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Sourcing Mindset – Has it changed enough !!

Sourcing is a unique function within recruitment’s. Some companies have their separate sourcing team who support their recruiters and some prefer to do end-to-end recruitments. Well today we are talking about a very important topic “Sourcing Mindset – Has it changed enough !!” The reason for coming up with this topic was that I just happened to go through this discussion on LinkedIn. And the person who has raised this is none other than Mr Sarang Brahme. He is a well-known name in the Sourcing fraternity, not only in India but also on an international level. Well I was fortunate enough to have closely worked with him and also have attended numerous training sessions conducted by him in the area of Sourcing. So the moment I came across his discussion on LinkedIn, thought to share my views on the same. Although I have been working as a Recruiter in my current organization, I believe that I am a sourcer first and then a recruiter. The reason for this is that I had started my career as a sourcer and had been part of the sourcing team for almost 5 yrs. Times have changed, roles have changed, but has the mindset changed!! Let’s take a closer look as what this unique function is all about.


 As mentioned earlier, some companies have a dedicated sourcing team which supports the recruitment team. In this particular case, it is the prime responsibility of the sourcer to ensure that they provide the right candidate, from the right source and at the right cost. Well this is not an easy job. It takes a lot of efforts to search candidates from the external market. This is a true test of a sourcer of how he manages to source the right resumes, what sourcing channels does the sourcer use, how soon can the sourcers deliver and submit quality resumes to the recruiter. Interesting right!! Now let’s look at the second style of working, where the recruiter has to perform end-to-end recruitment. In this case the recruiter is involved in the entire life-cycle, right from sourcing till the moment the candidate joins the organization. The reason for sharing this piece of information was not to compare which method is better but to just give you a brief background about the sourcing and recruitment functions.   

So let’s now go back to the discussion about the Sourcing Mindset. Sarang has raised a very valid point when he mentioned that currently their sourcing habits, requirements, KPIs and processes are so much job portal centric that it is difficult to persuade the sourcers to try passive searching. It’s only when they don’t find candidate on job portal, they turn to other resources and fail miserably due to lack of practice. Well there is no doubt that sourcing mindset needs to be changed, but is it that easy!! Well, let’s find it out. It is first important to understand that sourcing is a specialist job and requires real passion and commitment. Some people use this as a stepping stone to move on to recruitment’s and some take up sourcing as a career. Both are correct in their own ways, but the issue is about the sourcing mindset. I guess the problem and the solution of the same starts from the top. When I say from the top, it refers to the manager of a particular sourcing team. Time to elaborate on it. 

As mentioned Sourcing is a Specialized Job and it needs real passion to work as a sourcer. Typically most of the sourcing experts work on bulk requirements; it is also known as mass hiring. When it comes to this kind of hiring, there is a lot of dependency on Job Portals. And the sourcer is just restricted towards Job Portals. As per the discussion on LinkedIn, there are times when there are some requirements where sourcers need to do passive sourcing and explore new sourcing channels other that traditions channels (Job Portals). This is the time when some of them find it difficult to generate resumes. You might say that the sourcers don’t practice enough and hence hence they fail. Well the real problem is that they have not been given niche requirements and hence there is a lack of practice. You cannot tell a sourcer to use LinkedIn for conducting a Java or Mainframe Drives. Also you can’t expect the sourcer to line up 100’s of candidates using the passive sourcing channels. Hence one needs to ensure that the other sourcing channels are being used in a way that it justifies the niche requirements. Managers too can give some weightage to the passive sourcing in the KRA’s of the sourcing team.  It is also important to ensure that the managements buy in the real value of sourcing and the use of new social media platforms for hiring. It is then that the right message will flow down the ladder. 

But all said and done, it is the sourcer who needs to have the passion to learn new things, explore new sourcing channels. One needs to move on with the times and try new methods of sourcing. So, do you think that the sourcing mindset has changed enough or there is a long way to go !! Looking forward to your valuable views and comments on this interesting topic.