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World’s biggest Social Media Statistics of Banks 2015 – 2017

Confession time!!! Had to wait for exactly 365 days to come up with this blog. Had made a small attempt to capture the social media statistics of banks in 2015 and 2016. And here we are exactly a year later to explore the progress of social numbers.

Being a student of social media, I do understand that it’s not an easy task to manage, create, implement, and track social media numbers along with its impact. So before you get into the data part, would like to thank the Digital Marketing, HR, Talent Acquisition, Corporate Marketing teams of all these banks who have surely created an impact on their customers, clients and candidates via their social sites. So keep it going and keep inspiring.

So enough of Talking, let’s look at the DATA!!!! (We are all so obsessed with Data)

Banks SM

Few Key takeaways:

  • All of these banks have a dedicated YouTube Channel
  • SBI is nearing 3 M followers on Twitter (Currently at 2.85 M )
  • 62% of these banks have a dedicate careers tab on their LinkedIn Company Page
  • IDFC Bank has seen an amazing growth in all of its Social Channels (100% increase on LinkedIn, FB & Twitter)
  • HDFC has seen 100% increase on their Twitter Followers, as compared to 2016
  • RBL Bank has managed to create reach 135k followers on Twitter in 2017
  • Bandhan Bank has seen over 550% increase in their Facebook Likes as compared to 2016.
  • SBI again takes the cake as they have seen a 247% rise in subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • And one more, SBI again leads in the space of Instagram too with 372K followers

Looking forward to your views and comments on this blog post.


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