agree or think that it’s still a long way to go before... Continue Reading →

Do you think Hiring via networking sites is emerging trend? Or still there is a long way to go?

Here we are, with the 10th and final Question that was asked to 90 Recruiters. Based on the Data and the feedback that was collected during this entire research, It was amazing to see that Recruiters are slowely but surely getting used to Social Networking sites. Social Networking has given an option to the Recruitment... Continue Reading →

Do you have an account on any of the Social Networking Sites?(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc)

HMMMMMMMMMMM...... What a strange question? You might be wondering, who on earth would not have an account of Facebook (every 14th person on this earth is on Facebook), LinkedIn (80 million ), Twitter (175 million) So, where are we heading in terms of numbers, its usage !!!! for Recruitments. Yes, there were a set of... Continue Reading →

Which Social Networking site do you use the most for Recruitment Purpose?

So we are done with 2 questions that were asked to 90 recruiters about social networking sites. Question 1 - Do you use Social Networking sites for Recruitment Purpose? Question 2 - Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit? Now we are on our way to the 3rd question. I am... Continue Reading →

Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit?

As part of the research that was made earlier ie What do 90 Recruiters feel about Social Networking Sites!!!!! , following is the second question was was asked to those 90 recruiters. Are Social Networking sites changing the way you recruit? Based on the Online Survey done via, Following are the details of the... Continue Reading →

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