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Are you up for a Weekend Drive!!

The moment we hear the term “Weekend Drive”, we might end up thinking about long drive, some exotic weekend destination. Right!!! Well, this is surely not true for Recruiters. Yup, you guessed it right. We are talking about a section of professionals who end up working for a Weekend Drive. Well in simple words, companies normally conduct weekend drives to attract talent in cases when they have to fulfill large number of requirements / job openings. So in order to conduct these drives, recruiters get involved in Weekend Drives.

So what are the things that comprise in a Weekend Drive!! Well, let’s take an example of a typical Weekend Drive activity. Imagine that there are 15-20 positions each opened for Manual Testing and Java / J2EE professionals. In such cases, the Recruitment Team / Manager usually take a call to conduct a weekend drive. There are various others factors involved while deciding if we can go ahead with weekend drive or not.

Panel Availability: Recruiters normally have to get in touch with the Delivery Managers / Practice Heads’ to check if they can provide Technical Panels for Weekend drives. This process can 1-2 days. Again it depends on the number of panels that would be required. This depends on the number of candidate that the recruitment team is expecting to turn up on weekend. Once they have a rough idea, the number of panels is decided. Again there is no guarantee that those numbers will be provided, as at times delivery of the project gets critical and it might be difficult for the Delivery Manager to pull out technical panels from the project and give it to recruitment team on weekends. So a balanced approach is a must during such scenario.

Numbers!! Numbers!! Numbers!!! : During the entire process of Panel Hunting, the recruitment team has to be ready to confirm the tentative number of candidate who will turn up for the interviews. Although it is impossible to predict the exact number of turnouts for the interviews, but providing a range is important. These numbers will impact things such as number of technical panels, HR, Recruiters to be present for the weekend drive. There can be occasions when the turnouts are low and at times more than expected. Mind you, that yours is not the only company that is hiring these professionals. There are also other companies that are inviting the same set of candidates for the weekend drives.

Timing of Weekend Drive: Why would this be an important factor for weekend drives!! Well, the whole idea of conducting Weekend Interviews is to ensure that a number of open requirements can be fulfilled in just couple of days, rather that conducting weekday interview. So a recruiter has to ensure that he/she checks the best suitable weekend for the drive. As sometimes there are long weekends when there are fewer chances of candidates turning for the interview as they might have already planned their weekend.

Infrastructure / Operations: Infrastructure and Operations is nothing but to arrange Weekend Drive in a smooth manner. As a recruiter one needs to ensure that Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Test / Interview Papers, Technical Sheet etc is ready. The Admin team and the Recruitment team have to be in sync in order to ensure that the drive is conducted smoothly.

After all this, the real test is on the day when the drive is conducted. It is a huge exercise to plan, conduct and execute a Weekend Drive. Well, just to inform that there are also multiple weekend drives those are conducted across locations. So the time and effort of a recruiter is doubled during such scenarios. And this has to be done with the current requirements that the recruiter already has in his plate. All in all this is a great process for mass hiring and this also checks the ability of a recruiter to handle pressures at different stages of Weekend Drive.


Rambling Recruiter

(The following post is via my latest article for Freshersworld )