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#AccelHERate in just 280 characters!!!

At first it seems tough to imagine that one can learn so much via just 280 characters. Well, this is the reality. It was time to AccelHERate and guess what #AccelHERate was the hashtag that created a storm on Social Media. To add to this, 300+ passionate folks under one roof, made it even more special. Kudos to the entire team at JobsForHer for creating this amazing platform. Keep it going and keep inspiring.

Was fortunate to attend AccelHERate ie India’s Biggest B2B Conference for Companies Committed to Increasing Women’s Participation in the Indian Workforce. Wanted to take this opportunity to share some interesting insights that came out of this Conference. It ranges from interesting insights from Neha Bagaria – Founder, JobsForHer, Barkha Dutt – Senior Journalist, Keynote address by Sharmila A Karve, Panel Discussion and Round Table discussions throughout the day.

So let the journey begin. These are some of the most interesting tweets that came across during the event made in 280 characters. You read it right. One can learn loads via 280 Characters. 

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I am sure you would have loads to talk about these interesting insights. So what are you waiting for. Continue this conversation using #AccelHERate and do follow JobsForHer. We as HR folks need to have regular such conversations that will help us all work towards increasing the participation of women at workplace.


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