#AccelHERate in just 280 characters!!!

At first it seems tough to imagine that one can learn so much via just 280 characters. Well, this is the reality. It was time to AccelHERate and guess what #AccelHERate was the hashtag that created a storm on Social Media. To add to this, 300+ passionate folks under one roof, made it even more special.... Continue Reading →

Empowered HR Community – HRInteract

There are HR events and more HR events. I am sure you would have attended many of them. Recently was fortunate to attend a HR Event that was organized by a bunch of passionate HR champs. The idea was about Co - Creating an "Empowered HR Community". So, lets go ahead with some of the unique... Continue Reading →

150 walks in 60 countries!!! #globalmentoringwalk

I am sure you might have heard this term "Walk the Talk". It was actually time to do that 🙂 Was fortunate to attend a #globalmentoringwalk organized by BD Foundation & Vital Voices. The Global Mentoring Walk is a notable initiative taking place on the same day in several countries around the world in celebration of the International Women’s Day.... Continue Reading →

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