Are you celebrating your employees?

If not you, then your competition will do the needful. When was the last time you got a congratulations mail on your work anniversary or birthday or marriage anniversary? Does your company know you have won a marathon or a medal in sports or won a singing competition?  If they know it, then your company is really thinking about you. If not, then you have the answers.

There will be a set of folks who would say, why we need this. Does it really matter how you make your employees feel? Do they even value it? To get these answers, you don’t have to go far away. Your internal engagement surveys will surely throw some light on these important factors. We as human beings are programmed to avoid recognizing others and that is why they say that negative news spreads faster than a positive one.

imageNow that you are a bit convinced about the importance of celebrating employees, here are some tips on how you can achieve this. It’s no rocket science, genuine intent and willingness is all you need.

a) Create a platform to share stories: Information is everything. It will be impossible for you to gather inspiring stories from across the company. So all you need to do is create a platform for employees to share their or others inspiring stories within the company.

b) Celebrate stories internally and externally: In this day and age of social platforms, do leverage it and encourage such stories to be published internally and externally. It could be on your intranet, yammer, corporate social media channels etc.

c) Leverage Automation: In case your company is huge and it’s tough to manage the content, do leverage automation while communicating. Personalization can’t be ignored, but automation will help you reach the employees at scale across locations.

d) Create Social Ambassadors: Great opportunity for companies to create and empower Social Ambassadors who can stay connected with employees and encourage them to share inspiring stories.

Last but not the least, show genuine intent to celebrate your own employees. Appreciation goes a long way and helps employees to think that their own company cares for them. Their success is your success. Their happiness is your happiness. On this positive note, would be great to know your thoughts and views on this interesting topic.

How do you celebrate your employees?


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