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Future of Recruitment is scary, exciting or boring?

I get an email. It says “Your profile is interesting and we would like to meet you.” I’m sure a system screened my resume and assigned a bot to write me this mail. Soon I realize that the meeting has been scheduled via a Video Call. I sit back and wait for the call.  As soon as I get in the call, I see some questions on the screen and all I had to do was answer those. Some were objective and some were subjective. Soon  After I answer all the questions, the system says “Thank you Kunjal for your time, here are your results” 🙂 [2 minutes silence!!!!] I was hoping that the bot would say “We will get back to you soon with the results” But that was pretty quick (and impressive).

So, moving on. Fortunately I did crack the interview. I soon got another email inviting me for another round. I was hoping it to be in person. Well, it was in person but there was no person in the office!!!! I was surprised to see a bot moving around and soon it entered a conference room. And another bot at the reception announced my name and I walked into the conference room. To my surprise a Beam Robot welcomed me and asked how my day was going. I was speechless as I could see a human actually interacting with me through this Beam Robot. That person was some 500 miles away from this location, but it was able to move around and interact with me.

Okay, so moving on, the interview did go well and I was hopeful to make it through. To make things more interesting, the Beam Robot escorted me to the reception. Out of habit, I put my hand out for a handshake but it struck to me that it was just a robot!!!!  So, after a few days, I received a call (Not sure if it was a bot or a real human) Anyway, I was more keen to know my final result. Fortunately, I did make it through and they offered me a job.

Now the real fun begins 🙂

My first and last day at office!!!!!  Yes, you read it right. Just wait till you realize it. I was there for my Induction and it was all done by a Beam Robot. This time, there were real humans behind the screen and I was able to interact with them. Some were based outside the country, some were 300 miles away from this office. So I wondered, where will I be working from. Soon I realized that I was going to work from home. But, my new bot was going to work from this office! So I don’t get a laptop on my day one (or on the last day at the office), I get a beam robot. 😉


PS: I had to draw this line to tell you folks to come back to reality 🙂 Trust me, this is going to be a reality soon. In fact, this has already started in some or the other way. This year’s SHRMTECH16 had this on display and it was actually moving around and interacting with participants at the conference.

So, do you think Future of Recruitment is scary, exciting or boring?! Let me know in the comments below!


Rambling Recruiter

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Rambling Recruiter

Do you remember your 1st day at office !!!!

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression; well this is so true in the case of a new joinee who has joined your organization. Every one of us at some point of time has been a new joinee, and do remember the 1st day at office. (New Office). Most of us do remember our 1st day at office.. Right…. Must be good, not so good and so on.. You might still remember the Buzz around you, all new faces, never ending sessions of introductions, lots of form filling activity and not to forget the most important part… “Induction”

No doubt that every company has their own way of welcoming a new joinee, and also might have a standard process to ensure that the joining of the candidate goes smoothly. But in all this at times we forget that this is a lasting impression that the new joinee might have…. 1st day at office.

Here are some basic tips for bringing new hires on board:

– Ensure that you give full attention to the new joinee. ie avoid keeping the candidate waiting in the lobby / reception, as this is the most common mistake we all end up making

– I know this point might not be always possible on the 1st day, but do try to set up the workstation of the candidate as soon as possible.

– It is always good to inform the joinee about the dress code of office well in advance, so that the candidate does not end up wearing a business suit on the day when you have casuals as dress code on that day;)

Do ensure that the introduction mailer sent to the employees about the new joinee is checked and re-checked.  This is the area where one has to be very careful, as any wrong information published might not be taken well by the new joinee.

– Don’t just end up giving all the forms to the candidate at one go. Keep a balanced approach; this will also give some breathing space to the new joinee 😉

– Ensure that you introduce the new joinee to the other employees. May be taking him for a small tour on the floor might be handy.

We always try to look at the bigger picture, but often we miss on the smaller details that end up affecting the smooth process of the new joinee. I am sure you too might want to share your comments and views about this topic. So, How was your first day at your office!!!!!!


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