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Employee Branding AND NOT Employer Branding!!!!

What is the difference? Does it mean anything!! How will it impact the organisation and employees? How can HR drive this? For those looking for technical definition or Harvard Articles are more than welcome to visit those sites. And for those who want to keep it simple and to the point can continue reading this 😉

I am sure just by reading the title, you might have had these questions running at the back of your mind. Let’s make it simple. Imagine a Brand talking about itself… blowing its own trumpet. And now imagine an employee sharing about her / his experience with the external audience. Which one would you believe? Which one looks more real?

ERWell, that’s the basic difference between Employee Branding and Employer Branding. This does not mean that Companies will completely move away from Employer Branding. But their main focus would and should now be Employee Branding activities. Always think from the candidates perspective, get into their shoes and think what would you like the organisation do to attract you or get your attention.

Companies which celebrate their real assets ie Employees, will succeed in the so called race of hiring the Right Talent. I am sure you would have heard a lot of buzz around “War for Talent”. Talent is how you define it, Talent is how you nurture it, Talent is how you develop it. 

By this time I am sure that HR folks reading this might say, how can we contribute towards Employee Branding? Right? It’s not a rocket science, NO Jargons, no super duper expensive survey is required for this. All you need to do is focus on your employees. Celebrate their Success Stories. Since childhood, we all do relate to Stories and love to live them too. So just go ahead, look for amazing stories within your company, assign a dedicated SPOC in each Function / Department / Business Unit to collect such stories and then all you need to do is prepare an interesting post / blog around it and celebrate it on your Corporate Social Channels.

Simple right? Well, it’s actually simple. This also has a positive effect on your brand. It helps your own employees to become Social Media Brand Ambassadors too. They will promote and talk about your brand with pride. It’s surely more authentic and real too.


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