Does Alumni Experience matter?

You must be wondering what AE is all about aka Alumni Experience. Before we try to understand if AE matters or not, let’s first explore what AE is all about. How would you feel if you get a Mail / Message / Whatsapp etc wishing you on your birthday? (Ways of communication list is long these days, so feel free to imagine your preferred communication mode) You would like it? Right! But imagine if that message comes from your previous employer or college! Now, how would you feel about it?

Now that you have thought about how you would feel, are you still thinking about the million dollar question – “Does Alumni Experience matter? There has been lot of talk about “Experience” be it Customer or Employee Experience. Both matter and both have a direct relation. EX + CX = Happy Employees and Customers. So the next logical question would be where does AE fit in? Both set of stakeholders do have a strong Alumni group. In short it’s nothing less than a gold mine.

Note: Alumni is not past and should not be mistaken as an end of regular interaction. Your Alumni are the best brand ambassador of your institution around the globe. It’s a matter of great honor and pride to celebrate their success and achievements.

Group of casually dressed business people discussing ideas in th

So how do we leverage this gold mine?

a) Apart from the regular updates and information on various social media channels that you have, there is a need to have a structured approach to leverage the Alumni Network.

b) Creating or acquiring a dedicated Alumni platform that can help connect and engage is the need of the hour. (Example : )

c) Consistent and relevant content must be ensured for the success of this alumni network.

d) Dedicated campaign around showcasing success stories of alumni across the globe.

There is no shortage of data. All you need to do is tap into it and leverage the powerful network of your alumni. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of the amazing alumni network that you have. Would be great to know your views around how you are using your alumni network.

By ramblingrecruiter

A student of Social Media, Social Hiring, Employer Branding and Employee Branding.

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