All about #SHRMIAC19 in 280 characters!

For starters, #SHRMIAC19 was trending on Twitter 🙂 Was fortunate to be part of the Blog Squad for the 5th consecutive year. It has always been a great learning experience meeting the inspiring and passionate blog squad. This year's theme was all about "ELEVATE" and the event had attracted over 1800+ HR professionals and about 150 speakers... Continue Reading →

3 things HR is doing right to Elevate themselves!

It's time to Elevate. The theme at this year's SHRMIAC19 is "ELEVATE". The literal meaning of Elevate is "raise to a more important or impressive level". Now the obvious question you might have is "Are we as HR professionals ready to elevate our function?". You might already have an answer. But still taking this opportunity to... Continue Reading →

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