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Global List of HR TweetChats right here!!!

Before we move towards the list of amazing TweetChats across the Globe, let’s spend some time on some basic questions. Can you learn, share and connect in 140 characters? The answer is YES. Twitter has been at the forefront of proving an amazing platform to Learn, Share and Connect. Now your next question would be HOW? And for some it will be WHY? The following post is a small attempt to answer the HOW, WHAT, and WHY. So get ready for an amazing journey of 140 characters.

Gone are the days when people used to run away from Twitter (Some Still do run), But there has been a positive change and people are slowly moving towards Twitter. Especially as an HR professional one must explore Twitter. If you find value, do stay back, if you don’t, you are free to move out. But no point talking negatively about Twitter without joining it and exploring the right places.

So coming back to the topic – Can you learn, share and connect in 140 characters? TweetChats is the answer to all your questions. You might have heard a lot about TweetChats, might have participated in a few of those. Surely it’s an amazing platform that connects HR professionals and helps in engaging on to a particular topic. You can call it as your Personal LMS (Learning Management System). As an HR Professional you need to stay connected with the latest trends in the market, take note of best practices around the globe. This is where TweetChats helps you to achieve that.




Following is the Global list of  HR related TweetChats that might interest you and help you to learn, share and connect in just 140 Characters.

 –  PlugHR sets up & runs HR department for companies for a fixed subscription bringing in the best HR practices,across sectors in 7 Indian CitiesThey have Twitter Chats which Occurs every Thursday at 4:00pm IST. Hosted by – Rakshita Dwivedi : @Raks_d

#chrdx – It occurs Wednesday of the 3rd week of every month at 7:30pm. Hosted by @nidhisand

#HirersChat – It occurs every Saturday at 11am IST. Hosted by @thehirers

#sourcingchat – A dedicated TweetChat for Sourcing and Hiring Professionals. It occurs 1st Wed of every Month at 4pm IST. Hosted by @SourcingAdda

#talkingmatters –  It is part of @peoplematters2 Radio Program that Occurs 1st Week of  Every Month at 12pm IST.

 – They are known as change agents transform the world of HR-Broadcasts LIVE show every first and third Tuesday at 8 pm IST. Hosted by Nisha Raghavan – @TheHrbuddy 

#NextChat – Sharing the latest workforce and workplace trends and best practices. @weknownext is the Host of  #NextChat on Wed at 3 p.m. ET ie 12:30am IST (Thu)

#dthr – @drivethruhr is a Daily 30 minute radio program hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup @thehrbuddy. You can tune in for great HR conversations.

#ihrchat – (Earlier know as #IndiaHRChat) is a monthly twitter chat aimed at creating conversation with/for the Indian HR community and those interested in the region. It occurs at 7 PM IST, 8.30 AM EST, and 1.30 PM GMT on the last Wednesday of every month. Hosted by @tanvi_gautam

#TChat – It occurs Every Wednesday 7-8 pm ET ie 4:30am IST. Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @meghanmbiro and @kevinwgrossman

#LeadershipChat – As the name suggests, an amazing place to connect and learn from Leaders. Occurs Every Tue, 8pm (ET) ie 5:30am. Again Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @swoodruff and @LisaPetrilli

#TalentNet – It is a Tweetchat & a radio talk show for recruiters and HR Professionals. Occurs Every Tue 7pm – 8pm ET.  ie 4:30am IST. This chat is hosted by @Fishdogs@TheOneCrystal@mattcharney, and @mverver.

#peoplechat – Occurs Every Tuesday 12.30 – 1pm (CT) ie 11pm IST. Hosted by

#Spiritchat – This is an interesting community TweetChat hosted by @AjmaniK that occurs every Sun 9am ET ie 6:30pm IST.

#HFChat – The whole idea of #HFChat is to make your job search easier. A great platform to connect with leaders in the career search industry. Occurs Every Friday at 12 pm ET, ie 9:30pm IST. Hosted by @HRMargo

#HRTechChat – As the name suggests, its all about HR and Technology. It Occurs Every Friday 2-3pm ET, ie 11:30pm IST. Hosted by @brentskinner & @MeghanMBiro

#linkedinchat – All about LinkedIn. Share all your quires right here 🙂 Occurs Every Tue 8 – 9pm ET, ie 5:30am IST.  Tough for India based followers to attend it. But one can always check the hashtag and activities the next day. Hosted by @LinkedInExpert & @martinehunter

 #pocchat – Hosted by @raehanbobby  Occurs Every Monday at 11am  ET ie 8:30pm  IST Monday

#HBRogue – A weekly discussion that happens every Thu from 1-2pm ET ie 10:30pm IST. Hosted by @HBRogue1 

#Luv4Social – A weekly Twitter chat on Thursdays at 2pm ET/1pm CT ie 11:30pm IST,  for professionals, students & enthusiasts! They tweet on all things social media & marketing! Hosted by @Luv4Social

#lrnchat – Where the topics of social media and learning meet each Thu 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT ie 6am IST. Hosted by @lrnchat

#omcchat – An Open Mic Career Chat : Friday 12-1PM ET ie 9:30pm IST with @CyndyTrivella @TomBolt @LevyRecruits; a career/job search chat.

#ozlearn –  Australia’s first L&D tweet chat. Join us every second Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m. (AEST) ie 3:30pm IST. @LearnKotch is the founder of @OzLearn

#leadfromwithin – A TweetChat that covers topics such as: Teamwork, Communication, Character, Change management, Core Values, Vision, Conflict, Influence, and much more. It Occurs Every Tue at 8pm ET,  ie 7:30pm IST. Here is the complete schedule of topics – .Hosted by @LollyDaskal

#Blogchat – A dedicated TweetChat about Blogging. Occurs every Sun 8pm CT ie 6:30am IST. @MackCollier is the Founder.

#BeTheOne – A monthly chat about inspiring people to make a difference through personal leadership that infuses integrity, dignity and character. Occurs every Month 9pm EST ie 6:30am IST. Hosted by @BridgetHaymond and @pdncoach 

#peopleskills@KateNasser is the founder of #PeopleSkills which occurs Every Sunday 10am ET ie 7:30pm IST, Sunday

#ESNchatweekly Twitter chat hosted by @JeffKRoss on Thu from 2-3pm ET ie 11:30pm IST. This TweetChat is for those interested in Enterprise Social Networks

Hope you had a great time exploring these amazing HR related TweetChats. Happy Tweeting and Happy Learning.


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