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National HRD Seminar on “HR & Social Media – What more can you do?” – Flashback

I was fortunate enough to attend an Interesting Seminar organized by NHRD Mumbai Chapter about “HR & Social Media – What more can you do?”. There were 16 eminent speakers who are all set to share their views on the topic of HR and Social Media. Well, gone are the days when people used to debate about Social Media’s Power and question it. Now the focus is moving towards how can companies, brands and individuals make the most of it. Coming back to the Seminar, the Session was divided in four sections. Each section had 3 speakers and one chairperson moderating the discussions.

Normally one would assume Manufacturing Companies to be a bit soft about Social Media. But that was not that case when Mr Prince Augustin – AVP, Mahindra & Mahindra started sharing about how Mahindra is working on Employer Branding. The Buzz word during this session was “MahindraRise”, and how their organization encourages innovation and creativity. He also spoke about their interesting page on Facebook – “Mahindra War Room“. For recruiters War Room is all about meetings, numbers, weekend drives. Anyways jokes apart, it was interesting to find out that an Auto Company being active on Social Networking Sites. Here is an interesting video about Mahindra – Employee Value Proposition.


The next speaker Mr.Rajan Sinha, CEO of My Parichay did end up creating a lot of debate when he mentioned “60% of Job Seekers are only on Facebook” and “65% of folks likely to use FB over LinkedIn for the next job search”. Well, may be the Facebook thing works for a certain companies, and for some it does not. Well the debate can go on and on. Soon the discussion got a bit interesting when Statistics took over the discussion. 15 million, 10 million, the numbers were just zipping across the room. But all said and done, it’s not only about the numbers, it’s also about which Social Networking Platform works for you and how you use it to engage with your customers.

The next speaker was an Entrepreneur, a Social Media Consultant, a Blogger aka 27 yrs old Rajiv Dingra . He took the session to a whole new level when he said “Brands can’t broadcast anymore. You have to be ready to engage, converse and LISTEN”. This was good enough to make the audience clap and wait for more such interesting statements. The next one was “Social Media being just another medium to create Employer Brand” Well I completely agree with this. Social Media cannot be a solution to all your problems. He also spoke about Power of Youtube and how Companies can make the most of it.

The next set of panellist were also power-packed, which included the likes of Gautam Ghosh – Social Business and HR Consultant , Anand Pillai – Chief Learning Officer, Reliance and K Sudeep – Head Talent Acquisition, TCS.  Anand Pillai mentioned an interesting quote “In today’s world none of us can have a private life'” Well, this is so true. Facebook is a place where we wish our friends, share B’day pics, party pics and the list is endless. He mentioned some interesting things such as “The next stage is also about getting into structured collaboration using social media” and “It’s not just about retweeting, but about how people are building a conversation”. Soon after this K Sudeep shared an interesting stuff from TCS’s campus connect platform. He mentioned that “Transparency is key when it comes to Campus Connect programs”. Soon it was time for  Gautam Ghosh to take over the discussion. He spoke about changing embedded behaviours to embrace the connected, networked world. He did also share about how Capgemini uses #Yammer. It was good to hear a lot of discussion about Yammer at the Seminar and how companies are using it. Gautam soon spoke about the famous Dell Hell story, how IBM and CTS are encouraging internal blogging and how information is being shared within the company. And finally he also spoke about how Coursera is evolving careers and how they are into providing training sessions.. FREE.


In the third session, Indraneel Ganguli – Sr VP- Marketing & Communications, Mahindra Satyam spoke about how they managed to rise back after the fall of Satyam as a Brand. He also mentioned about their association with FIFA. It was surely a proud moment to see an Indian Brand at a Global Sporting Event. He made a valid point “If you know your purpose, you’ll figure out a way to handle Social Media” and “HR doesn’t even sneeze without a framework”. I’m sure that most of you would agree 😉 The next speaker, Colin Mendes spoke about 11 vibrant HR online communities within the TATA. Well the Tata group is connected with its 3300+ HR employees via social technology to enable knowledge sharing, industry practices and communication. The next speaker Hareesh Tibrewala – Joint CEO, Social Wavelength mentioned that we need to learn to tap the collective intelligence of the internal communities. He believes that the onus must be in creating chaos in the organization and Order / structure would emerge from it. Do you agree !! Mr Kamal Karanth, MD of Kelly Services did start with the example of the first social media war between Israel and Gaza. All he was trying to showcase the power of Social Media. Well, I personally dont think that was the best example to quote at this event. Let’s move on 😉

The final session was about “HR re-fresh and Employee Insights through Social Media. Well by this time the audience was bombarded with lots of data and stats. Some of the stats were repeated almost four times (Watch this video – Did you know). Well such things bound to happen during day long sessions. Soon Sarang Brahme from Capgemini was out with some interesting examples as to how Social Media can help HR professionals. He talked about how as an HR you can create a Mood-O-Meter for your employees and about their stint with TechGig.

All in all, although some of the points were repeated during the session, overall it was an amazing seminar. To have 16 industry experts on Social Media at the seminar made the event even more interesting. And to personally meet them and ask questions was even more special. Well, there were many things that one can learn from such sessions, but most important thing is to have passion for Social Media and keep innovating. As always looking forward to your views and feedback about this flashback.



Reasons Recruiters shy away from using Social Media !!

Social Media often called new age search tool has proven over a period of time how innovative can sourcing get. A topic like “Why a recruiter would shy away from finding new ways to search a candidate!” might sound weird, most of us feel that Recruiters must ideally make the most of these new channels of sourcing isn’t it? Let’s first get back to basics. We were taught in management schools, “Recruitment means, Hire the Right Candidate, at the Right time, at the Right Cost and from the Right Source”. So now when we talk about the Right Source, what do we exactly mean!!

Internal Sources and External Sources. Internal Sources is nothing but recruitment from within the organization (Promotions, Transfers, Re-employment of ex-employees). And external is recruitment are from outside the organization (Job Portals, Vendors, Campus Recruitment, Employment Exchanges etc.). On one hand where we can say that this is very basic gyan but we need to understand a strong base holds pillar. Social Media comes under the Category of External source, a very powerful tool indeed. We can go on and on about the power of Social Media and how it has benefited companies and some recruiters. Yes I said “some recruiters”. So what is the reason for this small count of recruiters using it!! Isn’t company pushing their Strategic team enough to start using innovative ways of hiring!! Let’s find out the top 3 reasons recruiters run away from using Social Media:

Reason 1:

Quick turnaround time / SLA: Well we as recruiters are familiar with the term SLA. We have a standard SLA to fulfill a particular requirement. So if I need to hire people, I will look out for a sourcing channel where my SLA is shortest, what would be better than a Job portal which is filled with resumes? For example: Today if I have a Java Requirement, I would normally source from Job Portals. 10-15 mins of time invested can in turn fetch me 10 good resumes. Why would I want to turn to Social Networking sites where I will have to invest this same 15 min just to identify the Professionals and not even contact them? As there might be times when you have to wait for day’s to get connected with professionals present on Social Networking Sites (LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Plaxo / Xing, etc.). SLA takes a hit hence one reason why recruiters shy away from going social.  But give it a thought – a passive job seeker (from these social sites) is 100 times surer of joining your company than active job seekers (from job boards). So “time invested in Social Media sourcing is Wise investment from joining perspective

Reason 2:

Networking skills: Hunting/ sourcing through these Social sites is not a piece of cake. What would you do the first thing if you are given a position and asked to close it only through the Social Media channels? Probably as a newbie you would just be lost in the ocean of networking sites. Sourcing Through these sites needs good Networking skills, this is not overnight job! Rather it develops over a period of time where you connect with people, keep yourself updated with tools and technologies and be pro-active to get references and network. There is a small section of recruiter who shy away from Networking! Running from networking you might never be able to make utmost use of this sourcing tool!

Reason 3:

Learning and Development Vis-à-vis KRA: As mentioned above working on these social sites is not an easy job. On practical front these skills stands Vis-à-vis our KRA. Well, let’s take this scenario, if I am given easier IT skills like Java or Mainframe to be worked upon and as a recruiter its mentioned in my KRA that I need to hire 70% through Direct sources (like job boards, walk-ins or social media) certainly I would focus on walk-in or Job board so as to meet my KRA. Also since most of skills assigned to me to be worked upon are generic and I don’t get the opportunity to explore this medium. As of result I would not allot any time for personal learning and development. Number, time constraints, business pressures make it all most difficult to concentrate on exploring various means.

So now that we know some of the problems what is the solution!! I had read it once that “A manager does not like to hear problems; he is more interested in knowing the solutions that you bring in

Well personally speaking I can see the following solutions that can be implemented to encourage recruiters to use Social Networking Sites:

–          Recruitment Manager / TL can give mixed basket of requirements to every recruiter like few vanilla and few niche requirements, this will give an opportunity to the recruiters to explore and use Social Networking sites.

–          Managers can tweak the KRA’s and give 5-10% weightage to requirements closed via resumes from Social Networking sites.

–          Recruiters must also ensure that they practice searching resumes on LinkedIn and other networking sites. At least half an hour to one hour to be given dedicated to Exploring new means.

–          The Training team must also make sure that the recruiters are educated about these new networking sites and a details training program is arranged. Post that a feedback can be taken on how it has helped enhance their productivity.

–          Recruitment Mangers must give some time to the recruiters to cope up with this new introduction of social recruitment. Meanwhile Recruiters must use all possible ways to self-initiate and learn about this tool.

– Any new methodology mastered by anyone in team must be circulated to entire team and efforts put in for SM hiring should be recognized so that others feel motivated to take it up as well.

All said and done, as a recruiter one must be open to new challenges and new sources available in the market. Recruiters who don’t get a chance to use such sites should also not shy away from exploring it as you never know in your next assignment you might have to use Social Networking sites. Also Management should agree to the fact that Social Networking Sites is no more a FAD, it’s a reality and candidates are very much active on these sites. Do let me know if you have any additional points and questions regarding this topic. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.


Rambling Recruiter

Social Media addiction !!! Are you Addicted !! !!

Do you remember your Klout score !!  Do you share your Location via Foursquare (every time you move around) !! Do you Tweet about your Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee Break, Dinner !!! Do you manage to update your Facebook Status for every other small or big News!! Are you too Busy tweeting about the awesome time that you are having instead of living in the moment and avoiding eye contact with the person you are with ?? Do you keep surfing about what’s New in Social Media in market and how to master it!! Well if you do these things be careful, you might be termed as Social Media Addict!!! 

So, Do you think you are a Social Media Addict!!!   Are we all getting too dependent on Social Media that we have actually almost stopped interacting or meeting human beings for real! For some of us, including me it was really difficult to disagree to the above point, but it’s a fact. Social networks have changed the ways we interact with each other enormously. We most often end up spending more time sharing at our computer screens that actually getting up and having a short chat with our colleagues, friends, professionals etc. The concept of meeting people has changed completely over the period of time.

 The dependency on virtual interaction than personal one has really gone high.   It’s hard to believe that kids do end up discussing their project work via Social media. Just one post on Facebook and your get an instant reply. Are we saying that this is not a good practice… Well, no one is against the use of Social Media but one had to draw a line and have discipline while using such forum.  

 Few checks from our daily life to tell us whether we are social media addicts:  

– Once we are up, the first thing that we tend to do is Check BBM Messenger / Whats Up / Mails / Facebook Messages / Tweets and so on.

 – Some of us wake up in middle of night to see if we have mentions in Twitter

 – Updating every small and big event across these forums, Status messages like “Time for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, dating, outing and at times even crib about bad day!” is a must mention.

– You Check In via Foursquare or Places and announce your arrival/departure from various places be if office, school, home, any famous/Non famous restaurants and so on..

– Responding to all the comments, mentions on FB or Twitter within seconds, thanks to Blackberry and Android phones.  

– Share random pictures, comment and like the moment pictures are clicked or shared within network!

– Search for new updates in this platform and master it in short while, like finding new tools for twitter stats , for FB and LinkedIn stats. Example being KLOUT.

– Most important, Feeling incomplete when we are out and not able to use this as if someone thing important is missing. – And then the same process will carry on till the wee hours 🙂  

So in all this activities it’s really hard to find out the time you spent in interacting with real people (Outside your virtual world). As per my personal experience, Social interaction is good, it’s a platform where I have really enjoyed sharing news, blogs and personal opinion which ofcourse I might have not done when I met someone in real. I like to utilize social media to engage in social interactions, it’s just an alternative. Again the reason to write this post is not to say that using Social Media is bad, but the key is to be able to balance the use of this exciting form of interaction with all the other aspects of our lives.  

 Do share your experience and thoughts about this topic.  


Rambling Recruiter

Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest

What’s this buzz about Pinterest?? I’ve been hearing and am sure even you too have been hearing a lot of news throughout the industry on this new social sharing site. All of our reaction to this news is – Oh No!! Another Social Networking Tool!!! Well, you are absolutely right in saying that it’s another Social Networking Tool, but then its Different ;). So, getting into the details of it- what is Pinterest all about? Is it worth using? Is it here to stay for a longer duration? Who should use it? How to use it?  And anxiety continues…Hang on, you will surely get all the answers to these questions (Almost All). Here we go..

In simple terms, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.Remember during our school/college days we use to have notice boards where most important and interesting information was pinned. Even today we Pin “good reads” or another interesting stuff to our office board, so with similar concept is – Pinterest, a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website. The service allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. The site’s mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. 

Users of Pinterest are incharged of themed image boards, populating them with media found online using the “Pin It” button, or uploaded from their computer.Each such item of media is known as a “pin,” and can be a picture, a video, a discussion, or a monetary gift. Pins can be grouped into “boards,” which are sets of pins created on a given topic. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” button added to personal website or blog pages. Pinterest makes it really easy to add content, either through smart phone apps, Internet browser extensions or, of course manually on the Pinterest website.

Now the question arises how can Companies use it to Brand themselves or their Products.

– You can mention about your company’s products / Services can also talk about your Leadership Team or Fun corner. All you have to do is copy the web link of the desired page and enter the details. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the content, as the company website already has all the details.

– Another way to promote your company is to highlight the various achievement of your organization with respect to awards/patents/Media News and also your project “Employee Speaks” section. Most of the companies use this space to project their employees (past/present) and share their experience working with the organization.

Recruiters can also take advantage of this new platform to promote Job Opening of their organization. All they have to do is give the link of Career Page and hope to get some traffic via Pinterest. It is potentially a brilliant way of engaging both existing and potential employees.

Most of us have no dearth of knowledge sharing on Social Recruiting, but it’s always worth exploring newest tool as an addition to your existing social recruiting tools. End of the day, none of us get 100% success using any new tool right away but with time comes success and challenges. I Still remember those days when people used to say “Are you Crazy, You cannot recruit via Facebook and Twitter”. But this is not the case anymore. It completely depends on how you plan to use it and also how well you execute it as part of your social networking tools. Also, in my opinion, it’s too early to judge its success or Failure, but it’s surely here to make you think and tempt you to use it.

Did I mention “Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined” Worth a shot right…..

Looking forward to your views on this latest tool. Hope to see you on Pinterest.

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 Happy Pinning 😉

Should I add my Boss on Facebook !!!!

What do you do when someone asks you that one special question “Do you have your Boss added on Facebook? I have come across many of my friends asking me this question – “Should I add my Boss on Facebook? …”Oh My God, my boss has sent a request on Facebook” I am sure you too might have come across such situations..What do you do when the ‘One new friend request’ on Facebook is from a work colleague/Boss? Subject of debate isn’t it? Some find it ok to add his/her boss on Facebook while most of them are reluctant.”. Facebook has over 150 million users and somehow you might end up saying that almost everyone you know is on Facebook. You Family members, cousins, School and college friends and not to forget your co-workers and your BOSS.  Don’t forget that your online presence can be a very valuable tool for your career. One wrong word or one bad picture can ruin your online presence and even your career. 

I have come across many Facebook Status saying “What a boring day at office” ,”I wish my job was more Challenging”,”Just out of a meeting, it was waste of time” . For some colleagues every waking moment has to be posted on Facebook. I hope they don’t have their Boss in their friend’s list 😉 Although it’s not a crime to post your thoughts on a public forum, but at the end of the day it’s a Public Forum. So be Careful as it’s a small world and hence it’s always advisable to look around and speak (In this case – Post) 

Following are some of the tips that will help you decide if you want to add your boss on Facebook and if not, then how to ignore the request. 

A) You can Ignore the Friend Request from your boss but you’ll have to figure out a way to ignore the request without offending him or her. (You can also use this for your co-workers)

B) One of the way is to politely explain that you use Facebook only for your immediate family and friends and hence you did not accept the friends request.

C ) Get rid of those party pictures. (Some of you might not agree with this point and might end up saying that it’s my personal account and I can post anything and everything I want. Well, you always have an option to ignore the friend requests from co-workers) 😉

D) You can also create a Facebook account strictly for work. This might be a bit of challenge to manage two accounts, but worth a try for those who do not want to invite your boss to your personal world. 

E)  Not to mention if other Facebook friends put up questionable photos of you or make unprofessional comments your boss will be able to see them as well.  “There’s nothing to stop your friends from tagging you or putting out information,”

F)  Think about your status updates before you submit them so that you don’t have to be worried if your boss ends up going through your wall. 

At the end of the day it also boils down to the kind of healthy relation that you have with your boss after all your Boss is “YOUR BOSS”. Hence don’t end up taking undue advantage of the trust that your Boss might have on you. Do let us know your views on this interesting topic. Even if you have different view on this topic, I am more than willing to hear you and understand your views.


Rambling Recruiter

Have you cleared your “Social Media Background Check” !!

Sounds Scary….. Sounds Funny….. Sounds Strange…… Well, this might just happen soon.  (Some companies have already started it )

Lets get down to business 🙂 As you are aware companies do a Background Check for the candidates (Offered / Yet to Offer). Some companies do it before joining and some afterwards. Following are some of the Background Checks that companies do:

– Education Background Check

– Previous / Currently Employer Check

– Criminal Background Check and so on.

How about they conducting your Social Media Background Check ??? Are you ready for it?
How about your prospective employer checking your Facebook Status? What if they are following your tweets on Twitter?  What if they look at your personal Blog?
As of now such checks are not that common, but soon their might be a scenario where in companies will request for such checks. So now you might ask, is this thing Ethical? Do companies have the right to check Your Facebook / Twitter Updates. Can they reject your resume based on the Blogs your maintain? Well, its kind of tricky. There is no right or wrong answer to it. I personally think that Companies should be more careful when they decide to enter this area. At times they might make an error and a false Judgement.
Also on the other hand, candidates too must be careful while managing their Facebook / Twitter and other Social Media Channels. I am sure that you might say, I dont care, its my Personal Account, I can post anything I want. Fair enough but as an employee, you don’t want potential employers knowing certain things about you that might make you a less attractive candidate due to their personal biases. As an employer, even if none of those things matter, just accidentally finding them out can be a problem.
So would do you think about this ? Looking forward to your views. You might agree or might disagree. So bring it on………


Rambling Recruiter

Can we use Facebook connections for professional networking !!

Can we use Facebook connections for professional networking !!

Is this Possible? Can it be done?

You might be asking this question and would be eager to know if this is actually possible. Well, Facebook is normally used for connecting with friends and you would not want to mix it with Professionals. I too agree with you, but there is one Application on Facebook, that will allow you to do both, without your personal information going out.

What is that Application called……!!! Hang on Hang on, i am coming to that part as well. It’s called “BranchOut”. Yes BranchOut is the largest professional networking service on Facebook. You can browse over 3 million job Listings and over 20 million inside connections.  The best part about this app is than you can view your connections (Professional) and can also view your friend’s connections as well. This means that you can view their employment history, and also all those connections with that company name.

Following are some of the features that have been adopted from LinkedIn:

– Career Network Stats (It will show your 1st Degree, 2nd Degree connections and also the companies that you are connected to, via your connections)
For example, I have just 78 Friends on BranchOut, but have 32,341 2nd Degree Connections and connected to 19,658 Companies” WOW… Amazing stuff … Right!!!

– Endorse Your Friends (you can receive and request endorsements from the connections)

– You can Post jobs (Free Free Free)

– You can get Professional Network Updates (What your friends and colleagues are doing on BranchOut)

And now the most amazing part of BranchOut (My Favourite), there is a section where in you can enter a company’s name and search all the connections associated with that companies.

For example, i searched IBM and i got 8223 results. Cool rite…. and the most important aspect of this search is that you can connect with all these connections.

Don’t worry; you will not connect them as a friend, but as a professional connection, as you will get to see their Professional Profile. You can also search for resumes which are not in your connections, and then can add them based on the skills you are looking for.

For example, as you can see, i have typed IBM AND SAP in the search section (people) and the search results shows that there are 37 people with those skills, and guess what, they are not even connected to me.

So what are you waiting for, go on spread your networking branches on BranchOut and connect with professionals. BranchOut helps you to Build a powerful network of professional connections. All you need to do is search for a company and you’ll see all of your friends and friends-of-friends who work there. This will help you to find people working in different companies, and also you can view their professional profile. Also you can view Job Listing, based on the search engine provided by BranchOut. So have you BranchedOut yet !!!

Looking forward to know about your views and comments on the same. Also if you have any interesting way in which you managed to use BranchOut for connecting with Professionals out there.


Rambling Recruiter

Are you looking for resumes on Google+ ?? Can we ??

Now that Google + has been part of our lives, the question that every Recruiter might want to ask is –
How can we get an invite 😉 (Sometime back this was the question that was all over)
Just Kidding… But the real question that they were asking was: (including myself)
– “Can we find resumes on Google +”
– If yes, how can we do that ?
I know its just been a while that Google + has been introduced to this world, and it will take good amount of time before people use it frequently.
Although it might not be even close to what people are doing on Facebook, thanks to the various recruitment apps available on Facebook. You can check my article on Sourcecon “Facebook Fan Pages for Sourcing and Recruiting “ No Doubt that Facebook has been the lone Social Networking site to have taken a giant leap in terms of encouraging Recruitment related activities, but Google + too might soon be an good option for the recruiters to explore resumes on the site.
A few days back i came across a site, thanks to my mentor in my previous organization (@sarangbrahme), the site is . I was really amazed to see the kind of data that the site had to provide. It had the Google + users data across the globe. Following are just a few details that you might be interested in :
On the left side there is a long list of catagories like:
*People Looking for Networking
*Location of the user
*Following / Followers
*On Facebook / Twitter
*Country / State 
Check out the statistics:
There are also other sections, but our major focus would be the 3 categories mentioned above. Just tried a few searches on this site, for example Java AND Developer. The results show around 430 people, then based on your location preference, you can filter the users location, and also the occupation of that particular user.
You might ask, why am i using the term User? Well, the reason for this is that they are not necessarily candidates, unlike the resumes on Monster or Dice. They are users on Google +, hence one must be careful before we bombard them with job opportunities. One of the advantage is that you can click on the respective user, and can find his/ her links (Twitter / LinkedIn / Blogs etc) and then based on that you can connect and share your job requirement.
One more example : Just entered Testing and QTP, and found 3 resumes with those skills. (Again just to remind that the numbers might not be encouraging, but this is just a start and as the data increases, more and more resumes will be visible).
Once i got 3 users, i clicked on one of the resumes and then entered his Google+ profile (just below the photo of the user), and then managed to view “About” section, where you can get the complete details of the candidate.You can also check on the right side of the profile, various links that users enter. 
One more thing that i would like to add is that, google has a huge number of users that have some point of time created their profile on Google – . This is just a small start, as time goes by, many more users will update their profiles and create their G+ accounts.
From the data available on this site, it is very evident that the major population of users is from US (150,523), followed by India (18021), hence i will not be surprised that the numbers will soon increase. This will surely bring in fresh users on G+ and there will be a lot more indexed users on this site. It might seem too early to bank upon this data for recruiters out there, but this might soon change and might be a decent gold mine for resumes.
Looking forward to hear from you about this post, and also if u have any other ideas, or views about this, you’re most welcome.
Rambling Recruiter 

Will you stick to Facebook or Move to Google +

And the war continues…. I know by now you might have come across thousands of views, reviews, blogs, videos about the pros and cons of both the services. Hence i wanted to just highlight some basic points that might make it a bit easy to understand. I will not be getting into the debate of will it help the advertisers, will it generate revenues… etc etc….
This post is from an angle of the users (Including me). I have been on Google + for almost a week. Fortunately got an invite, via Twitter. Had posted that i am looking for an invite, and very next minute, i got an invite (Thanks to @jonw860 ) OK, lets get down to the basics. The question that everyone is asking is ……..
 “Will you leave Facebook and join Google+” ………
Hope these features and +tive / -tive points might help you to decide and answer the above question.
Its New, Its still under testing phase. (But its still New)
– Its got Circles (Circles is nothing but – Users will be able to filter what content is shown to which group ) All you need is to drag and drop it in respective Circles. eg – Friends, Relatives, Family, Office , Bloggers Etc Etc…
Hangout – This feature and Circles is something that makes Google + different from FB. Google’s new hangout product is all about group chat, Video Chat. Up to ten people can use it at once. I have spend some time on Hangout with my friends, and it works just fine. The killer feature is that you can have a Group Chat 🙂 WOW… … (FB is yet to launch this) 
Did i mention that Group Chat and Video chat is FREE on Google Hangout????
– You will get Picasa, Youtube, Gmail, Buzz all on your google + page 🙂 Interesting .. right !!!!
– Its Huge, you have many friends already on it.
– Its got no cricles, but has many groups, games, Farmvilla, thousands of Apps.
– It has recently added the Video Chat option, thanks to Skype. You can make a call right from the home page, or from your friends profile page. You can also record your message and that will be sent across to your firend. Its Awesome. No need to register for Skype, or download the Skype client. You can try it at
This too just works fine, although as of now you cant have a group video chat on it. (It might come soon)
I know you might be all set to take a shoot at Google plus….. Do try it, and let me know if you have any comments and views on the same. I would stick onto both the services for a while. Lets see what else will this so called healthy war lead to.
Following is my Google + Profile and Facebook Profile 🙂
Happy networking 😉
Rambling Recruiter

Is your Employer watching your Facebook Updates??

HMMMMM …. Scary…. right???

It’s been over 4 years that i am using Facebook. And i must admit, its an revolution. Some might agree and some might not.  It depends how you want to look at it. Facebook has changed the way we communicate, the way we greet our friends, the way we discuss in groups, events. You name it and Facebook has managed to do it as u like it.




Ok ok, enough of Facebook victory song 🙂 Lets get back to the topic “Is your employer watching your Facebook Updates”

You might say “So what, does it make a difference” or  “I don’t care, its my personal account, i will do what ever i want”  or ” i do care, but is that a right thing” or “They don’t have a right to keep a track on my personal Updates” and many more……

The reason for taking this topic is to just throw some light of what if they keep a watch on our updates…. (There are employers who have an eye on the updates / messages that have been published in the Social Networking world)

Me sure that by now, you all must have felt that its a personal thing, personal choice, freedom of expression – to be on Facebook, or post, update things you like etc. The only concern that i believe the employer might have (Future employers too) is that, during working hours there are times when there are some updates like ” This is my game score, can you beat it ” or “Getting bored at office” or “Work sucks” or anything related to your office mates or manager, it can be anything. (Me sure, some of you might not agree with my views). Again let me say this, its your personal Choice, and everyone has a right to do their own thing, after all it’s my personal account.

But just give it a thought for a second, you are a manager or a team leader, and an employee asks for a leave (reason could be not feeling well ) and the next day you come to see his party pics on FB. Not necessary he might be in your list of friends, but there  are ways the photo might come into public. It can happen with a manager too, may be  he is saying about employees or his employer. The reason for writing this post is not to blame or point fingers at anyone. It’s just to say – Have fun, make the most of your freedom, but do also take care of what you post or what you express.

“Think… and then put across an update ”


Rambling Recruiter


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