Are you ignoring your LinkedIn Summary Section!!!

89% Recruiters have not shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary section!!! 

This is what came out of a study done on 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile. Read more about the study right here:

So enough of promoting my previous Blog 🙂 Let’s talk about this new blog. You might ask why is it important to have jobs being shared on Summary Section!! Right? So here are some of the points that might help you and also encourage you to work on your LinkedIn Summary Section:

– Well, we as recruiters are always on the hunt to tap talent.

– We should not forget that candidates do visit our LinkedIn Profile post your call.

– Your LinkedIn Summary is as good as your bio. With the limited attention span that we have, Summary works well to know all about you.

These points are the exact same reason why you should start working on your profile. Summary is an amazing place where you can showcase your personality. It’s a great place to highlight your work, achievements and experience. In short, it is Your Unique Selling Proposition”


So are recruiters you have this opportunity to showcase all of the above points mentioned. But also one thing that we normally end up missing – Jobs, Openings, Requirements!!! Well, I know some of them do make use of LinkedIn Publishing Platform to post jobs. (LinkedIn Publishing Platform is not for Posting Jobs? Is it?) So let’s move on again and come back to the topic 🙂

How can you use your summary section to promote relevant jobs!!!

– Summary section is a great place to highlight the open positions that you are working on.

– Its helps candidates to right away know which positions are open.

–  If they are interested, they can directly send across the resume. (Mention your mail ID)

– Showcase what skills you are hiring, so that it can also help candidates to share it with their friends who are working on similar skills.

Make use of 2000 characters limit. Don’t just copy paste jobs, make it interesting, creative and attractive.

– You can’t use Ctrl-B nor can you use colors on the Summary section, but you can make the most by adding images, video, document, presentations

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and work on your summary section. For those who are not comfortable sharing open positions / jobs in the summary section can surely use it to share their overall experience, achievements etc.  Looking forward to your views on this topic.


Rambling Recruiter