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What, How, When, Where, Why !! All about #Tweetup

“Tweetup” Is it a new Twitter Analytics Tool!! Well, not really. A tweetup is an event where people who follow each other on Twitter meet up. Where do they meet!! Online!! Well, they normally decide a venue (Normally a Café or a Restaurant).

So why a Tweetup when you can sit in front of your laptop or use your smartphone to connect with people!!! Let me ask you this – Why do companies prefer a Face to Face interview!!! Well, Tweetup is not about Interviews, but In-Person meets do help us know more about the person than just 140 characters of his or her Twitter Bio 🙂

Last week I had attend an interesting Tweetup with @Sarangbrahme @nabomita_smiles @RajeshMTHRG and @GlobeSlother in Pune. Although I have been following them on Twitter, it was great meeting them in person. This gave me a unique opportunity to know more about them, their work and their interests.  We spoke about topics such as role of Social Learning, how is Social Media helping them in their respective work – Personal and Professional.


There were also some notes that were exchanged about Best Practices in Social Recruiting, Digital Marketing and Leadership.  There were also some interesting insights that were shared about string theory and social strategies.  My favorite one was the discussion around “Some people communicate far more on Twitter than in person”

It was a great Tweetup and this surely helped us all to know more about each other. Tweetup is a great way to connect, engage, learn and share with people who are on Twitter.  It’s like finally putting a name to a face. Looking forward to your experience on Tweetups.

Rambling Recruiter