Should Recruiters Create Their Own LinkedIn Groups !!

Interesting question… right.. Well its a question that also has an interesting answer. The following post is an attempt to also share my personal experience with creating LinkedIn Groups. Well its as easy as creating a Page / Group on Facebook 🙂 Well lets not divert our attention to Facebook.

OK, so lets get back. The question that i am asking is that “Should Recruiters Create Their Own LinkedIn Groups” Would you as a recruiter create a group or rather you would prefer to join a group. As mentioned, let me take this opportunity to share my experience about creating groups on LinkedIn.

I am currently managing 3 groups on LinkedIn – Global Mainframe Group (1004 members) / Blogs ! Blogs ! Blogs ! (116 members) and VisionPlus Jobs  (49 members). OK, enough of self promotion, lets get to the point. I would like to present some of the points that might help you to answer this question.

– Creating LinkedIn Group helps you to create your own Brand. This is a best way to show the target community about your professional interest and your knowledge about the related group.

– You can send a message to everyone in your group, even if they are not your direct connections.

– You can also create Discussions in your group that will help your target audience to share their views and also ask questions related to the Group subject.




For example, professionals share about the latest events , Webinar and News related to Mainframe Technology ( Global Mainframe Group )

– Also as a group manager you can also create  “Featured Discussions” . Your discussion will be visible on the top of all the discussions. This is as good as a private spot for any information that you want to share.

So let me ask you a question again, would you like to create your own LinkedIn Group !!

PS: Before you log into your LinkedIn account and start creating a group for yourself, let me also highlight some points that you need to be very careful once you decide to have your own group.

– Ensure that you are clear about what kind of target audience you want

– Do keep the group active with relevant topics / discussions related to your group subject.

– Also do moderate the member list / jobs / discussions posted by the members

So, are you ready to create your own group on LinkedIn? Looking forward to your views on this post also about your experience while creating a group. Its always good to learn from our fellow community members and professionals out there. Following is a link that might also give you a fair idea of the kinds of groups that are present on LinkedIn –

Happy Recruiting


Rambling Recruiter


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  1. Seems like a no-brainer and I would encourage all recruiters to set up their own groups where possible where you can create a niche community. Don’t add to the already tens/hundreds of groups in the major communities etc. Anything that can help grow your talent pipeline and highlight you as a trusted professional with knowledge of your sector has got to be a good thing.

    There is caveat however:
    Be prepared to invest heavily in your group with your time. You need to be totally committed to making it a success, You need to be highly self disciplined to manage, moderate and curate the group on a frequent basis and you will need to be prepared for the inevitable squabbling that will occur around sensitive topics.

    And all of this before you will probably get any kind of return on the investment of your time! I reckon at least 6 months before you actually start some very low level activity around recruitment marketing etc. You need to engage the community first and win them over, then see if there is any interest in jobs etc. but do not set out to target your community group from the outset.

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