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How companies are using Pinterest for Employer Branding!!!

You must have heard companies using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube for Employer Branding. Right!!! Well, here’s a new social Channel that can be used for Employee Branding.  Pinterest is technically not a new platform, it will be completing 4 years this march.  You can also check my previous post “Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest” that was posted last year.

So from Feb 2013 to Feb 2014 things have changed and improved. Companies have started using Pinterest to promote their product and services. Companies have found a way to highlight their work, employees, products, domain etc on Pinterest. Can you showcase your company Culture Online!!!!! Yes, you can. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites.You can also use Pinterest as a recruiting tool by showcasing what it’s like to work at your organization and even how to apply and open jobs. You must be looking for some examples, right!!


EY is a good example where they have created Boards such as EY Infographics, EY Strategic Growth Forum, Life at EY, EY our History and so on.

Nestlé USA Careers

Dell Careers


What does these Board do to you as a audience!!It surely brings out a visual treat and highlights Company Culture Online. As a candidate you would like to see what’s it like to work in your next company. Images do play a vital role in human minds. Me not a psychiatrist, but can surely say that people do like to see  visual images.

Here are some more boards that one can create on Pinterest :

– Join our team (How to apply)

– Job search tips, such as how to network or how to prepare for an interview

– LinkedIn / Twittter / Facebook page links

– Company blog ,Current events , news about your organization

– Leadership Page.

The choice is yours as you can create boards that suits your companies strategy. Content is already available on your company Website, all you need to do is identify them and present it visually to the audience.

Looking forward to your views on this interesting tool. Hope to see you on Pinterest.

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 Happy Pinning ;)