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They are on Twitter!! What’s your excuse of not being there!!!!

Same old story. Why are you not on Twitter? Well, its too complicated, no time. Okay, fair enough. So what if I tell you that these 50+ CXO’s are on Twitter and are actively using it. Would you believe it!! If you still don’t believe it, how about this fact that they are normally more busy than an normal employee in any organization. Right!!!

Okay, let’s move to another excuse that normally HR Professionals make related to Twitter. Its Complicated. Well, how about Bell Curve!! Is it not Complicated!! (Do take this on a lighter note, hahaha ) The point that I am trying to convey is that it’s time for HR Professionals to take Twitter a bit seriously.

Twitter is a goldmine in terms of knowledge, insights, latest trends and much more. You could find and follow Industry Leaders in the space of Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Generalist HR, Labor Laws, Digital Marketing, Social Media and so on and on and on.

There is a lot of talk about HR and Social Media and how they can embrace it. Also don’t forget that so called Gen Y is very much active on Twitter. It’s not about matching their pace, but about understanding the latest trends, their expectations, their needs. (If you give a DAMN about it, they too will do the same 😉 )

Don’t be an ostrich.Don’t put your head in the sand.


It’s time to look around beyond the excel sheets and PPT’s. I understand that this is your core job, but don’t be left behind, as the future HR folks are all set to embrace Social Media, especially Twitter. I had mentioned in my previous post that Twitter is my personal Learning Management System. Have learnt much more via Twitter than any other training programs in my entire career.

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So are you convinced or should I confuse you more 😉 Jokes apart, Do give it a shot. Join the amazing world of Twitter.

Looking forward to your views, suggestions and feedback’s related to this topic.

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