India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”

India’s Top 15!!! Yes India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”. There has been a lot of talk in “Social Media World” about Power Influencers from US or European countries. But recently had gone through an interesting initiative by Google – ‘Help get women online’ . No doubt this is a great Google Initiative and more and more women should make the most of this amazing platform. So thought to focus on the amazing list of women how have been Social Media Power Influencers in India. They will surely be the ones that Google too can look up to promote this cause and share their amazing stories with the world.

There have been lots of women on the internet space who have made their mark via their work and online presence on Social Media. They not only have carved a special place for themselves in the corporate world, but have also made a powerful impact in the Social Media arena. This post is just to share a list of some of those powerful women. There are countless things that one can learn from all of them. All you need to do is just follow them on Twitter.

Dr. Tanvi Gautam@tanvi_gautam

Dr. Tanvi Gautam is Asia’s first and only certified storycoach. She is Managing Partner of Global People Tree and Host of #indiahrhchat

Ankita Gaba@ankitagaba

Social Media Strategist, Consultant & Trainer | Entrepreneur | Blogger | Co-Founder @Social_Samosa

Shradha Sharma@sharmashradha

Founder @yourstorydotin, experimenting with the power of goodness!

Shakun Sethi@shaakunsethi

Founder of @Dizuna . Specializing in Data and Communications.

Nabomita Mazumdar@nabomita_smiles

Community Manager @citecommunity , Top 20 HR Influencer by @SHRMIndia , Top 100 Tech Influencer in India

Ester Martinez@Ester_Matters

Founder & Editor of People Matters Magazine @peoplematters2

Zena Costa@zenacostawrites

Independent Sports Professional & Writer. Women Entreprenuers Of Goa (WEG ), Indo Asian News Service

Nisha Raghavan@TheHrbuddy

Host and Founder of India HR LIVE and Co-host of DriveThruHR, HR’s #1 Daily Radio Show at 12 noon CT. She is also part of ‘Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter.

Sairee Chahal@Sairee

Founder, CEO @SHEROESIndia Women@Work. Mum. TED Speaker. Cartier Alumni

Tanvi Bhatt@Tanvi_Bhatt

‘The Personal Branding Pioneer in India’ | Brand Strategist | Speaker | Columnist at The Economic Times & Entrepreneur Magazine | Blogs @

Rashmi Putcha@RashmiPutcha

Learner. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Mother. Co-founder & CEO @dmtiindia

Rimjhim Ray@GlobeSlother

Heads Social Media @TCS_News| Speaker| Poetry| Cartoons| Blogger | Heisenberg’s Daemon| Co-founder @LeisureAlley|

Ruchi Bhatia@rucsb

Web 2.0 buff | IBMer | HR,Consultant| Podcast listener |

Lakshmi Rebecca@lakshmirebecca

Anchor & producer at India’s 1st award-winning online talk show, @ChaiwithLakshmi Blogger, filmmaker, ex-model. Supporting #InclusiveIndia

Nandini Rathi@Nandini_M

In her entrepreneurial journey, she has sold 2 internet companies, raised over $4 Million in venture capital. At present, co-founder @

So do you follow any or all of these powerful women? I might have missed some more amazing Twitter influencers. So apologies for the same. You can add more such amazing professionals to this list and share it with your network. Looking forward to hear your views on India’s Top 15 Women “Social Media Power Influencers”. Happy Following and Happy Tweeting.


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  1. Awesome post dude I have found some cool ideas from your post that might help me to increase comments on my blog

  2. Your HR Buddy !!

    Honored & Humbled! Thanks for the mention!

  3. Congrats Lakshmi!!

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