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Is your LinkedIn Profile Picture Professional !!!

 You might wonder, instead of talking about Recruitment and sourcing techniques, why am I talking about Profile Pictures….. Well, the other day when I was having a casual discussion with one of my friends (Recruiter)  he came up with this topic. I was amazed to see how this casual discussion turned into a serious discussion of how a Profile Picture can actually influence your LinkedIn profile. We are all aware of the fact that LinkedIn is a professional Networking site, hence all possible interaction on this site is of professional nature. But what about having a Professional Profile Picture !!!!

Before getting into this analysis let me confess, I did change my profile picture sometime back from a casual one to one in a Business Suite 😉 OK, so now let’s get back to the topic . Some of you might ask “Why should I change my picture? ” OR What difference does it make?”  OR Do I even need to have a profile picture in the 1st place….. and so on.

Well just trying to answer some of these doubts ……. (You might also like to add in your views about the same)

– A photo builds a personal connection, you might call it a social appeal. It also allows people to make an association between an individuals name and face.

– ” A picture is worth a thousand words”

– A photo can also help market your personal brand and your expression can convey some of your key attributes.

– Having a family picture or a picture with the kids, Distorted Image, Far awar/Close up pics, I have even seen people uploading pics of Cartoon characters or there is no profile pic at all..all this does not look professional at all (On LinkedIn) – in short  “Very impersonal”. By hiding oneself how can you expect a good business for yourself ? End of the day it’s all about trust!

So let me take this opportunity to ask you, Do you have a Profile Picture? If yes , then is it a Professional Picture ?!!  There might be a few who might not be comfortable to have a Profile Picture. It’s a personal choice at the end of the day, but as far my understanding goes there is no harm in having a Profile Picture on your LinkedIn Profile. Hope by this time, you might have got your cameras out and might be ready to smile and click your latest Profile Picture. Looking forward to know what you think about this topic.


Rambling Recruiter