3 things HR is doing right to Elevate themselves!

It’s time to Elevate. The theme at this year’s SHRMIAC19 is “ELEVATE“. The literal meaning of Elevate is “raise to a more important or impressive level“. Now the obvious question you might have is “Are we as HR professionals ready to elevate our function?”. You might already have an answer. But still taking this opportunity to share 3 things that HR is doing right to elevate themselves. Do feel free to agree or disagree. As such healthy conversations do help us all learn and grow.

Elevate 1: Employee Experience

#DidYouKnow: There are around 50K profiles on LinkedIn that have “Employee Experience” mentioned on their profiles. Not just that, there are about 27,90,000 results on Google for this term. So what is this all about? Is this important? Do we really need this? The right question would be – Do employees need this? I am sure that most of the employees would agree to this. Let’s not get into making this complicated, Employee Experience is a journey and not a sprint race.

Employee Experience is no longer just a word or a role that had been assigned to HRBP. It is now a dedicated role in most of the companies. It’s great to see HR Leaders investing in this important role and the HR organization is getting involved to leverage Employee Experience.


Elevate 2 : Employee Advocacy

#DidYouKnow: “An average employee advocate is 2 x more trusted than a company CEO” – Edelman Trust BarometerIn.  Employee Advocacy is now gaining more importance than ever before as there have been amazing tools that are helping companies and employees to promote and share with just one click. Good to see HR leaders investing in tools and empowering employees to brand their company. You can read more about this interesting topic right here: Why employee advocacy is important for organizations 


Elevate 3 : Alumni Experience

This is a true gold mine for companies and they have started to realize it. Investing in a robust Alumni network is the need of the hour. There have been startups who have developed tools that can help you manage your alumni. Please Note: Alumni is not past and should not be mistaken as an end of regular interaction. Your Alumni are the best brand ambassador of your institution around the globe. It’s a matter of great honor and pride to celebrate their success and achievements. Read more about this interesting topic right here: Does Alumni Experience matter?

Looking forward to hear your views, comments, suggestions on these or any other topics that you think HR is elevating. Also looking forward to follow these and many other key topics at this year’s #SHRMAIC19. You can explore more about the agenda and the amazing list of speakers right here: https://www.shrmiac.org/



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