Top 2 Reasons for Recruiters / HR’s to be on Twitter!!

Resumes, Dropouts, Offers, Targets, Excel Sheets, Reports, ATS, Performance Management, Appraisals !!! These are some of the keywords that are a major part of any Recruiter and HR’s life. Well, there is no doubt that this is their bread butter and life line of any professional working in the HR Industry, but as they say, there is more to it. Well, this is a small attempt from my end to highlight the importance of Twitter in the life of Recruiters and HR professionals. In my previous post I had talked about Reasons Recruiters run away from using Social Media !!

PS: We Recruiters / Hiring Managers have a general mindset that it’s only about getting resumes from Social Media Channels, Job Posting, and Sourcing etc. Well, it’s also about creating your network, engaging with the audience, joining meaningful conversations and so on. So let’s take a look at the Top 2 reasons for Recruiters and HR professionals to be on Twitter.


Twitter is a great platform for Recruiters to have meaningful conversations –

Twitter can be used as platform by recruiters to engage with the audience. Recruiters can follow various Industry experts, HR Professionals, Technology Experts and talk, share, ask questions and join conversations. Imagine you being able to follow VP HR, CEO’s, HR Managers, Recruiters, L&D Managers!! Is this possible!! Well, Twitter makes it possible. So think of the kind of knowledge all of these experts have and best part is that they are already sharing it on Twitter. Needless to say that all you have to do is follow them. Again it’s not only about hiring, hiring and hiring.

Chat Sessions –

There are various chat sessions that are conducted to encourage HR and Recruiters talk about their experiences. These Communities talk about topics related to HR / Recruitment industry and the experts on those topics share their views. And all this in just 140 characters. Well, again you don’t have to be an expert to follow the tweets, you can also be a silent spectator and gain knowledge. Following are my personal favorites chat sessions that I regularly follow:

A)    Dr Tanvi Gautam – – #indiahrchat (Latest Chat Session

B)    Nisha Raghvan – – #IndiaHRLive –  (LIVE YouTube Session every Wednesday 8pm IST)

C)    Rakshita Dwivedi –  – @plugHR – #hrtrends  (Occurs every Thursday at 4:00pm IST)

D)    Nisha Raghvan – – @drivethruhr – #dthr (Occurs every day at 10:30pm IST)

Are these reasons still not enough for you to join the amazing world of Twitter!! J Well, there can be many more reasons once you start using Twitter. These two are my personal favorites to be on Twitter. All you got to do is follow your interest areas and experts in your field or profession. Twitter can be a bit complicated to use at the start, but once you get the hang of it, me sure you will gain a lot from it.

Looking forward to the reasons why you are on Twitter or why not. You can follow me on Twitter  and let’s connect, share, learn and unlearn.


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  1. Yes, kunjal, these points are very tru in my case to follow twitter wrt to ur interest areas, listen to chats. It’s a learning phase for me too.

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