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A day (week) in a Recruiters Life – Weekend Drive aka “Number Game”

The other day i was having a conversation with one of my friends regarding Weekend Drives. And soon we ended up talking about those countless drives, NUMBER GAME, Targets, Saturday /Sunday and Releasing offers on Monday and so on. PS: My dear friend is no more part of this exiting recruiting world, and has recently moved  to the world of HR.  No doubt that most of the recruiters must have done Weekend drives in their career and also must have had a similar experience like me… may be more cherishing than what i had.

OK, let me come to the point…. The idea behind writing about this very sensitive topic of Number Game.. oopss Weekend Drive is to just share some tips and tricks that I have learnt in my career as a recruiter so far & still continue to do so!  You must be wondering why am i calling it a Number Game..Right?  Even i am still trying to find and answer for that. Do let me know if you know that answer. OK, let me explain it in one sentence “We need 100 Mainframe Professionals this week at Pune and Mumbai”

And here we go……….  Warning : Do try this at your Office what i am about to share with you  (The moment i hear this i end up doing the following things)

– Once the Skills / Location / Years of Experience is Clear, Do draft a mail for the Employee Referrals.  PS: Employee Referrals is a very important source of getting resumes (Confirmed)

– Check your Database and simultaneously send a mass mailer to the candidates based on the skills, years of experience and location. (I know some of my friends in the sourcing world have their reservations about mass mails, but weekend drives cant be done without it)

– Then Oh ya.. missed on it… Job Posting….. I prefer Mentioning it in the Subject line “Weekend Drive for Mainframe Professionals” (ensure that you mention the right date, Venue and the Contact Person in the Mailer and Job Posting)

– This hardly take a few hours of your time, i know during this entire process you might end up attending lots of calls from  Candidates, offered candidates, Manager or your Team Lead or subordinates and if you are unlucky a candidate might just call up and say that he / she is not joining. So there is lots of balancing act that a recruiter might have to do. (Just a regular day at office)

– Then the Best Part (My Favorite) CALLING CALLING AND CALLING. I guess most of the recruiters might not prefer this mode, well we all have our different ways of working for a Weekend Drive, and i truly respect their style of working. Its just that i wanted to share this as it had been really helpful for me. This surely gave me comfort level in understanding the number of candidates who are interested and who would be coming. (Again its not 100% that they will come, but i like to take my chances)

– The other good thing about calling the candidates is that at times you also get to know that your competitors too are having a similar drive on this weekend and guess what… The very same Geographic Location. Wow… isn’t it exiting… Well it is actually exiting, as it surely motivates to ensure that our drive is successful.

– OK, so now that we have got a decent number of candidates we can…. hang on… there is a change in the requirement… Don’t worry its not the skills but they need more 50 candidates.. so now its 150. I know most of us will try and explain the Delivery / Recruitment Manager, but just in case they badly need resources; then what should we do?? Do try this (it has worked for me at-least) Do send a mass mail about Walk-In drive (ensure that you mention the mandatory skills and experience level)  This will surely work and will make up for the extra 50 candidates you need. 

If possible also drop an SMS to the scheduled candadites a day pior to the Weekend Drive. This does work wonders. Do try it.

– Hmmmm OK.. so what next….. Oh ya don’t forget that you might also end up working on some other critical requirements and you might have you devote your time to those as well. (Yet another day at office). This is the best part, it really tests the ability of a recruiter to multitask. Oh ya… this is a must have skill for any Recruiter. 🙂

– Well now that we have managed to crack this drive (Hope fully most of the candidates have turned up for the drive and hopefully we have got the required selects) we can now focus on the Offers.. 🙂 (That is also a different challenge, we can surely talk about it at a later stage.. what say !!!!)

As i am writing down this post i can very well recollect / relate to the numerous drives that we had done in my previous organization. It was truly an amazing experience. In my opinion every recruiter must at-least once get into the amazing world of Weekend Drives. I know i know… most of you might have done it day in and day out and also might have sacrificed their weekends for the same.  But at the end of the week when they get the desired results, there is a scene of satisfaction and the team that has worked hard for it , is on top of the world 🙂 I am not claiming that my style of working is perfect, even i was part of some drives where the required number of candidates had not turned up, but that should not hamper your work. “With every unsuccessful drive, we end up learning new things and that will help us to make the next drive successful”.  On this positive note would like to also know about your experience and it would be great if you can share your style of working. I would love to learn those different styles, that will help me to improve my Recruiting Skills.


Rambling Recruiter

Rambling Recruiter

Discover world-class professionals and related skills on LinkedIn !!

Once upon a time…. Well this is not exactly a story, but a true experience that i wanted to share. This is regarding the MI (Market Intelligence) that we (Recruiters) have to do day in and day out. It did strike me that there was a time when we used to do the MI via the Job Portals, oh ya / / were at the forefront. Me sure many of you might have also used but it dose not end up highlighting the emerging skills and professionals with those skills. Recently LinkedIn has come up with the Beta version of Skills and Expertise page. This is a small attempt to showcase the power of this page.

All you need to do is just click on the “More” button next to the search window and click on Skills section. This will take you to Skills and Expertise page.

 And then all you need to do is enter the desired skills that you are looking for.For example, currently i am looking for iPhone Developers. So just tried this option and following is the detailed information for iPhone Developers. Or you can just click on this link – 🙂 This might be easy 😉

The moment you put the desired skill following are the boxes that will help you for the MI:

– The top section will display the Details of the Skills via Wikipedia

– On the right side it will show the Related Companies with those Skills

– On the left side you can view the keywords related to the primary skill

– And the most important part in the center you will also be able to view the Professionals on LinkedIn with those skills mentioned in their profile.

– Also you will find the related groups on the Primary skills that was entered

– And finally you can also find the jobs posted related to the skill.

With the help of this you can end up having lots of information about the skills and also the kind of market that is present for these kind of skills. This might also end up helping the Recruitment team to look for the Target companies listed under the mentioned skills. It will also provide you the insights about the kind of latest skills that are emerging and in my opinion this is a very powerful tool that will help the recruiters and will also provide them some additional  ammunition to support their data in terms of the latest technologies available in the market. This is a one stop shop for the recruiters to do some R&D about the skills that they want to search, and this will surely give them the foundation to hunt for the relevant resumes in the market.

So what are you waiting for, go on… enter the desired skill and get as much information as possible. Me sure that this kind of detailed analysis about the skills will definitely impress the staffing manager too 🙂


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