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Are you looking for information about your Competitors !! (Market Mapping)

Well, you are at the right place. All you need to do is log on to, Search Companies and there it is… All the information that you might need for your competitors. Simple Right….!!! Well the following post is an attempt to guide you through the various sections that will help you track about your competitors. Will also highlight some examples that will give you a clear picture of this very effective search option. As you know LinkedIn is a very powerful medium where you can find professionals working across levels and industries. LinkedIn has surely made it easy to find employers, their jobs and their employees.
So lets start, just log on to your LinkedIn Account and go to  Companies search option. Once you enter your desired organization you can click on the following section on the right side :  
Check out insightful statistics about company. 
For example, if we look at Accenture, from the stats page you can find out the following information, which may be useful in terms of Market Mapping, or targeting potential candidates.

– The number of Acenture employees on LinkedIn

– Before Accenture employees worked for which organizations

– After Accenture employees went to which Organizations
– Location wise where are the Acenture employees working
– New Hires as well as the recent Departures
 This data is not only useful for the recruiters, but its also useful for the company HR to look at the their potential Competitors hiring their resources. Its a tool that they can use and decide for retention  as well.
There is also a section of Careers page, where you can look at the skills that the company is hiring for and also the concerned Recruiter handling the position. In case your organization is looking for a Recruiter, this is really a good way to approach the concerned Recruiter. But as the Careers section is a Paid one, not all companies have this page. Hence you might not get all the details about the jobs posted on the site.
So what are you waiting for, go on explore the information about your competitors and stay ahead of the race 🙂 Looking forward to hear about your experience about this section, and was it useful.
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