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“Should companies also post anonymous reviews of candidates just like candidates do on Glassdoor?”

I am sure the moment you might have read the title of the blog post, you would have said @#$$#@#$$#@##$@$$#@$!!! Ooops Typo Error : ) It’s not your fault. The moment we hear about “Reviews” all we can think about is negative reviews. But reviews could be either positive or negative.

Last week, I was fortunate to be part of a panel discussion that was conducted by Rezoomex around this topic. At first I too was taken aback by the topic, but then I did settle down and started to do research about this topic. The 1st thing that I did was to ask this question to my hiring community and candidates in my network. The reason was to know their views as it helps you to understand the pulse of the audience.

Candidate reviews can be a very sensitive topic. There could be many reasons why a candidate chooses not to join your company; post accepting your offer. At times candidate joins, but does not come to office post that. But let’s for a minute imagine if companies go ahead and share reviews online, how it will actually happen. Here is one of the ways in which this can be possible: 

Probable Solution:

118 of the IT & BPO companies present in India are already members of NSR. Web registration for IT professional has been completed for over 1.1 Mn IT work forces. Bio metric registration has been completed for over 0.73 Million IT professionals. Total numbers of Employee Background Checking Companies are 17 and NSR today has 126 POS deployed across various IT centric locations

So, can this be done? Can there be an independent agency who can go ahead and start providing “Candidate Rating” just like we have credit rating? Do you think this will help HR and Business? Do you think a central database of defaulters help reduce cost of wrong hiring?

A lot depends on how this framework is designed, on what parameters can this agency decide on candidate ratings! Will candidates get worried about this rating? How much weightage must be given to such rating? Well, this is an endless debate, but do you think this is possible in the near future?

 As promised, following is the results of the survey that was done around this topic.

I will leave it to you to decide if this is possible. PS: At the end of the day, we are all candidates, so think well before you pick sides


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Rambling Recruiter

Rejecting a job offer? Get ready to pay penalty!!! Would this work!!!

Rejecting an offer!!!  Recently happened to go through an interesting article on The Economic Times titled “Rejecting a job offer? Get ready to pay penalty. Well, let’s try to decode this. Being in recruitment industry, I am fortunate and equally unfortunate to have faced this situation. Candidates have accepted offers, and dropped at the last moment. The reason why I mentioned that I was fortunate to have faced this was that it helped us to learn and then move ahead. And unfortunate as at times the project had to suffer delays because of last moment dropouts.

Well, coming back to the topic, the ET article talked about penalizing candidates who do not join the company after accepting the offer. Would this work!! What will be the impact of this clause during hiring stage!! Let’s take this example; the hiring industry in India has Notice Period ranging from 30, 45, 60 and 90 days. So if a recruiter is hiring a resource with 90 days of NP (Normally 90days would be considered a risk, but again it depends from situation to situation). In my previous post had covered the issue of “Would you hire candidates with 60/ 90 days notice period!! The issue that the ET article talked about is kind of a reality and a common phenomenon, but not regarding the penalty aspect. May be there are a few exceptions. But would this work!!!


Would you sign an offer letter stating that you if you back-out you need to pay X Amount!!

Would a candidate think twice before appearing for an interview knowing that once selected, he/she needs to sign such an agreement!!

Well, one good thing about this so called clause is that the candidates will have to be 100% confident, and then chances of them joining will be higher. And not to forget the project would not suffer loss in revenue if it’s a billable resource and also if it’s a Sr Management position. But personally I think that this will work for certain key positions in companies. This cannot sustain in all kind of levels of hiring. Companies need to ensure that they pick and choose those key positions which will have a severe financial impact if the candidate drops-out.

Candidates on the other hand need to ask themselves and be confident during accepting an offer. Accepting an offer is a commitment in a way, but may be companies have faced the heat due to frequent drop-outs, hence some of them have resorted to include such clauses in the offer letter.

All new experiments do face issues and have lots of criticism, but it seems to have worked for a few companies. So do you think that such clauses can work in India across levels and industries!! OR do you think that this is just one odd case where it worked. Eagerly looking forward to your views on this.


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