Biggest CXO LinkedIn Study!!! Are CXO’s Ignoring Social Branding!!!

There have been 100’s of Conferences around Social Media and Branding. And to make it more interesting there have been CXO’s who were part of those panels, keynote speakers and so on. Lot of discussions, advice, and caution was set around various topics related to Social Media. Finally the Fad of Social is over, now it’s time to walk the talk. This helped me to come up with the biggest CXO LinkedIn Study.


No Jargon, No Gyan. Just wanted to find out if CXO’s are Managing or Ignoring Social Branding!!

Study Methodology:

200 CXO’s from diverse companies, spanning in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies were the base for this study. LinkedIn was the preferred channel for this study for the obvious reason. You would not find any of these CXO’s on Naukri or LinkedIn is the new classier networking site that is the first preference of CXO’s to have their profile on.

Does it mean that they are looking for a change!!! Well if they are not actively looking for change, but recruiters are surely looking for them. There is no doubt that this is a great place for professionals to connect and network. There is also a large section of candidates that are looking at LinkedIn profiles of such Leaders, of managers that they would be working with. Hence its even more important for these CXO’s to give the right message. To represent their company on Social Channels.

Their LinkedIn Profiles were studied and the following key points were included in this study:

– Do they have a LinkedIn Premium Profile!!

– Have they included their companies Website / Careers Website!!

– Have they synced / shared their Twitter Handle!!!

– Did these CXO’s include their companies Video / PDF on their Profile!!

– Do they follow their own company page on LinkedIn!!

– Have they included their Blog on LinkedIn Profile!! Do they Blog!!!


Now that the stage is set, let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s come directly to the results for these key points.






Looking for results!!! Well, before that, would like to know your views on the set of questions that were set for this study. Are your CXO’s Ignoring Social Branding!!! Have you covered the following key points that represent your company’s brand on LinkedIn? Is it important for CXO’s to include these points on their LinkedIn Profile!!!

Share your views by using #CXOsBranding on Twitter. The study results of 200 CXO’s will be soon shared here. So keep watching this space.


Rambling Recruiter

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