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Recruitment Season is ON !! Are you Ready?

You might be thinking what kind of season is this – “Recruitment” Some might say that it goes on for 365 days, so what is so special about this season. Well, Its time for you to get rewarded for all your hard work last year. Its time for Ratings and Bonuses to be announced. Some companies have already announced it, some are going to very soon.

The reason for writing this post is to try and understand the process behind this season. Its a season when people switch, jump, hop and shift jobs. (% is more compared to other seasons) Every one has a right to do that, and after all its for betterment of their career.

Candidates are waiting for their revised salary(revised salary would include % hike that they are eligible for – depending upon their ratings), and Bonus. Its a perfect season this time, as thanks to the recession, companies were not able to match the expectations of their resources.  But now the Market is OPEN, very much OPEN. Salaries are going sky high. Generic skills are selling like hot pan cakes, and their market value too is at an all time high.

So, why worry, every one is happy. Right…… May be… May be not……. This is just a start, the real problem will soon arise, once these candidates are out in market, with the revised letter from their companies, their expectations will also be high, in case they are looking for a change. So it will be a tuff time for their future employers to hire them. Now a days 30 % hike is just normal (Hope you all agree on this)

So, it will be interesting to look at companies who will try to match their expectations (Most companies have announced 10 – 15 % average hike), so employers need to be ready to add 30% on top of 15%……. (45 % HIKE) Don’t be surprised, companies have to shell out money. It will be a real challenge to also retain the current employees, as well as to hire employees from the Market………

Looking forward to your views on this amazing Season……..

Recruitment season is ON… Are you Ready?