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Join them only if you are SERIOUS about Empowering #WomenatWork !!

There has been a lot of talk and talk and talk about Gender Diversity and Empowering more women at work all around. I know we all obsessed with statistics and data, so here are some stats that might help us all end these discussions and Walk the talk:  

 – In India 48 percent of women drop out of the workforce before they reach middle management positions

– In India the government has mandated that all listed companies have at least one woman on the board, but 500-odd companies had defaulted on that as of October 2015

 India has one of the world’s largest gender gaps when it comes to labour force participation, with women accounting for 23-24% of the total labour force and generating a mere 17% of the share of GDP

 Indian women can add $2.9 trillion, or 60 percent to annual GDP, by as early as 2025, if allowed to participate in the workforce on an equal basis as men. This means that Indian companies are compromising on their profitability.

– According to a McKinsey report, women perform 9.8 times the amount of unpaid work than men in India. If that unpaid work were to be valued and compensated in the same way as paid work, it would contribute $300 billion to India’s economic output. 

Hopefully most of you are now convinced that this is the reality and we as an HR community must walk the talk. Being from the Sourcing and Hiring community, I would surely take this opportunity to highlight certain amazing and inspiring Communities that are working hard to ensure that there are more #WomenAtWork. Would be a humble request to just follow their amazing work towards empowering more women at work and encouraging more and more companies to hire women employees. 

Women Community

@SHEROESIndia :   

1000000 Women Served, 40000 Job Connects, 5000 Success Stories and so on. Enough said right!!! Kudos to @Sairee the founder of Sheroes and her amazing team for creating this amazing platform aka

A career destination for women professionals, committed to career success and individual work-life fit. They have dedicated sections wherein they showcase Jobs, Mentors, Featured Articles, and Events across India. So what are you waiting for, just click here to connect with them and empower more women at work:

 @SheThePeopleTV :  

They are India’s 1st Storytelling platform for women leaders. A video story telling space that inspires women, strengthens their efforts, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces their ability to contribute to growth. @shailichopra is the founder of ShethepeopleTV. 

They are presenting the modern Indian woman a platform to discuss and share the challenges faced by this up-tapped leadership community. We are investing in women and they are investing in us.They also have some amazing events such as Bombaywaali, Power Breakfast, Feminist Rani, Women in Music, Women’s Ink and so on.

 @WomanAtWorkMag : 

India’s 1st ever professional magazine for Working Women!!! Yes, you read it right. Woman At Work is a first-of-its-kind professional magazine and digital platform for talented women at work in India, launched in 2015. It aims to provide insights and avenues for women professionals – in corporate and non-corporate sectors, entrepreneurs, consultants, sportswomen, artists, freelancers- to continue or return to the productive workforce and excel in their field.

Poornima Batish is the Founder & Editor in Chief. Do subscribe to their magazine right here:

@back2dfront : 

This is a platfrom to enable women find their place in corporates, in businesses and in entrepreneurial ventures. Over the last three years, BTTF has helped several working women, women aspiring to return to work, women entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing platforms to learn, to network and to grow. 

@Anjaligulati13 is the Founder Director @ People Konnect & Back to the Front. They have some amazing sections such as Corporate BTFF, Inc 2.0 (A career transition program for women who want to return to corporate after a sabbatical), Kartbymoms : A marketplace for stay-at-home moms to sell their products to corporates : 

@reboot_network :

Reboot is about YOU. A new beginning for women who left work to be daughters, mothers, wives, homemakers, care givers, et al. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you want to return to work now. But may not be sure when, where and how. 

Reboot is a mentoring and coaching community of women professionals; those who want to return to the workforce and those who have followed the traditional trajectory. All women are welcome to join this network and explore flexible, smart and effective ways to do paid work.

 @anupamaskapoor is the founder of this amazing and engaging platform. Reboot will help you get ready, redraft your resumes, train you, re-build your confidence and restart. Be a mentor, a coach and a companion through your transition and your journey. 

@BizDivasIndia :

Biz Divas provides a platform for the women of our region to come together and raise a common voice for promoting women leadership across all walks of life. They identify invest and bring visibility to extraordinary women in business, corporates and public leadership

They are recognized in the Top 10 Diversity Consultants category of the Global Diversity List 2015. Biz Divas identifies, invests and brings visibility to extraordinary women leaders from all walks of life. Sarika Bhattacharyya , Ranjana Deopa & Priyanka Awasthy are the co- founders of Biz Divas.

 @_WomenSpeakers_ : 

@elsamariedsilva @EstherNgumbi and @jasuja are the founders and this is their effort to make a public list of all women who are available to speak at conferences. 

This will enable them to call out organisers who have all male panels and question the lack of female representation at the event. It will also allow organisers to access a list of women experts so that there is no excuse for “manels”. Do sign up for this amazing initiatives right here:


Koffeeplace is your ultimate career destination. They believe that to be successful, you have to love what you do, and find a balance between work and home. Koffeeplace is dedicated to helping women make that happen!

 Whether you are still finding your passion, or looking for a career change, or deciding to return to the workplace after a break, or just seeking to connect with women professionals in your city, Koffeeplace has got you covered! 

Ashni Dwarkadas, Anisha Parikh and Aparna Chand are the co-founders of this inspiring community for women. Browse exciting jobs, explore companies, get expert advice from mentors, get ahead with our career resources, and be a part of our growing community of professional women. Click right here for more information:

@QweensNetwork :

What is Qween? – Quirky Women’s Empowerment Experiences Network.

Do you wish opportunities to work from home? Do you wish to network with like minded women? Do you wish to be cheered & not judged? Do you wish to have unique experiences? Do you wish to have more friends, mentors, business resources to get a jump start? This is what QWEEN is all about!

Neha Shah, Niti Jain and Deval Shah are the founders of Qween.

I am hopeful that you will follow these amazing women leaders and communities and empower more women at work. Do add in and share more of such inspiring communities to this list, so that it will benefit us all as a community.


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