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Power of Social Media for Freshers

There has been a lot of talk about Social Media and its use for HR and IT Professionals. But Social Media also plays a vital role for Fresher’s. When we talk about Fresher’s, all we think is about their presence on Social Networking sites such as Facebook and to some extent on Twitter. But there is more to Social Media than just uploading pictures and hit the LIKE button. Let’s look at some the ways in which Social Media can really help the Fresher’s.

There are many Social Networking Platforms coming up these days. But the prominent ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (Professional Networking Site) and Google +. I have been conducting Social Media Workshops for Students in various colleges and found that they are very keen to learn about Social Media. They want to move beyond just browsing through their FB Timeline and following celebrities on Twitter. Although a handful are active on LinkedIn, but me sure that sooner or later they will join LinkedIn.


Let’s take the example of Twitter and find out how it can help the students. Well, before we move on to it, let’s look at the stats. As now a days it all about NUMBERS 😉

–       Twitter has 500+ million registered users

–        Average Number of Tweets Sent per Day: 400 million

–       10% jobseekers searched for jobs on Twitter.

Interesting stats right!!! Although some might think that 140 characters restriction is discouraging you to join twitter. Well, that is the best part of it. It is an interesting way to share things with just 140 characters. There are many recruiters out there who do check the Twitter Bio and they approach the respective candidates. All you need to do is use keywords in your Bio that will help the recruiters to search you. Did you ever imagine that you can ask a question directly to a CEO of a company!!! And also get a reply!!! Well, Twitter gives you this opportunity to directly ask a question to the head of a company. There are many CEO’s and HR Heads who are active on Twitter. And mind you, they do reply to some of the questions that are posed to them. Again, all you need to do is just follow them on twitter.


–       751 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products as of March 31, 2013.

–       655 million daily active users on average in March 2013.

–       Approximately 79% of our daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.

–       1.11 billion Monthly active users as of March 2013.

Well, Facebook can not only be used to upload pictures and Tag friends, but can also be used to Follow Companies. Yes, there are many companies who are actively using FB to connect with potential employees. Students can take this opportunity and follow companies and engage with them. BranchOut is a good example of an app that can help students to find professionals working in their network.


–        LinkedIn has 200 million members worldwide

–        At present, over 2.8 million businesses have a LinkedIn Company Page.

–        There are more than one million groups on LinkedIn

–        There are 14366 Recruitment related groups

LinkedIn is a huge ocean of data for fresher’s that can help them to find out about companies. The “Companies” section on LinkedIn is a great example of how fresher’s can get information about the company. Groups on LinkedIn, this is yet another source where students can join Technical and Non-Technical Groups. This gives them an opportunity to be part of discussions within the group. This provides them a great learning atmosphere, where professionals working in corporate world share their experience with the students.

So what are you waiting for!! Just log on to your favorite Social Networking site and explore it. Not necessary you need to be active on all the sites, hence just make the most of the site on which you are more comfortable with. Looking forward to your views about this post and the role of Social Media for Fresher’s.


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