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Boss, the candidate has dropped out !!!

Recruiters have all had to use this line on numerous occasions. May be you might have said in a different manner. But the end result was the same. The candidate is not Joining. I am sure with every drop out, you might have heard a new reason, a new story. At times the stories are TRUE, at times NOT. We end up asking “Why did the candidate do this” “At least he / she could have informed earlier” and so on……..

So how do you manage the situation or diffuse it !!! To be honest some positions are so critical that the joining of a candidate is a matter of life and ____ But really, at times jobs are at stake. Recruiters at times lose their jobs because of such cases. So how serious is the issue of Candidates dropping out / Backing out at the very last moment.

Well, Projections are based on the list of joinees, business plans are chalked out based on the commitments and the confirmation. Managers, Business Heads are involved and are interested to know the resource pipeline. Its a serious business out there, we are talking about million of dollars at stake. (Projects getting delayed as the key resource has not joined) And then the process of hiring starts again.

But the point that i would like to understand and also know from you recruiters out there is how do you tackle such situations. I know most of you might say that we need to have back up offers and 2nd 3rd 4th Plan ready. But does it always help !!!! Also there have been a number of fourms where blacklisting the dropouts candidates was an option that’s picking up momentum. I’m not sure if this really works, May be, May be not.

This is one side of the story… What about the candidates !! They might also have a say…. may be have genuine reasons…. I know most of you might not agree with this. At times they do have a valid reason, and we cant do much about it. But are there more unreal reasons than real reasons now a days……

Are you guys seeing a trend in the same.. May be yes, every other candidate you call, has multiple offer in hand. (At times 3 – 4 offers). The market is wide open, and they have lots of options. So the end result is that they join a company, and the remaining offers are out. “DROPOUT” Does this thing has a solution !! Will the situation improve or get worse !!!

Well i have no idea. (Get an Idea :))

Looking forward to your views / experience / stories / comments on this issue.

Happy Recruiting 🙂

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5 replies on “Boss, the candidate has dropped out !!!”

How about I accepted a job at company A because it was the best one at the moment, the joining date was 2 months ahead and something better came up? Also company A started showing their true colors once I accepted the offer and that made me actually go ahead and still keep looking for?

Hello Mridula, Its really good to know your views on the same. Regarding offers, we cant stop that. But the point is to act professional, and inform the respective recruiters about not joining. Regarding companies showing true colors (Not sure what you mean by that) but it all depends how professional you are.

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