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Don’t (Just) join Twitter to look for Resumes

Hey, how to get resumes from Twitter?

Twitter is very complicated!!!

Do we actually get resumes on Twitter?

All one needs to ask was, “Are you on Twitter?” The answer is  -“No I am not on Twitter”

This is a typical problem that Recruiters / HR / Sourcers face and end up either not joining Twitter or end up not using Twitter.

Top_30In an ideal situation, Recruiters / HR / Sourcers must not Join Twitter (Just) to look for resumes. You might be surprised to here this statement. Well, there are many reasons to join Twitter other than looking for candidates.  As they say you can’t learn swimming by reading a book, you need to get into the pool. Same is the case with Twitter. You need to be on Twitter to experience it. So, your next question is for what should we join Twitter for?


Twitter : A Goldmine

– Build your Brand (Individual / Company)

– Follow HR Leaders, Fellow Recruiters, CEO’s, Company’s Twitter Account

– Ask questions related to any technology, hiring process, new methods of hiring / you can also answers questions based on your experience.

– Dont just keep on posting jobs on Twitter, keep it going but at times its just too much.

We as recruiters are programmed to use social platforms such as a Job Portal. Twitter is not a Job Portal. Self Learning is a key, and one can only grow if one is willing to learn. . I’m not selling Twitter to Recruiters, but just trying to say that there is also a different side to Twitter. All you need to do is invest some quality time.

Looking forward to your views on this topic.

Happy Tweeting.