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Once upon a time…. Well this is not exactly a story, but a true experience that i wanted to share. This is regarding the MI (Market Intelligence) that we (Recruiters) have to do day in and day out. It did strike me that there was a time when we used to do the MI via the Job Portals, oh ya / / were at the forefront. Me sure many of you might have also used but it dose not end up highlighting the emerging skills and professionals with those skills. Recently LinkedIn has come up with the Beta version of Skills and Expertise page. This is a small attempt to showcase the power of this page.

All you need to do is just click on the “More” button next to the search window and click on Skills section. This will take you to Skills and Expertise page.

 And then all you need to do is enter the desired skills that you are looking for.For example, currently i am looking for iPhone Developers. So just tried this option and following is the detailed information for iPhone Developers. Or you can just click on this link – 🙂 This might be easy 😉

The moment you put the desired skill following are the boxes that will help you for the MI:

– The top section will display the Details of the Skills via Wikipedia

– On the right side it will show the Related Companies with those Skills

– On the left side you can view the keywords related to the primary skill

– And the most important part in the center you will also be able to view the Professionals on LinkedIn with those skills mentioned in their profile.

– Also you will find the related groups on the Primary skills that was entered

– And finally you can also find the jobs posted related to the skill.

With the help of this you can end up having lots of information about the skills and also the kind of market that is present for these kind of skills. This might also end up helping the Recruitment team to look for the Target companies listed under the mentioned skills. It will also provide you the insights about the kind of latest skills that are emerging and in my opinion this is a very powerful tool that will help the recruiters and will also provide them some additional  ammunition to support their data in terms of the latest technologies available in the market. This is a one stop shop for the recruiters to do some R&D about the skills that they want to search, and this will surely give them the foundation to hunt for the relevant resumes in the market.

So what are you waiting for, go on… enter the desired skill and get as much information as possible. Me sure that this kind of detailed analysis about the skills will definitely impress the staffing manager too 🙂


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