Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!! Part 3

It’s time to explore the 3rd WhatsApp Learning Group. In case you missed the Previous 2 Groups, you can read it right here : MTHR and SourcingAdda . So this 3rd Group too is popular and is always buzzing with loads of discussions. It’s time to take a look at what this group is all about and how they manage to engage with the WhatsApp Community.

HR Shapers WhatsApp Community was started way back in Feb 2014. They do have 2-3 admins per groups, which is a great way to manage WhatsApp Groups. They also do meet offline once in a while. This helps them to engage and learn from the group members too. They do have daily topic discussions on the group and also allow professionals to join as an guest on the day of Whatsappinar to learn and interact from SME guest speakers. In case you wondering what a ” Whatsappinar” is all about, you can read this interesting blog by Dr Nitin Paranjape

HR Shapers

So let’s look at the list of all the HR Shapers WhatsApp Groups.

1. HR Shapers G1 – 80 Members
2. HR Shapers G2 – 80 Members
3. HR Shapers G3 – 80 Member
4. HR Shapers G4 – 80 Member
5. HR Shapers G5 – 50 Member
6. Pune G1 HR Shapers – 100
7. Pune G2 HR Shapers – 90
8. Fun G1 HR Shapers – 95
9. Bangalore HR Shapers – 65
10. Delhi HR Shapers – 50
11. Survey HR Shapers – 50
12. Hyderabad HR Shapers – 20
13. Chennai HR Shapers – 10
14. Ahmedabad HR Shapers – 10
15. Kolkata HR Shapers – 10
16. Fun G2 HR Shapers – 5
17. Advisory Board HR Shapers
18. Middle East Asia (MEA) HR Shapers – 50
19. USA Canada Europe (UCE) HR Shapers – 20
20. South East Asia (SEA) HR Shapers – 10

Total = Around 600+ Members

They also have conducted the following 14 Whatsappinar via these groups.

  1. HR Compliance (Part I ) by Pratik Vaidya​, MD – Karma Management Consultants (Full Day – Sept 2014)
  2. HR Compliance (Part II) by Pratik Vaidya, ‎MD – Karma Management Consultants (Full Day – Dec 2014)
  3. Diversity and Inclusion by Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President of AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India ​ (Full Day – Jan 2015)
  4. HR Assessment Tools & Techniques by Sundara Rajan, ‎Director – Market Search India and Thomas Assessments India​ (Half Day – Jan 2015)
  5. Immigration by Poorvi Chothani​, Managing Partner – LawQuest (Full Day – Jan 2015)
  6. NLP by Bipin Mayekar, ‎Corporate Trainer & NLP GOLD Master Trainer ​ (Full Day – Feb 2015)
  7. Mind Map – Invisible Selling by Dharmendra Rai​, Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer (Half Day – Feb 2015)
  8. Office Efficiency Dr Nitin Paranjape, Founder and CEO –  Maxoffice Services Pvt Ltd & one of MVP – ​(Full Day – Feb 2015)
  9. POSH and Sexual Harassment at Workplace by Basil Almeida​, Consultant – McKinsey & Company (Full Day – March 2015)
  10. IWD (In’tl Women Day) 9 Women HR Leader – (Full Day – March 2015)
  11. Lesson from 2 World Youngest CEOs by Sanjay Kumaran and Sharavan Kumaran / Kumaran Surendran​ (Full Day – April 2015)
  12. D&I initiative for corporate on LGBT by Pallav Patankar, Director HIV Programs – The Humsafar Trust ​ (Half Day – April 2015)
  13. Chanakya Philosophy and its relevance in today’s corporate world by Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, Corporate Chanakya and Founder Director – Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (Full Day – April 2015)
  14. Success Mantra – Personal branding, image Enhancement and impressive executive presence by Greeshma Thampi, Chief Image Consultant and Director at Avancé Image Management ​ (Full Day – May2015)
  15. Innovation & Creativity by Dr Sunil Gupta, Chief Innovation Instigator – Ideas Management Consultants (Half Day – June 2015)
  16. Engaging employee through Gamification by Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO – eMee &  Business Head – Persistent (Full Day – June 2015)

HR Shapers Pioneer in Crash Course Whatsappinar on Corporate Readiness for Students and Professors

 1st Batch of Students – NL Dalmia and ifeel Institute – Overall 7 Students (June 2015)

1st Batch of Professor – Launching soon (June 2015)

In case you want to join this vibrant learning community, you can get in touch with Ashish Gakery

Do let us know if you are part of such interesting WhatsApp Learning Communities. This will help us to include them in our next blog post.


Rambling Recruiter

Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!! Part 2

It’s time for the second series of HR WhatsApp Learning Groups. In case you missed the 1st part, do check it right here – Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!!

The next HR WhatsApp Learning  Group is also an amazing place where HR Professionals connect, share and learn from each other. This Group has an interesting Name too. So enough of suspense, let’s take a look at what this group is all about and how do they engage with the HR Community on WhatsApp.



As mentioned earlier, they do have a very unique name – MTHR aka More than HR.

Their key beliefs are:

  • “Knowledge is for Sharing
  • “There is a need to know more about everything”
  • Learning through Fun
  • “Network to grow”
  • ” Progress happens through learning beyond our Boundaries”

They have 5 WhatsApp Learning Groups with over 300 folks all set to learn and share. Meet the founders Rajesh Kamath, Ashish Gakrey, Vipul Agarwal, Rajesh Gupta and Keyur Jani of this Popular WhatsApp HR Community. Following are the details about their Learning Groups:

A) FOMTHR has whatsapp chats every month and random discussions every week. Currently 3 Admins and 75 members

B) MTHR Blore Friends: Consists of 100 HR professionals. It had 3 Admins who ensure there are daily discussions on HR/ Workplace themes.

C) MTHR Middle East Africa: This is specific to these geographies, new group with about 25 members and growing. Currently 2 Admins and they have Random discussions

D) Puneri MTHR : This is the newest with about 20 members and growing, just with professionals only from Pune.

E) MTHR CXO Forum: This group has 80 Leaders from HR and Business. They have Dialy discussions on Strategic And Global Workplace issues. Currently they have 3 Admins

Apart from this they also have Chats on all groups once a month with Experts on Themes of Mindpower, Leadership,  Diversity etc . They also run a popular Tweet Chat #MTHRLeadX 

So what are you waiting for!!! You can always get in touch with Rajesh Kamath in case you want to be part of this interesting WhatsApp Learning Community.

Do let us know if you part of any WhatsApp Learning Groups. We will cover them via this series of Posts.

Happy Learning and Sharing.

Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Not on Mute!!!! WhatsApp Learning Groups!!!

Oh No!!! WhatsApp Groups!!! This is a typical reaction that all of us have been through. But it’s not the reaction that is important, but the WHY factor that one needs to take into consideration. There are loads of WhatsApp groups that me sure you all are part of. Some are related to your School / college friends, Family, Relatives, Cousins, Fun Group, Jokes Group, Secret Groups etc

So when one asks you to join a learning group, you would say WHAT!!!! Is Learning (Focused) possible via WhatsApp Groups!!! Before we explore some amazing learning groups, let’s look at some DATA that might help you understand the context of this blog.


Enough Said!!! This data might help you to understand the WHY factor J Let’s move on 🙂 Time to focus on some interesting Learning WhatsApp groups. We will have a series of Blogs related to this topic which will cover various Learning Communities on WhatsApp.  It will focus on how they engage and keep the community active and alive.

Soucing Adda:

They are passionately crazy about Sourcing. Yes, you read it right. One could easily say that they are the pioneers in India to Promote, Live and Breath Sourcing. They have multiple WhatsApp groups that engage with Sourcers across India.

Following are the details of their WhatsApp Groups with the number of members that are part of their learning community.

Name of the Group Members
Sourcing Adda – Pune 1 99
Sourcing Adda – Pune 2 51
Sourcing Adda – Mumbai 50
Sourcing Adda – Bangalore 51
Sourcing Adda – Hyderabad 25
Sourcing Adda – Delhi 39
Sourcing Adda – Gujarat 18
Sourcing Adda – Chennai 32
Sourcing Adda – Kolkatta 48

They have an interesting concept of Good Morning Messages on WhatsApp. I know you thinking, Morning Quotes, Flowers, Beautiful Landscapes and all. But this is not the case with Sourcing Adda. They share Sourcing Tips every morning.  It could range from using TweetDeck or Instagram or Boolean Search etc.  So, one thing is clear, they are very much focused about the learning factor and keeping the discussions relevant.  Apart from this they have weekly chats on Whatsapp  on Wednesday. Followed by Twitter Chat – Once a month, First Wednesday 7pm to 8pm, followed by Hangout – Once a month 3rd Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm and Webinars – Once a month 2nd Friday 7pm to 8pm

So what are you waiting for. Do explore more about this amazing learning community. You can follow Sourcing Adda on Twitter and their Passionate Founder Yusuf Pathan if you want to be part of it.

PS: This is one WhatsApp Group that you will not keep on mute 🙂 

Hope you did enjoy the first series of this blog. We will be back with some more interesting WhatsApp Learning communities. If you are aware of any groups, do send across the details. We will cover them in our next blog post.

Happy Learning and Sharing.

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