Have you cleared your “Social Media Background Check” !!

Sounds Scary….. Sounds Funny….. Sounds Strange…… Well, this might just happen soon.  (Some companies have already started it )

Lets get down to business 🙂 As you are aware companies do a Background Check for the candidates (Offered / Yet to Offer). Some companies do it before joining and some afterwards. Following are some of the Background Checks that companies do:

– Education Background Check

– Previous / Currently Employer Check

– Criminal Background Check and so on.

How about they conducting your Social Media Background Check ??? Are you ready for it?
How about your prospective employer checking your Facebook Status? What if they are following your tweets on Twitter?  What if they look at your personal Blog?
As of now such checks are not that common, but soon their might be a scenario where in companies will request for such checks. So now you might ask, is this thing Ethical? Do companies have the right to check Your Facebook / Twitter Updates. Can they reject your resume based on the Blogs your maintain? Well, its kind of tricky. There is no right or wrong answer to it. I personally think that Companies should be more careful when they decide to enter this area. At times they might make an error and a false Judgement.
Also on the other hand, candidates too must be careful while managing their Facebook / Twitter and other Social Media Channels. I am sure that you might say, I dont care, its my Personal Account, I can post anything I want. Fair enough but as an employee, you don’t want potential employers knowing certain things about you that might make you a less attractive candidate due to their personal biases. As an employer, even if none of those things matter, just accidentally finding them out can be a problem.
So would do you think about this ? Looking forward to your views. You might agree or might disagree. So bring it on………


Rambling Recruiter


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A student of Social Media, Social Hiring, Employer Branding and Employee Branding.

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