Magic of Keywords – Resume Parsing

Recruiters, Sourcers and Candidates will surely know the magic of Keywords. The idea of writing about this topic did come from the amazing world of Twitter. I was going through an interesting article “What is #Resume Parsing? via @recruiterbox “It talks about Resume Parsing and the Tech that will help recruiters and companies to process resumes in a shorter span of time.

I happened to be part of an interesting discussion on twitter with @nabomita_smiles and @ArunimaShan . You can also check it out right here – . There were some amazing insights on this topic and would like to also know your views on the same.

As mentioned, Recruiters, sourcers and candidates come across keywords a lot. In fact Recruiters and sourcers do go through it daily. The normal process of using Keywords is during Job Posting and searching resumes on job portals.

The above mentioned article talks about use of Resume Parsing. Well, it does point out that time is of essence and with help of Technology, screening time will be saved. Companies and recruiters will be more than happy to save critical time. But does that mean candidates will have to prepare their resumes based on keywords!! Well, that can be seen by the way recruiters and candidates use Job portals. Any search is based on keywords itself.

So does that mean there will be no human eye looking at the resumes; thanks to technology!! Does that mean candidates have to pass the main filter test of an ATS to reach a recruiter!!! Well, the answer is YES.

Let’s take this example. I happened to search for professionals working on Datastage on Naukri. I used the keyword “DataStage” and there are 14251 resumes. And when I used the keyword “Data Stage” there were 15235 resumes. Now you would ask why I used space between data and stage!! Well, because candidates have used it. So, will ATS rejects 15235 resumes just because they used space!!! Food for thought!! PS: Every sourcer / recruiter has a different style of searching resumes using keywords. This is where candidates might have to be careful what keywords to be used.

I understand that no system is perfect and one needs to make some changes here and there. But losing out resumes is not an option. Resume Parsing will surely save time, but you don’t want to end up losing good candidates, just because the system only knows DataStage and not Data Stage.

Looking forward to your views on the term “Resume Parsing” and on how it can help the recruiter, sourcers and candidates.


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