The Results are OUT!!! Biggest Study : 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile

It’s time to announce the results.

For those who missed the previous post, here is the link :

This includes the reason for this study of 200 Recruiters LinkedIn Profile. It also includes the methodology that was considered for this study.

So are you ready???


So now that you are aware of the results, lets break the questions and understand the importance of it.

A) Out of 200 Recruiters, 27% have a LinkedIn Premium Profile. So how does it matter!!!

PS: It’s not mandatory to have a Premium Account. Its optional.

– Premium Profile gives you 10 InMail credits per month to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn , even if you are not connected

– Premium Profile Discovers who’s interested in you Access the full list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, so you can reach out or follow up.

PS: Companies can pick up their Social Brand Ambassadors and subscribe for a LinkedIn Premium Account for selected Recruiters 

B) Out of 200 Recruiters, 65% have not mentioned their Company / Careers Website on their LinkedIn Profile!!!

– This is super basic stuff. Helps candidates to go and apply for openings. PS: Please go ahead and add it on your Profile

– Helps in creating traffic on your companies Careers Page and helps candidates to visit your company website and know more about your company.

C) Only 20% Recruiters have shared their Twitter Handle on their LinkedIn Profile!!

– This means that 80% are not on Twitter.

– This blog might be useful for recruiters to try exploring Twitter at least once. Rest is up to their personal choice 🙂

D) 86% of Recruiters have not included companies PDF / Videos on their Profile.

Nowadays almost all companies are Digital Savvy and have some interesting Company Videos to showcase cos culture, fun, activities, leaders speech, awards, rewards etc.

– With the help of your recruiters you can showcase all these to the prospective candidates

E) 89% Recruiters have not shared Jobs / Openings in their Summary / Profile section

– This is surprising. Well, we as recruiters are always on the hunt to tap talent. We should not forget that candidates do visit our LinkedIn Profile.

– Ensure that you list the current job openings on your Summary / Profile Section. This will help prospective candidates to know what skills you are hiring.

F) 95% Recruiters don’t Blog

– I am not surprised by this result.

– But with LinkedIn coming up with Publishing Platform, it’s easy for Recruiters to start Blogging. Start Expressing, Start Sharing with your community. The more your share, the more you end up learning.

 So do you think that Recruiters are ignoring Social Branding!!! 

PS: It does take only few mins to include all of this on your LinkedIn Profile. And also requires some passion towards the company that you are working aka representing.

Would be keen to know your take on the study and the results. You can also share your views with me on @kunjal23 


Rambling Recruiter


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  1. Kunjal- I have a question, some time back when I was looking for a job first thing what I did was I messaged all recruiters to whom I am connected via Linkedin, most of them did not bother to even view my profile before replying me & saying “Do I know you”? When I replied saying we are connected on Linkedin & are 1st degree connections then came reply “I don’t have any position as of now” 2nd part is perfectly all right.

    I was surprised with 1st response. I understand we cannot remember all our connections even I don’t remember however as recruiter I would surely check person’s profile replying.

    Can you through some light on this because this keeps happening with me. All that you have listed above I have done that for my company & for self also.


    Amit N Bhagwat

    • We all have our reasons to accept or reject requests on LinkedIn. Recruiters do get loads of request daily, but this does not mean they can ignore it. On the other hand candidates must also mention the reason to connect. Random requests are most of the time ignored.

      • That was not my question. Let me put it this way. We both are already connected on Linkedin & I send you e-mail requesting for help to find a job. You may not have a job for me, you may not even reply to my e-mail immediately whenever you have to, would you not look at my profile which will give you idea about my exp & accordingly you can reply.

        What I mean is you want to make sure if U & me are really connected or not as I have said in subject line – “We are connected on Linkedin” or “We are connected on Linkedin” Request you to help

        You will certainly cross check, correct? My exp is most of them don’t do it & reply is “Do I know you”

        Do you have any tips for me which can help to eliminate this in future?

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