India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference – #Tascon15

Sourcing Conference!!! You read it right. I started as a sourcer way back in 2005. Today if you ask me what’s my passion, I would still say “Sourcing” Yes I’m Proud to be a “Sourcer” | Are you!!!! I still recollect when I was Interviewed from my 2nd Job, the role was of an End to End Recruiter. I had been sourcing for 5 years, as it was tough for me to give an interview for a position of a Recruiter. But I did proudly say that I’m a Sourcer, I can source quality resumes and will pick up recruitment. Have seen many say during interviews that they are recruiters, even tough they are working as a Sourcer.

I still remember those days when we as sourcers used to be awake almost all night and attend SourceCon. It was our learning ground, it was a platform for all passionate sourcers who wanted to learn more about Sourcing. Since then, we all wanted to attend and be part of sourcing conference in India. And on 15th April, 2015, Sourcing Adda did make this dream come true. India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference”

TASCON15 had some amazing speakers, speakers who I have learnt a lot and admire their passion for Sourcing. The event also had Sourcing Labs that gave the audience much more than gyan and live examples of how to make the most of sourcing tools. Such Sourcing Events are a must for this industry and it brings out the best practices and helps us learn and be updated.

I would personally like to thank Sourcing Adda and their entire team who came up with this amazing platform.

For those who were not able to attend India’s 1st and Biggest Sourcing Conference, following is the storify that would surely help you to know more about this conference. This collection of Tweets would give you loads of insights into the amazing world of Sourcing.  :

Also following is my deck aka PPT (A new jargon that I learnt recently) related to my favorite topic ” Magic of 140 Characters”. Looking forward to your views on this topic.


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