Does your company use Twitter?


Hmmmm… Yes ! No ! I guess they are planning to use it….. and so on……

Some might ask, do companies really need to use Twitter? Well, for those who still doubt this, just wanted to say, its your choice, either you fall behind the train or move along. (This does not mean you follow the bandwagon).You might have noticed that companies have started to mention their Twitter ID on their website, asking to follow them. Is there something wrong with this ? The answer is NO. Companies have found a way to interact directly with the candidates (potential) and also this has helped in getting more information about the companies.

Just was wondering, how many times would you visit a companies website? Once, twice, Right ! But thanks to Twitter, people can now follow companies, and get to know more updates (daily). Customers, candidates and clients get live tweets about the companies. This is really a great way to track a company. Every company might have a different purpose, but the main aim is to make the most of it, and also help to brand the company.

 Many organizations have started to tweet their financial results for each quarter as and when it happens. It was a real good surprise when an organization did tweet “Q1 results to be tweeted in some time” . This is just one of the ways companies are using it. There are organizations who promote their Job Openings, some about their vision, mission etc. Organizations also promote their Blogs, white papers and articles via Twitter.

PS: Usage of twitter is not only restricted to IT companies, many of the Retail , Manufacturing, Engineering companies too are making the most of it. Also many of the midsized organizations too are using Twitter.

Just some stats that might interest you:
@AccentureIndia has 7807 followers
@accenture (Global) has 24369 followers
@TCS_News has 8200 followers
@Wipro has 7663 followers
@Capgemini has 7329 followers
@Cummins has 1881 followers
@Google has 3,049,031 followers
And the list goes on and on…..
This is just a start, and a good start for that matter. Companies are very much aware of the Power of Twitter and the benefits that i can give in the long run. ( Power of Twitter – )
SO, Does your company use Twitter !!!
Looking forward to your views, comments on this topic.
Rambling Recruiter

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