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Are we (HR) ready for this Digital Change!!!!

2015 : WhatsApp was the most active social platform in India!!!

2016? Any Guesses!!  


Does this mean anything for us as HR folks!!! Let’s look at some interesting insights related to India from the latest Digital Report via We Are Social.

a) Facebook is the top most active social platform in India:

Good news for Companies and Recruiters !! There is no doubt that Facebook is an amazing place for companies to showcase their culture, employer branding activities and so on. Recruiters too get an opportunity to connect with prospective candidates (Candidates who may not respond to so called InMails, do respond to FB Messages) Surprised? Do try it 🙂 

b) India with population of 1319 million has 1012 million mobile Connections:

Mobile is the future!!! We have been hearing this since long, right!! Well, it’s time for us to make the most of this. Companies which have invested in making their Careers Sites Mobile friendly, will have early advantage. This is also a great opportunity for HR folks to also work closely with IT teams to develop Mobile Apps for Internal and External folks.

c) On an average we spend 4 hours 22 mins on Internet via PC / Tablet and 3 hours 7 mins via Mobile:

Companies will have to analyze this and work on policies that will help employees to make the most of Social Media Channels at work. Some companies have already taken the lead and have provided Social Media access to their employees. Employees are your brand ambassadors and we must encourage them to share relevant company news and events.

d) 66% folks view web pages via Mobile and 33% via laptops and desktops:

Interesting insights for companies to work on their Digital Marketing Strategy. This will also help them to work on content that is relevant to the specific Digital Channels. Companies need to keep a balance between various channels that will help the audience to consume relevant information.

Would be happy to know your views on these insights. In case you want to check the complete Digital Report, you can explore it right here :

Digital in 2016 by @eskimon :


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Twitter List of 101 Inspiring Gentlemen

Statutory Warning :

This list is not for the “faint-hearted”

This list is also not for those who “Know it all” 

This Twitter list is for those who are keen to learn, connect and share with the community.

Normally this is not how I start a blog, but had to make it clear that the intent is to share a list of inspiring folks who have been role models to many out there. Those who have inspired people who have worked with them, who have inspired the community, who have made an impact on society / industry they belong to.  PS: You don’t need thousands of followers on Twitter to inspire people. You don’t need a fancy designation to inspire people.  All you need is clarity of thought and passion to share your experience with your community.

I have been fortunate to have met many of these Inspiring folks. Hence taking this opportunity to share this Twitter List of 101 Inspiring Gentlemen.

So, let’s get to the list. They are in random order. PS: I am taking this liberty to break the rule for the 1st Name. He is truly the most inspiring Gentleman that I have ever met and learnt from aka my Dad, Jayant Jamnadas Kamdar. 

Finally time to disclose “Twitter List of 101 Inspiring Gentlemen” 


So what are you waiting for. All you need to do is follow these 101 Inspiring Gentlemen on Twitter . I am sure you too would have your own list of inspiring folks that you have learnt from. So go ahead and share those names too. So that it can also help the readers to learn from their rich experience.

Here is the link of the Twitter List, so that you can directly follow them right away :


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