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Have you branded yourself on the latest craze – Pinterest

What’s this buzz about Pinterest?? I’ve been hearing and am sure even you too have been hearing a lot of news throughout the industry on this new social sharing site. All of our reaction to this news is – Oh No!! Another Social Networking Tool!!! Well, you are absolutely right in saying that it’s another Social Networking Tool, but then its Different ;). So, getting into the details of it- what is Pinterest all about? Is it worth using? Is it here to stay for a longer duration? Who should use it? How to use it?  And anxiety continues…Hang on, you will surely get all the answers to these questions (Almost All). Here we go..

In simple terms, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.Remember during our school/college days we use to have notice boards where most important and interesting information was pinned. Even today we Pin “good reads” or another interesting stuff to our office board, so with similar concept is – Pinterest, a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website. The service allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. The site’s mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. 

Users of Pinterest are incharged of themed image boards, populating them with media found online using the “Pin It” button, or uploaded from their computer.Each such item of media is known as a “pin,” and can be a picture, a video, a discussion, or a monetary gift. Pins can be grouped into “boards,” which are sets of pins created on a given topic. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” button added to personal website or blog pages. Pinterest makes it really easy to add content, either through smart phone apps, Internet browser extensions or, of course manually on the Pinterest website.

Now the question arises how can Companies use it to Brand themselves or their Products.

– You can mention about your company’s products / Services can also talk about your Leadership Team or Fun corner. All you have to do is copy the web link of the desired page and enter the details. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the content, as the company website already has all the details.

– Another way to promote your company is to highlight the various achievement of your organization with respect to awards/patents/Media News and also your project “Employee Speaks” section. Most of the companies use this space to project their employees (past/present) and share their experience working with the organization.

Recruiters can also take advantage of this new platform to promote Job Opening of their organization. All they have to do is give the link of Career Page and hope to get some traffic via Pinterest. It is potentially a brilliant way of engaging both existing and potential employees.

Most of us have no dearth of knowledge sharing on Social Recruiting, but it’s always worth exploring newest tool as an addition to your existing social recruiting tools. End of the day, none of us get 100% success using any new tool right away but with time comes success and challenges. I Still remember those days when people used to say “Are you Crazy, You cannot recruit via Facebook and Twitter”. But this is not the case anymore. It completely depends on how you plan to use it and also how well you execute it as part of your social networking tools. Also, in my opinion, it’s too early to judge its success or Failure, but it’s surely here to make you think and tempt you to use it.

Did I mention “Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined” Worth a shot right…..

Looking forward to your views on this latest tool. Hope to see you on Pinterest.

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 Happy Pinning 😉

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Should I add my Boss on Facebook !!!!

What do you do when someone asks you that one special question “Do you have your Boss added on Facebook? I have come across many of my friends asking me this question – “Should I add my Boss on Facebook? …”Oh My God, my boss has sent a request on Facebook” I am sure you too might have come across such situations..What do you do when the ‘One new friend request’ on Facebook is from a work colleague/Boss? Subject of debate isn’t it? Some find it ok to add his/her boss on Facebook while most of them are reluctant.”. Facebook has over 150 million users and somehow you might end up saying that almost everyone you know is on Facebook. You Family members, cousins, School and college friends and not to forget your co-workers and your BOSS.  Don’t forget that your online presence can be a very valuable tool for your career. One wrong word or one bad picture can ruin your online presence and even your career. 

I have come across many Facebook Status saying “What a boring day at office” ,”I wish my job was more Challenging”,”Just out of a meeting, it was waste of time” . For some colleagues every waking moment has to be posted on Facebook. I hope they don’t have their Boss in their friend’s list 😉 Although it’s not a crime to post your thoughts on a public forum, but at the end of the day it’s a Public Forum. So be Careful as it’s a small world and hence it’s always advisable to look around and speak (In this case – Post) 

Following are some of the tips that will help you decide if you want to add your boss on Facebook and if not, then how to ignore the request. 

A) You can Ignore the Friend Request from your boss but you’ll have to figure out a way to ignore the request without offending him or her. (You can also use this for your co-workers)

B) One of the way is to politely explain that you use Facebook only for your immediate family and friends and hence you did not accept the friends request.

C ) Get rid of those party pictures. (Some of you might not agree with this point and might end up saying that it’s my personal account and I can post anything and everything I want. Well, you always have an option to ignore the friend requests from co-workers) 😉

D) You can also create a Facebook account strictly for work. This might be a bit of challenge to manage two accounts, but worth a try for those who do not want to invite your boss to your personal world. 

E)  Not to mention if other Facebook friends put up questionable photos of you or make unprofessional comments your boss will be able to see them as well.  “There’s nothing to stop your friends from tagging you or putting out information,”

F)  Think about your status updates before you submit them so that you don’t have to be worried if your boss ends up going through your wall. 

At the end of the day it also boils down to the kind of healthy relation that you have with your boss after all your Boss is “YOUR BOSS”. Hence don’t end up taking undue advantage of the trust that your Boss might have on you. Do let us know your views on this interesting topic. Even if you have different view on this topic, I am more than willing to hear you and understand your views.


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